Butt Plugs

Best Lubrication to Use With Butt Plugs

When it comes to anal play, it’s safe to say lubrication is not a choice — it’s a necessity. After all, the whole point of any sex act is pleasure. As such, proper care is crucial, especially if we want to avoid not just tears but also bleeding and general discomfort that can last...

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Sex and Butt Plugs: The Complete Guide

Almost any time you start to enjoy some sexual activity, you’re probably going to wonder: Can I do this while I have sex? The same is of course true with butt plugs too.

It’s not just a kinky fantasy though. Using butt plugs during sex can actually make sex even better!

So let’s get back to basics, and show you the best ways to take your butt plugs into the bedroom!

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How to Clean Your Butt Plug

It is of vital importance for both your health and your pleasure that you use clean and safe butt plugs for your play. This will be a short guide on how to properly and safely clean your butt plug, but these principles can be applied to any sex toy you happen to own.

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How Long Can You Wear a Butt Plug?

Wearing a butt plug can be an exciting prospect, and sometimes you may find yourself wanting to do it more and more. Or perhaps you’re a complete beginner and have no idea how long you’re supposed to wear one.

In this article we’re going to go through the ins and outs of wearing plugs, for ten minutes or even ten hours!

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Butt Plugs in Public Places

By now nearly everyone should know some of the great sexual pleasure you can experience by wearing butt plugs. But for many of us, this will be something that we only do in the privacy of our own bedrooms.

Why keep the fun locked up behind closed doors though? There’s tons of fun things (and some not so fun things) that can be made much more interesting simply by doing them while plugged!

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