Buy Anal Douches & Short Guide for First-Time Users

In the world of anal sex, it's all about the insertion, the stimulation of the erogenous zones, the end result of it all. Once mastered and gotten used to, it can be one of your most favorite experiences when making passionate love or humiliating torture to your partner. And speaking of torture, anal sex is a partner-in-crime for BDSM. The tightness of your butthole and the thousands of nerve endings in your anal working all together make up a display of affection, and submissiveness and domination. Nothing beats the feeling of being ruled over and being told what should and shouldn't be done like anal sex. Once you turn yourself in, there's no turning back.

However, despite all that, we at Loveplugs still care about your health and safety when using our products. We've mentioned countless times in our products and collections that we make sure that your well-being comes first before your pleasure. After all, you can't have any of the fun when you don't feel right. Being safe and staying safe not only gives you and your partner some peace of mind, but it can prevent any mishaps from happening during the show, so you can lay back, relax and enjoy all the pleasure that you're having. You won't have to worry about anything.

This is where our anal douches come in. The main purpose of douching is to eliminate all the unnecessary waste (AKA feces) in your anus before you start any type of anal penetration. This is done to ensure that your nights with your partner or yourself remain hot, kinky, and steamy...not brown, soft, and literally dirty.

You might have read and even heard some mixed opinions about douching and its health risks. It's true that your body has its own way of cleaning your insides and making sure nothing stays in there for a prolonged period of time, but circumstances happen and that might not always be the case. To achieve a healthy and well-maintained bowel system, you have to be physically healthy contributed by a well-balanced diet with lots of water. If you don't follow that lifestyle, chances are your bowel is not operating in the way it should be and it needs extra help in cleaning the rectum and anus. So really, anal douching is perfectly fine as long as it's done in moderation, you wouldn't want to disrupt your internal body’s natural sanitation scheme by permanently replacing it with the douche.

So go ahead and don't feel guilty about endangering your health with our anal douches. Your enjoyment and satisfaction depend on it, and if you're careful and serious about it, your body will never compromise. We have different types of douches made from different materials (high-quality and medical grade, of course) and available in different colors. Choose from the different sizes and shapes of the nozzles and tips for your preference. We also have disposable and reusable douches for both travel and home use. Check out each product for more in-depth information and pick your choice!

How to Clean Your Anal Douche

Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of anal douche usage. If you don’t properly cleanse your equipment between uses, then no amount of douching will get your rectum properly clean. Luckily though, it’s quite a simple process to keep everything nice and hygienic.

Cleaning your douche

The simplest way to clean your douching kit is use warm soapy water. After separating the nozzle and bulb, you can run the soapy water through the nozzle itself. The bulb can simply be filled and then drained a few times to clear any bacteria.

If you feel that a little deeper cleaning is in order, there are a few options. Once is to use a watered-down bleach solution, and leave everything soaking for at least an hour. Using bleach long term isn’t greatly recommended though, as it can break down the materials of the douche. A better option, if your douche can withstand the heat, is to simply submerge the entire kit into boiling water for a few minutes. The heat will destroy anything left on the surfaces after your session.

Drying your douche

Drying the parts of your anal douche is a part that is often overlooked by many people. Without proper drying, mould can build up inside the tube and bulb. Using a mouldy anal douche is a quick way to give yourself some nasty infections.

The easiest way to dry your douche is using paper towels. After cleaning you can pat everything down with your paper towels, inside and out, to absorb any leftover moisture. Once everything is dry, you should store it in a suitable plastic bag along with some additional paper towels. These extra towels will absorb any moisture that can build up between uses, which left unchecked would eventually lead to mould.

Clean the surrounding area

Whether you do your douching over the toilet or in the shower, you should give everything in the surrounding area a thorough clean too. This includes anything you’ve touched during the process. Bacteria from inside your rectum can move from your hands onto these surfaces, and then over time multiply and make its way back into other parts of your body. A quick spray and wipe with any good bathroom cleanser will be more than adequate to keep yourself nice and germ free.

When should you clean your douche

As with almost anything used anally, your douches should be cleaned after every single use. Even leaving it a few hours can give any bacteria picked up from your rectum time to multiply. Making time to do it as soon as you are done means that your risks of anything bad happening to your butt is minimised. It’s easy to do, and doesn’t take long, so you have no excuse not to keep your douching kit as clean as you keep your rectum!

