Dog tail butt plugs

Dogs are a man's best friend. They are loyal, devoted to their masters, and can be trained to do anything you want them to. Like dogs, you or your partner can also be trained to please and satisfy the master. Being someone's pet, especially if it's a dog can open up to a wide range of opportunities both individually and as a couple. You may or may not be familiar with the term petplay. If you haven't heard of it yet, petplay is a sexual lifestyle that is similar to BDSM but in a more creative way. As the name suggests, petplay fetish involves roleplaying in any type of animal that can be considered as a pet.

Petplay involves a lot of planning and the necessary equipment to fulfill your fetish fantasies. First, you need to decide what particular type of pet you want to roleplay for yourself or for your partner. When you've settled on your choice, it's time to dig deeper and look into the supplies that you need to really portray the animal. Almost all pets need a metal cage for their home, but if the budget doesn't fit yet, you can opt for just the basic necessities for the meantime: collar, leash, some animal ears, and an animal tail.

Now that we're talking about animal tails. We have just the right contraption for you. Our dog tail butt plugs are just what you need and what you want. Show your master that you're either a good boy or a good girl with our dog tail butt plugs. Dogs are the most faithful companions of any man, so treating your partner like a dog is like telling them that they belong to only you. Dogs can get jealous when you divert your attention to others, and the case might be the same with your partner. No polygamy or any third-party is allowed.

All our dog tail butt plugs are made from high-quality medical grade 100% silicone. Why do you ask? That's because silicone is the only material that is flexible enough to wag. Yes, you read that right, our dog tail butt plugs' tails wag like a real dog's tail does! Thanks to the structure of the sturdy but pliable material, you can wear the plug and make the tail wag without ever having to worry about the butt plug coming off! A simple design feature yet an ingenious innovation.

The butt plug shapes are cleverly devised to make sure that your sex toy will never come off even after wagging your dog tail to your heart's content. Available in feisty black and glow-in-the-dark white, you can jump, roll over, lay down, and do tricks that can please your master and reward you with a treat. But the real treat here is our dog tail butt plugs. Make your doggy daydreams come true by sharing an intimate relationship with your partner using our "waggable" anal sex toys. Who's a good baby? If that's you, then grab one of these and say woof!

When you start roleplaying as an animal, there will always be a ton of options available to you. Which animal you choose can be influenced by many different factors, but for many people sticking with something safe and familiar is just what you want to do. And what’s more familiar than a dog?

Our range of high-quality dog-tail butt plugs outfit you perfectly to enjoy every aspect of your animal roleplay both in and out of the bedroom. Each tail comes fitted onto a butt plug, and these plugs come in a variety of sizes so you can always find something that fits your own body.

You don’t just have to use these tails in the bedroom either! Some even allow you to use your anal muscles to wag your tail around just like a real dog. Finally you can show your partner just how happy they make you!