Dog Tail Butt Plugs

Bark with pleasure and take on the role you were always meant to with one of Loveplugs delightful dog tail butt plugs.

Your dog tail plug will help you embark on a whole new sexual journey. Take on the role of one of our furry friends and be ready to answer your masters beck and call. Once your training is complete, they might even treat you to a little reward!

It might sound strange at first, but roleplaying as a dog is a sexual fetish enjoyed by many. It falls under the larger umbrella of petplay, which is a type of roleplay based around taking on the roles of various animals in the bedroom.

Unleashing your wild side can prove very pleasurable, as you explore different positions, practises and even personality traits that you normally wouldn’t bring into the bedroom. Maybe you’re normally quite submissive and let your partner make all the decisions, but instead take control for a change. Or maybe you’re normally the one in charge, and your partner gets a kick out of giving you the orders for a change.

Dog based petplay offers many things to a relationship. It’s up to you exactly how far you take it, but you can explore something simple like doggy-style, or go much further with training rituals and even pet accessories!

But no dog roleplay experience would be complete without a dog tail butt plug. Pop it in your butt, and you’ll have your very own tail to wag as much as you want. And you still get to enjoy all the usual pleasure that comes with all our butt plugs.

Our dog tail plugs are made from high quality silicone. They feel silky smooth to the touch, and are a joy to wear. They’re also easy to clean and look after, so you can be sure your tail will last as long as you need it to. We even have a glow in the dark model for those late nights of pleasure!

Find your master and start enjoying petplay with one of our dog tail butt plugs now.