Huge Extra Large Butt Plugs

So, this is it. The final verdict. It's time to see if you really are meant to stay in the butt gratification society. A butt plug is one of the basic necessities of every BDSM guru. There's something satisfying and downright euphoric about your anal muscles swallowing a butt plug whole. Bonus points if it reaches your prostate or vaginal walls and stimulates them, causing you to have an orgasm that is both beyond words and memorable. You have been warned (or maybe have gotten excited) that the following products that you are about to see are so gruesome and unbelievable...that it might be just the one that you're looking for.

Our extra large butt plugs are for the brave and bold. The enormous sizes of the plugs in this collection are specially designed for the professional anal people who would love to stick almost anything up in their butts. After trying all of our toys in this store and you still want more, this is your last stop. You want to make sure that you're ready to embark on this wet and wild journey because this is definitely not for the faint of heart. One push too early can become a disastrous situation, or if you really insist, may finally give you the joy and fulfillment that you've been craving for.

We have three different materials used for our extra large butt plugs: medical grade silicone, TPE, and high-quality glass. Since our butt plugs are so big, we made sure that the materials used to make them are safe to use in all of your kinky sessions. Glass would be perfect if you want to take a sneak peek inside your partner's anus when it's in thanks to its transparent color, and its sturdy and hard body would make it more challenging to maneuver. Silicone and TPE, on the other hand, is soft and flexible, which would make it easier to make its way inside your anus. Although not transparent, our silicone and TPE variants are available in different colors for you to choose.

Various shapes for the extra large butt plugs are made so you can choose your own type of girth and stimulation. Go for the classic teardrop, a more daunting tapered shape, an out-of-this-world spiral shape to test even the veterans of anal gaping, and many more! They are also available in different types of handles so you can be more comfortable in gripping and have better control. Choose between the usual flat rounded base (regular or suction cup); an anchor handle for a more suitable clutch; a pull ring that also acts as a hook if you want to tie a string to it; and a flat rectangle base if you want to stabilize the plug on the floor, chair, table, wherever!

As we have mentioned before, our extra large butt plugs are for experts of anal gratification. But this can also serve as a training ground if you are looking into fisting. The road to using your butt to its full potential can take time, but judging that you're already here, you might as well be ready. Warning you didn't work, trying to scare you didn't work, then what are you waiting for? Grab one of these now!

Extra Large Butt Plugs - Quality, Comfort & Satisfaction! Push your limits with the largest, most extreme XXL butt plugs!

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