Anal Beads

The butt plug family is diverse. When shopping for a new butt plug, a lot of things are needed to consider before choosing the right one. How long do you want it to be? What color? What shape would you want the plug to be? What material should it be made from? Any other additional features? A vibrator, maybe? When you've finally narrowed down the choices and decided on your chosen one, another question still remains: is it worth it? After all the deliberation, you're still having second thoughts. You think that you might easily get bored with the classic butt plug, or you're mulling over whether that animal tail might give you the vibe and energy that you need. If this is you currently, you've stepped onto the right collection.

Anal beads are for those people who want to be more adventurous and really stimulate their anus for that next level of pleasure. If you've never tried anal beads before, let them enter at your own risk. There's something guilty satisfying about an anus repeatedly swallowing each bead one by one, instead of the regular butt plug where only one might be dull for you. Also, the fact that you have many options to choose from makes the hunt for the right anal beads feel like you're a kid in a candy store. It would be so hard to choose just one!

Where do we even begin to talk about our anal beads? There's a lot to reveal about their features and styles. We'll try to break this down little by little without getting too excited ourselves. Let's start off with the material. As you might have already known, we make sure that the materials used to make our butt plugs are high-quality so you can guarantee that it'll be the same treatment as our anal beads. They are also available in different colors: clear and pearl-colored for glass beads; black, purple, and pink for our medical grade silicone beads; blue, pink, yellow, and purple for TPE; and our classic silver stainless steel.

Whew! Now that we're done with the material, let's move on to the next feature, which is what kind of beads do you want? Do you want the classically rounded beads? Or would you prefer to add even more stimulation by trying out the heart-shaped or cherry-shaped beads? Do you want them to be at one size or increasing as you go? Do you prefer them to be strung or molded into one handle? Speaking of the handle, we have multiple selections for that: a rounded or a heart-shaped pull ring, a rounded flat base, an anchor handle, or if you're feeling brave, we also have ones with no handle at all.

We're not done yet. You still need to choose how long your entire string of anal beads will be. Our shortest starts at four inches for the newbies, while anal enthusiasts can go for our longest 12-inch monster. Whether you're a beginner or a professional butthole-gaper, there's always the right one for you here. Can't choose just one? Then grab a set or get as many as you want and experiment!

Guide to Choosing Anal Beads

So you’ve been convinced. Anal beads sound like a lot of fun, and you want to grab a set for yourself. But when you load up the store pages, there’s just too many options. What sort should you buy? Well hopefully were going to answer that for you now.



The first thing you’ll want to consider when purchasing a set of anal beads is the size. This comes in two forms, the size of the overall set of beads, and the size of the individual beads. Which you’ll prefer will mostly depend on your experience with anal play. Complete beginners will want to start with something short and that has smaller beads. More advanced users will probably want things a little longer or larger. If there’s any doubt, it’s usually better to go for something smaller as you’ll at least be able to make some use of it, but something too big will probably not get used at all.



The other key consideration when buying anal beads is what material they are made of. There are a lot of different types of material available, but you usually want to try to find a set made of a non-porous material. These are usually silicone, glass, or steel. Non-porous materials aren’t able to harbor bacteria, and are much easier to keep clean.




Sometimes, anal beads aren’t entirely round. They can have various patterns or engravings on them to give you some different feelings as you insert or remove them. Sometimes they might even be a completely different shape to the regular sphere. There isn’t a huge amount of advice I can give you on these kinds of beads, as it’s largely down to personal preference. So if you fancy something different, give it a go!


What connects the beads?

Most good quality anal beads won’t be connected by anything as such, but the beads will be molded together into one complete piece. Some cheaper variants might have the beads held together by nylon or cotton string though. These should be avoided at all costs. Not only are the strings impossible to properly clean and disinfect, but there’s a huge risk of the string snapping and loose beads getting to go on a journey through your digestive system. You don’t want this to happen unless you like hospital trips.



Just like nearly anything else designed to be put in your lower regions, some types of anal beads are able to vibrate. If you want a set of vibrating beads, you need to be sure that they are completely sealed and body safe to avoid any electrical shocks. Most people prefer to go for sets with adjustable speeds, that way they can start on something slower and work their way up to faster speeds if desired.

