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Loveplugs anal adventures

Learn how to get ready for an epic anal adventure in Loveplugs RPG special.

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Valentine’s Day: Ten Tips for the Perfect Day

Whether you’re cruising for company, or happily paired off, Valentine’s day is always a big event. One thing we all gloss over though is some of the pressure we all feel before these big important days.

With the 14th of Feb fast approaching, some of you are probably starting to feel the pressure. Don’t worry though, Loveplugs has you covered. We’ve put together our top tips for having the perfect Valentine’s day, whatever your situation.

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Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween around the corner, sexy outfits are on everyone’s mind. With a sexy version of almost every costume out there, you’d be forgiven for thinking Halloween is a sex holilday!

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Improve Your Sex Life By Getting Fit!

Ever wished you could make sex better? It’s something we’ve all probably thought about at one time or another, and luckily there’s one simple and easy trick that works wonders.

Get fit!

Good sex and good health go hand in hand, and getting fit is one of the easiest ways to improve your sex life!

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Set Sail in the Loveplugs Treasure Hunt!

Get ready to weigh anchor and set sail on the Loveplugs treasure hunt! From September 12th to September 20th, four clues will be hidden on our social media pages. Put them together and find our hidden treasure!

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