How to Anal Douche: A Short Guide for First-Time Users

You’ve surely heard the term “douching” before. However, if you never used it before, you are probably not sure what it means. And even if you’ve heard it, chances are, you’ve heard someone talking about vaginal douche. Most people are unaware that douching can be also done anal.

Although douching is pretty popular among the male segment of the gay population, women who regularly engage in anal sex also perform anal douches. In this article, we’re going to guide you through anal douching and explain what you need to do perform one as well.

What do we mean by Douching?

Typically, anal douches are used to clean the rectum and colon, prior to a sexual encounter. They are similar to vaginal douches, except, as their name suggests, are performed anally. People generally use them to avoid any “accidents” during sex by removing all of those feces and other nasty things that hide in the colon.

Nobody wants to have their evening ruined by an anal catastrophe right in the middle of play.

So how are anal douches performed? Simply by administering running water through a douche device in your rectum and subsequently, expelling it right back out. This takes out any unwanted fecal matter and debris that may be stuck in there.

While some people simply prepare for anal play by taking a shower, others need something more.

An anal douche will allow you to remain worry-free during the intercourse, and have a great evening with your partner. To some people, anal douches sound exactly like enemas, but there are some key differences between the two colon-cleaning techniques…

Enemas vs Anal Douches

These words are often used interchangeably, but trust us, the two are not the same. A deep clean is used for health reasons, or to prepare a person for a certain medical procedure. On the other hand people usually use douches to prepare their body for anal sex.

Moreover, enemas are also used to soften the stool and relief constipation pains. Enema bulbs, that are usually used to perform enemas at home, are quite larger than douche bag kits. Plus, enema kits come with a tube, nozzle and a bag.

Now that you know the main differences between the two, we can continue and see whether or not you need an anal douche…

Why do we Need Anal Douching?

If you Google around for a few minutes, you can easily see that some people are all for anal douching while others are against it. The main argument against it is that our bodies take care of themselves. So if you’re a healthy adult, maintaining a healthy diet, your body should do a good enough job of flushing fecal matter out completely on its own.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have to think about your diet. If your fiber intake isn’t sufficient that month or you’ve started eating lots of greasy foods, your bowel movements are probably more frequent. This, of course, increases the risks of having an accident during anal sex.

In addition to improving your diet, an anal douche would be a good solution for you in that situation. What’s more, douching won’t just help you physically, but mentally as well. It will decrease your stress levels, because you won’t have to worry about the worst scenario. It will also make sex more enjoyable for your partner, because the person at the top will also appreciate your peace of mind.

Is Anal Douching All That Safe?

This is another big issue people have with anal douching. Admittedly, anal douching can cause some bodily harm when not done properly. For instance, it can remove your mucosal lining, which protects the surface of your anus from infections. By removing the lining, you leave yourself open to a number of different infections and STDs.

More than a few people have also cut their anal tissue while douching, however, this happens because of two reasons: lack of attention and cheap douching kits.

When performed properly, anal douching is more than safe – you just need some focus and care. A proper anal douche kit is definitely a must, nonetheless, no matter how much money you’ve spent on your kit, you have to make sure that the tip is intact and smooth before you insert it. You should also use some lubrication before the insertion to make things a lot easier on yourself.

Another potential problem is the overuse of anal douches. Now, we won’t tell you how lead your life and how many times you should engage in anal sex, but you have to be aware that overuse may lead to a number of problems. Hurting and scaring your anal tissues is just one of them…

In some cases, the overuse of may even affect your digestive system and affect the waste-elimination process.

All in all, it’s all up to you. If you read the manual careful and stick to it, you should be able to do the job without harming yourself in the process. And now, let’s talk about the different types of douches

Different Types of Anal Douches

As you might’ve guessed, there are a few different types of douches. Even though they perform the same operation, they don’t work exactly the same.

Before we continue with our list, we should point out that if you’re a first-time user, you should probably use the bulb-syringe douche, since it’s easiest to use.

Only once you get a hang of it and become comfortable with the whole process, you can start using it on a reasonably regular basis and try out a few more types before you settle for one.

· Bulb-Syringe Douche

We already said this douche is easiest to use, but we should also mention that it’s the least expensive one as well. Therefore, if you have any trouble with the first one you buy, you can easily go out and purchase another model.

It has two distinct parts: the bulb, which holds water and the nozzle that allow you to insert the water in your rectum. They come separated, and you’ll have to connect them and create one unit to use it.

Depending on how much water you use, you don’t even have to enter the shower when using it – you can simply stand over your toilet bowl and clean your colon. The only problem with this model is that most of them come with a short nozzle, which means you won’t be able to give yourself a deep cleaning.

