Silicone Butt Plugs

When you hear the words "anal toys", you most probably would think that they're made of silicone. Well, you're right! But not all of them. Silicone is just one of the most widely used materials to make your favorite anal sex toys. And who wouldn't fall in love with them? Whether you're a beginner in anal town or an expert from anus kingdom, a plug made from silicone is always a really great choice. Just lube it up, stick it in, and go to town! Whatever your needs are, you can always be sure that there is an appropriate silicone plug for you.

The soft and flexible material allows for a more comfortable insertion and extraction; the shape slightly deflates as it makes its way through your anus to ease the process. We can guarantee the quality of the material used to create our plugs because your health and safety are the least that you have to compromise in order to have a rough night and gaping butt hole. We make sure that the silicone used to make our plugs are medical grade, so infections and other concerns with using this shouldn't worry you. Any other features that you choose to have on your anal sex toy are also ensured to have the same level of quality of materials.

Silicone is available in many colors. Two of our most widely used color for our silicone plugs are purple and black. But we also have other colors available such as pink, blue, white, flesh, and red. We not only have your usual plug shaped like a teardrop, ribbed, and tapered, but we are also introducing our new other shapes such as kunai, and our anal beads plug. Our capacity to bring you more options are as flexible as the material itself. The possibilities are endless. Just choose your favorite and start plugging right away. It's that easy and simple.

Our silicone plugs are not just flexible in form, but they're also flexible in terms of functionality. We have an endless collection of our soft anal sex toys fit for your different needs.

Nothing will ever beat the beauty of simplicity. So, if classic and lowkey are both your things, our simple silicone plugs with an anchor or rounded bases are the ones for you. If you're a beginner in the world of anal toys and want to start out from the smallest to biggest, we suggest purchasing one of our training kits. Use jeweled plugs if you're feeling fabulous and sassy. We also have silicone plug kits with different shapes.

Feeling wild? A silicone plug with an animal fur tail will take you back to the jungle! We have specific tails similar to our collection of chosen animals to express as pet play. You can be a racoon, a dog, or a pony!

There's lots more where that came from. We have so many uses for our silicone plugs that we just can't enumerate them all! Pick your poison, whatever it is, satisfaction is always the result!

One of the biggest decisions you might have to make when deciding which plug you want to buy is what you want it to made out of. Of course you could just buy whichever one catches your eye first, but without spending time considering your options who knows what you might be missing out on?

While rubber, jelly, metal, or even glass might be commonly found materials that you might decide to purchase, our recommendations will always be to purchase a high quality silicone plug.

Why do we recommend silicone so highly? Well it’s a completely non-porous material which means that bacteria can never penetrate the surface of the plug. Unlike other non-porous materials though, silicone keeps some of the soft, skin-like properties found in some porous materials. This means no only are you getting a safe and sound plug, but it also feel great when you insert it!

Silicone Butt Plugs - Quality, Comfort & Satisfaction! Soft and flexible silicone plugs for comfortable anal play!

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