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Because anal sex is one of the last taboos and is often considered a forbidden activity, this has only made the act more appealing to a large number of couples. Contrary to what many people believe, anal sex is enjoyed by both men and women of various genders and sexual orientations, so it is truly not just a “gay” activity anymore.

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Orgasms are usually what people’s main goal is when they’re having sex, but men and women orgasm differently, and it’s good to know a little bit about them because this can actually improve your orgasms in the long run.

Although many people are unaware of this, both men and women can experience an orgasm from anal sex, and it is a lot easier than you think. Whether you consider orgasms to be a physical or psychological release, the information below can teach you a lot.

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So you’ve done your research. You’ve found your prostate gland. You’ve learned how to massage it properly and what sort of feeling you might have. The problem is, you just can’t seem to bring yourself to orgasm.

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The prostate. This hidden gem of the male anatomy has spent a long time hidden under the rug. But with social acceptance and tolerance growing, it is beginning to be discussed more and embraced as an important part of male sexual stimulation and health. But what exactly is it?

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When trying to keep your prostate gland nice and healthy,performing prostate massages using your finger or specially designed tools isn’t the only thing you can do to help. Good old fashioned physical exercise is also great

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Prostate stimulation and massage is beginning to lose some of the stigma and negativity that has surrounded it for many years. Some men though, are still not comfortable with inserting things into their anus.

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