But if you want a deeper cleanse, you can still purchase a model with a longer nozzle –just be cautious not to hurt your rectum. When shopping for a good bulb-syringe douche, you should have these two things in mind:

1. Pay attention to the spray pattern

Nozzles come in different sizes and types, which heavily affects their spray type. In general, spray patterns are either wide or straight. The latter only dispenses water in one direction while the first allows you to clean yourself a bit more thoroughly.

2. Carefully choose the nozzle

There are three different types of nozzles you should know about: beaded, grooved and plain. The main function of grooved and beaded models is to provide some pleasure. First-timers usually feel discomfort with these models and if you only want to clean yourself, you should opt for a plain-old douche nozzle.

· Shower Douche Kit

This kit is only recommendable for people who’ve used douches for quite some time, because it requires some experience. It’s quite similar to the bulb-syringe model, but there are some differences. This model needs to be hooked to an actual shower in order to work. You can use it to give yourself a deep cleaning without purchasing extra add-ons.

In spite of this benefit, there are some drawbacks to this model. Even if you’ve used an anal douche in the past, you still have to be careful when using this model. The high pressure could potentially do some damage to your organs. Some models allow you to control the water pressure, so if you choose to go with this one, you should look for one of those.

· The Enema Bag

Remember how we told you that douches and enemas aren’t the same thing? Well, this model is actually a cross between the two. The bag looks more like a water bottle and in besides the nozzle, it also has la long hose that you need to attach to the douche. It also needs to be hung up – similarly to an IV bag – and attached in your shower.

The water goes through the tube because of gravity, which will give you more control of the water pressure. Most models are detachable, so if you like using this douche, you can easily take it off and bring it with yourself on a vacation trip if you want.

And those are the three most common types of douches. There are some other models out there, but we don’t want to throw too much information your way and confuse you. Once again, the bulb-syringe model is recommendable for newbies, so start with that one and look up more douches after you get comfortable with that one.

Both enemas and anal douches are great tools to make sure that you are nice and clean before engaging in anal sex. Which you choose to use though can depend on a number of factors. In this article, we’ll go over some of the aspects of each, and hopefully help you decide which is the right one for you.

The Basics

An anal douche will generally be a small piece of equipment. It usually consists of a bulb and a nozzle, which can be separated from each other. Liquid is put into the bulb then squeezed into the anus. A douche will generally be able to hold a few hundred millilitres of fluid.

An enema is very similar, with a couple of key differences. Rather than a bulb, and enema will have a bag to contain the liquid. The nozzle will still be present, but the time at the end of a long tube which connects the bag to the nozzle. An enema will hold much larger volumes of liquid, sometimes even several litres.


An anal douche is used to clean out the rectum. The nozzle is inserted directly into the anus. Liquids are put into the bulb part of the douche, and then gently squeezed into the rectum. Once inside, the liquids are held for a short period of time before being expelled again, carrying any leftover faeces and bacteria with it.

Enemas are used in a slightly different way, as they intend to clean much deeper into the colon itself. The nozzle is still inserted directly into the anus, and the bag at the top filled with fluids. Rather than squeezing the liquid in though, an enema bag will be hung up, at a level higher than the anus. This lets gravity naturally pull the liquid down through the tube, and gradually fill up the rectum and colon gently. An enema will typically take much longer to perform than an anal douche, but will be much more thorough.


Both products are almost identical when it comes to cleaning. If your product is disposable, then it will be a simple matter of throwing it away. If you buy a reusable kit, then you will need to properly clean and disinfect your kit after every single use to prevent a build-up of bacteria which can then infect your body.


Price wise, you shouldn’t find too much of a difference between enemas and douches. Both will have cheaper options, made of worse materials, and more expensive options, made of higher quality material and designed to last. The both also have disposable options that may be cheaper short term, but over time will work out more expensive. Which you purchase should be based on factors other than price.

How does it feel?

In general, an enema will be much more uncomfortable than an anal douche. It takes a long time for water to reach the deeper parts of the colon, and cramping is common. You are also required to keep the liquid in for a longer period of time with an enema, so your colon can properly fill and cleanse. Douches on the other hand are a simple in and out process, needing to be held for a lot less time and expelled much sooner.


There are risks associated with both products. Ultimately, douches will be safer in general, as they interact with less of the body. In terms of actual damage they can do, the effects are basically the same. With an enema though, this risk is increased, as you aren’t just exposing your rectum but also your colon to outside influence.

