Wolf Tails

Being someone's pet is a clear sign of being submissive to a master. As pets, they are willing to do anything to please their masters and make them happy. When you have a dominant partner and you consider yourself as the submissive one, a great way to fully express your obedience to them is by letting them treat you as their pet. We're not saying they should spank you and order you around (although that could work if that's something that you're interested in) but you can definitely look the part with collars, animal ears, and Loveplugs' very own wolf tail butt plugs.

Like the brightness of the full moon and darkness of the night sky, wolves are captivated with the ambience and overall setting of the evening. Their howls send shivers down your spine, and their cunning and graceful movements are a sight to behold. Being closely related to dogs, wolves are also loyal. That's why we think that it's perfect to add the wolf family to our collection of animal butt plugs. Pop one of these in and you and your partner will be howling the night away! Let's see if you'll be as wild and untameable as the wolf.

Our wolf tail butt plugs are made from quality stainless steel and medical grade silicone. We use these materials so you don't have to compromise on your health and safety in order to have a good time. Our silicone butt plugs come in various colors: namely Basking Black, Pretty in Pink, Provocative Purple, and Revealing Red. All of our wolf tail butt plugs come in the classic teardrop shaped plug that you've come to know and love! Nothing beats the classic.

If you've gone through the collection already, you can see that our wolves' tails are almost identical, but they're actually unique in their own way. Each wolf tail is different from the other in terms of pattern, length, fullness, and fluff. Choose from the length of 14 inches to 19 inches. Go for a thin tail, or a thicker, fuller coat. You can go for wild and bushy tails or a neatly tamed and orderly one. You name it, we have it here. The tails--like our plugs--are made from high-quality materials to mimic the real ones. You won't even feel the difference.

There are a few similarities to the wolves' personalities with ours. They are loyal to their mates, cunning, charming, and have a hidden fierceness inside them that can only be unleashed in certain situations. We added wolves to our animal tail butt plugs collection because of just that. Introduce one of our wolf tail butt plugs to your bedroom for a howling night of your life. Unleash the beast within you or be tamed and forced to follow your master like the loyal creature that you're playing the part of. Experiment with one tail at a time and when you're comfortable enough, collect them all!

Wolf Tail Butt Plugs - Quality, Comfort & Satisfaction! Become the leader of the pack with our soft and fluffy wolf tails!