Prostate Massagers

For men looking to make the most of their butt, look no further than a prostate massager. These toys are specifically designed to maximize the stimulation of the prostate gland, and provide more pleasure than ever. Explore Loveplugs range now and see all the options that you could enjoy.

Prostate massagers are very similar to a butt plug. They are simple plugs that you insert into your butt. However, a prostate massager will always feature a distinctive curve. This lets the toy rub against your prostate gland, which is unfortunately positioned deep inside a man’s body. There are several different styles with different curves, so you can always find a massager to hit your prostate gland whatever the shape of your body.

Once you’ve found the right massager for your body, you can start enjoying everything prostate stimulation has to offer. This is a kind of pleasure that men can enjoy without even touching their penis. With enough practice, you can even orgasm solely from prostate stimulation!

This kind of pleasure carries one distinct benefit over regular penile stimulation, there’s no refractory period! That means you can keep going and going as long as your body can handle the pleasure.

There are also other benefits to stimulating the prostate gland during sex, such as harder and stronger erections, higher sex drive, stronger orgasms, and more powerful ejaculation.

While a standard prostate massager can provide a lot of pleasure, it does also require a lot of manipulation and movement to achieve it. If you’re playing by yourself you might find it quite awkward to reach your own butt and it can quickly kill the mood. To make things easier for yourself you can try a vibrating prostate massager.

These toys let you enjoy all the pleasure of prostate stimulation with none of the effort! Simply insert, turn on, and enjoy. Most prostate vibrators will come with several different programs and patterns, so you’ll never get bored. You could also try a heated prostate massager, to provide a completely different kind of stimulation.

Some prostate massagers will also include a cock ring. This lets you maintain your erection while wearing the massager (which is something many men can struggle with), and be able to play with your penis and prostate at the same time. Cock rings usually result in a stronger erection too, so you can have some fantastic orgasms masturbating while wearing your massager.

Stop missing out on prostate pleasure and order a massager today.