That covers most of the decisions you will need to make about anal beads. As I mentioned, they’re quite a simple sex toy, so aside from buying beads that are too big there’s unlikely to really be a wrong set of anal beads. Just grab a good quality, non-porous set and you’ll be good to go!

How To Use Anal Beads

Anal beads are a popular sex toy that belong to the butt plug family. We talked generally about anal beads in our beginner’s guide, but there was one area that wasn’t really covered: How to use them. So if you’ve picked up a set, or were thinking about it, but weren’t sure what to actually do with them then read on as we dive into how to use anal beads.


What Are Anal Beads Used For?

Anal beads are most often, unsurprisingly, used anally. Each set will usually be made up of several beads that grow in size, with the largest being closest to the handle, base, or pull ring. You can insert them as far as you like, so the growing sizes means you can easily just go as far as you’re comfortable with.

The main reason people use anal beads is the sensation they give as they are inserted or removed. The anal sphincter and surrounding area is filled with sensitive nerve endings. As the beads enter or exit your body, the sphincter is stretched and then released, stimulating these nerve endings.

As this is the most common pleasurable use of anal beads, it’s important to make sure you pick up a high quality set. Some are joined by nylon or cotton strings rather than actual rubber or silicone. You want to avoid this type, as the constant pulling on the strings can weaken and even break them, leaving you with some individual balls stuck in your butt.


How to Insert Anal Beads?

If you’ve ever read any guide on how to put something in your butt, you’ll already have an idea of some or even all of this stuff. But it’s always worth going over as people often treat the anus just like the vagina and start shoving things in there with very little thought. This is a sure fire way to cause yourself some real damage, so it’s important to take proper care when engaging in any kind of anal play.

Now before you go throwing the beads into your body, there’s a super important thing that you ALWAYS need to do for anal play. Lubricate! The anus does not self lubricate like the vagina, so putting things in there dry will be like pushing sandpaper up there. Not very pleasant!




There are a few different options when it comes to lubrication, mainly coming down to which type you decide to use. The three main types are silicone-based, oil-based, and water-based. These each have their own benefits and drawbacks, so you should spend some time making sure you know exactly what you’re putting into your body before you start.

Silicone-based lubricants are often viewed as the most luxurious of the choices. It tends to feel silky and smooth to the touch, and lasts a lot longer than some of the cheaper water based lubes. The main problem with silicone-based lubes is that they cannot be used with beads made from silicone, as they will break down the surface of the balls leading to debris and bacteria in both your butt and your balls.

Oil-based lubricants are usually the middle ground. They don’t feel quite as nice as silicone lubes, but they still last quite a long time, meaning less reapplication. These are safe to use with any type of anal bead, so as long as they are body safe you’re good to go. The one downside to oil-based lubes is that they cannot be used with condoms, so bear that in mind if you’re planning on wrapping your beads.

Water-based lubes tend to be the cheapest of the options. They don’t last quite as long but in general will be the safest and simplest of the three. Any type of anal bead is safe with water-based lube, and condoms are perfectly fine too. Your main problem with water-based lubricants is the ingredients used in them, and in particular glycerine. Glycerine can act as a laxative on your anal tissue, so it’s often best during anal play to find lube that doesn’t contain it.

In general, Oil-based lubricants tend to be a lot of people’s go to choice for anal play. Each type has it’s own merits though, so don’t be afraid to try them all out and see what works for you.

With your chosen lube handy, you’re going to want to get your beads literally covered in the stuff. Make sure it gets into all the nooks and crannies. You don’t want to get them halfway in and have one random dry bead that completely ruins the experience for you. Seriously use loads of the stuff, you won’t regret it.

You also want to get a good coating of lube around your anus, and inside the sphincter true. Getting it actually inside your butt can be somewhat difficult at times. If you find yourself struggling with this you could look at picking up a lube syringe, which lets you “shoot” the lube into your anus.


Time to Put them In

Onto the exciting part: insertion. You might be quite excited by this point, but the most important thing with any anal activity is to be nice and relaxed. Put on some music or light some candles if that’s your kind of thing. Whatever you need to do to put yourself in a zen place go ahead and do it, as being too tense will not only make actually inserting your beads more difficult, it’ll probably make it much less enjoyable.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m planning to put something into my butt, it’s not a scientific experiment. By all means if you just want to take cold hard notes on the feelings, then go right at it. Most people though will be doing this as part of a sexual experience, so you’re gonna want to be turned on!

