Metal and steel butt plugs

What is so good about sticking a butt plug in, anyway? Just imagine: the chilling sensation of the cold, hard, stiff, and solid material entering you; your tight anus swallowing the shape of the plug, still going until it touches the base of the handle; the feeling of having a full load on your behind; the pleasure of a sexual desire coming true;  the constant reminder of being a slave to your own sex toy when you start to feel the heftiness and weight of the firm trinket. With or without a partner, you can freely and willfully give yourself up to satisfy your gratification needs. Who knew that it would only take a single toy to achieve all of that?

Metal and steel butt plugs are a modern day favorite in the kink community, and what's not to love? We've fully explained the feeling of having a metal and steel butt plug inside you, but let's go through them one by one.

First, the material. We made sure that all of our metal and stainless steel butt plugs are made from only the best quality materials for your health and safety. Pair it with proper care and maintenance, and you're set for a sex toy that will last you for ages, rust-free. Any additional design features on the other toys such as animal tails and jewels are made from artificial material to mimic the original. The animal tails are made from fur and faux fur and the gemstones are not genuine. Nevertheless, we can still guarantee the quality of both.

Then, there's the shape. It's essential to make sure that the shape of the butt plug is ergonomically fitted to maneuver inside the anal canal. Since the material of these plugs is so solid and unlikely to be flexible, the form needs to be perfect to avoid complications during insertion and extraction. That is also one of the things that we consider in our metal and steel butt plugs. Choose from teardrop, tapered, or ribbed with accurate curves and measures to make the experience easy and safe for you.

Now, we proceed to the base or the handle. All of our metal and steel butt plugs have a flat base or handle at the end to prevent further insertion. You can go basic stainless steel or metal, faux gemstones for that added sparkle, or a frisky and sexy fur animal's tail. The choice is up to you.

Finally, it all comes down to the sensation. If it were up to us, we'd be having a hard time choosing the perfect one because they're all our favorites. Every product has been examined carefully from the supplier before putting it up on our store. Your preference will be the very judge to your chosen butt plug. The size, material, color, and shape all matter. Trust your intuition, or experiment if you're feeling like it. Take time to learn what works for you, and before you know it, you'll be using your very own anal sex toy like a pro.

When you see the materials on offer in a butt plug store, metal and steel butt plugs might be some of the most common options at your disposal?. But are these worth it? Well for some anal enthusiasts out there, there really isn’t any alternative.

Not only does a metal butt plug fulfil all your regular needs, such as giving you an immense sense of fullness inside your body, a great stretching feeling on your sphincters, and a way to turn on even the most staunch partner.  They also give you something extra that many other butt plugs lack. Cold, hard surfaces.

The pressure a metal plug can put inside your body is unlike any other material. But that’s not all! Metal butt plugs are the perfect plugs to experiment with temperature play. Warming up or cooling down your butt plugs is the perfect way to take your anal play to the next level, and the best way is with a metal butt plug!