Huge Butt Plugs

Explore the biggest, baddest plugs in our collection. These huge butt plugs aren’t for the faint of heart. Are you ready for the challenge?

Extra large butt plugs take the best part about wearing a plug and push it to a new extreme. If you love the feeling of fullness your plugs provide, then a huge plug will take that feeling to a new level. Every nerve ending in your butt will be stimulated as the plug pushes against them, providing more pleasure than ever.

These toys are fantastic to help you push your limits. Whatever kind of anal pleasure you want to explore, a large plug will help to open your ass and make it easier to insert other toys or a penis. Perfect if you’re thinking about enjoying some rough and hardcore anal action.

You could even try out anal gaping, a completely different activity that focuses on spreading your butt as wide as possible. It’s not for everyone, but if it’s something that turns you on, then these plugs are the perfect tool to see how wide you can gape.

Just like the many other kinds of butt plug, there are plenty of options when choosing which huge butt plug you want. Naturally you’ll expect them to be big, but there’s still different sizes to choose from. You can go on the smaller end if you’re just starting to explore large toys, or take on the biggest challenge in our entire collection!

If you like a bit more stimulation from your plugs, choose from the different materials and designs on offer. Plugs with ridges, bumps or even spirals add a unique kind of stimulation to your anal experience. Metal and glass offer a hard surface, making the pressure inside your body even firmer and providing a more hardcore experience. Meanwhile silicone is softer, having a little more give and feeling a bit more comfortable when inside your body.

Choose your huge butt plug now and get ready for an anal adventure you won’t forget!