Which should you choose?

If you still aren’t sure, perhaps trying both would be the best idea. When you experience it for yourself, you’ll be able to know for sure which one you are more comfortable with, and which level of cleaning you require. Either way though, your butt will be sparkling clean and ready for some anal penetration once you’ve finished.

Step-by-Step Guide to Anal Douching

We have finally come to the main part of our guide – a step by step instructions on how to use an anal douche. Sine this guide is meant for beginners, we are going to use the bulb-syringe model for the instructions, because it’s the simplest option.

Furthermore, you should prepare everything an hour before you plan on having sex, tops. In an ideal situation, you should do it a few hours before, plus, it would be wise to eat some fiber-rich food in the days leading to it. That will allow you to have good bowel movement, which will make the douching process simpler and quicker.

Without further ado, let’s start…

· Start with the water…

When using a bulb douche, start by filling a bowl with water. It doesn’t matter whether it’s distilled or bottled water. The most important thing here is the temperature of the water – you have to make sure you’re using room-temperature water to avoid any damage.

Hot water is not only uncomfortable, but it’s also dangerous in this situation. It can damage the skin surrounding and inside your rectum. Cold water, while won’t do any damage, will probably feel unpleasant, so you should avoid it as well.

Unless you’re using some special douching solution, you should go with clear water. Things like soap and vinegar might not cause any permanent damage, but they will surely irritate your rectum and prevent you from having anal sex for a few days or weeks. Thus, rendering the whole process useless…

· Inserting the douche…

Once you check the water temperature, it’s time to fill up the douche. Take it, squeeze the bulb and then submerge the douche under water. Releasing the bulb will allow you to fill it up with water. After you remove it from the bowl, put a cap on it and leave it be for the moment.

You need to apply some lube to your anus. Put some lube on the nozzle as well. If you want to have some more comfort, you should use water-based lube. It will make the insertion smooth and will help you avoid any further irritations, unlike oil-based lubes.

Remove the cap from the tip, stand in a squatting position and then start slowly, gently inserting the nuzzle. You should be aware that your rectum has nerve endings two inches inside. Tearing the tissue will probably hurt a lot but in the long run can be dangerous because it will put you at risk of contracting a number of life-threatening diseases.

· After the insertion…

When the nuzzle is inserted completely, start squeezing the bulb slowly – this will insert the water in your rectum. Make sure not to get any water back into the bulb, because you’ll have to take out the douche, wash the bulb and start the process all over again.

Try not to rush things, so keep the pressure consistent. When you’re finished squeezing the water out of the douche, carefully remove the nozzle from your anus. Stand up, clutch your anal muscles and try to keep the water in as long as you can.

You should hold the water for 20 seconds minimum, but a minute would be perfect. If you’re feeling too uncomfortable, start counting to twenty in an effort to focus more on holding the water in. Also, you should maybe jump up and down a couple of times to speed up the cleaning process.

When you start feeling like you can’t hold it in any more, sit on your toilet bowl and start pushing the water out. Repeat the process a few more times, because you won’t be able to flush out every single piece of fecal matter on the first try.

· Once you’ve finished

At first, the whole experience may feel unpleasant, but don’t worry, that’s completely normal. You’ll go through a period of adjustment, but after the first few times, it won’t feel unpleasant anymore. Also, it’s not strange to feel the expel again half-an-hour later.

At most, you should douche twice a week. If you start douching every day, you may risk harming your anus. It will take some practice, but after a few tries, you’ll get a hang of it.

Final Thoughts: Be as Careful as Possible

We’ve showed you some of the more popular douche models on the market, told you their pros and cons and explained how to use them properly. Admittedly, we mentioned this numerous times through the article but we can’t stress it enough – your well-being should be your main concern.

Don’t forget to use a lot of lubrication, because your anus doesn’t produce a natural lubricator. It will make the process far more comfortable and enjoyable. You should perform the douche at least an hour before intercourse to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Sometimes, if the water is not expelled completely immediately after the douche and you start feeling pain, you should stop and go to the nearest emergency room. Despite the fact that this doesn’t happen often, you still have to be aware of every single risk – no matter how insignificant it may be.

In the end, anal douching is actually a good thing when you’re planning to have anal sex. When done carefully, it can be worthwhile for you and your partner, so if you want to spice things up in your bedroom, try to find the best douche for your specific needs and give yourself a nice, deep clean.

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