You can do this however you want, but it’s worth bearing in mind that it can difficult to actually stay aroused once you get started with the butt stuff. It’ll definitely get easier over time, but for the first few attempts you might want to have some porn on in the background, or use other things like a vibrator, cock ring, or even have a partner keeping you going while you get used to anal play.

So with lube and arousal out of the way, you’re free to get down to it. You’ll want to start with the smallest bead, and gently push them in one at a time. You don’t have to take the whole lot in one session, so just go as far as you feel comfortable with. Pay attention to your body, and properly experience the feelings of each bead passing inside you. Sometimes you might notice a kind of pop as your sphincter closes around a bead before opening back up for the next one.

At any point in the process, if you begin to feel pain, STOP. These muscles aren’t really used for anything outside the toilet, so it can take a long time for them to get used to a different use. Small amounts of pain could be just caused by a lack of lube, so you can put some more on and try again. With larger or consistent pain though, you may have touched something you didn’t mean to, or pushed a little too far. Stop for this session and if pain hasn’t subsided after a few days head to the doctors and get checked out.


What to do Once You’ve Inserted Them?

Once you’ve managed to get the beads into your anus, take a little time to get used to the feelings. It can be a little challenging to move around while wearing them at first, so experiment with your range of movement and what is comfortable to you. When you feel ready, the world is your oyster!

You can do basically anything while wearing anal beads, from regular penile sex to any other sexual activity you might fancy. Some people even like to sneak out of the house and wear them while they shop. The feelings you have will be totally personal to you, so you’ll need to do a bit of experimenting to see what you enjoy.

Keeping your beads in for a longer session will usually require some re lubrication throughout as your butt will start to dry out a little more. It’s generally recommended to keep them in no more than three hours, and definitely don’t fall asleep with them in.


Taking Them Out

Removing the beads is the part that many people look forward to the most. You can remove them whenever you want to stimulate your anal nerves. However if you can time this right around the time you orgasm, you can produce some very intense feelings.

You might be tempted to quickly pull all of the balls out at once. Doing this probably isn’t going to feel too great though, and could lead to some damage to your rectal muscles. It also risks causing your butt to release some fecal matter due to the speed of removal.

A much more pleasurable way to remove the beads is one at a time. Start slowly, and you can increase the speed if you feel more comfortable. As each bead comes out of your sphincter you’ll experience a similar popping sensation as inserting them. You can even experiment with pulling some out and then putting some back in, so you aren’t fully removing the beads but still experiencing the different sensations.


Bonus Techniques

While most of the usage of anal beads is fairly self explanatory, there are a couple of extra techniques I’ve come across that some of you might really enjoy.

The first is experimenting with the use of temperature. Anal beads can be heated or cooled to varying degrees of temperature. Obviously you should take it slow and not insert boiling metal into your body, but a little cold or hot feeling could give you a completely different experience when using your beads.

The second technique is a little more active. Rather than simply pulling the beads back out to stimulate the muscles, clench you pelvic floor and try to hold them in as you pull. See just how hard you can pull before your muscles can’t hold on any longer and when the beads do come out, you’ll experience a kind of release as well as the usual feelings.


Precautions While Using Anal Beads

As with almost any type of anal play, there are a few things you need to look out for to stay completely safe. You need to make sure that your beads have an appropriate base or bottom handle to make sure that they don’t get stuck inside your butt. Beads with string connecting them are also a big risk, as the string can snap leaving individual beads inside you. String is also impossible to keep properly clean so you always run the risk of bacteria getting stuck in it.

Cleanliness is also very important. If you have any worries about touching fecal matter while using your anal beads, you can use gloves and condoms to protect your hands and beads. You should ALWAYS use a condom if you plan to share the beads, and swap to a fresh condom between partners, but it is recommended to have separate sets of anal beads for each person.

To make sure you’re getting the best kinds of anal beads to stay safe, head over to our guide to choosing anal beads for more info.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to use anal beads. So if you haven’t grabbed any yet, what are you waiting for? Get hold of some and enjoy some truly unique sexual pleasure today!

Beginners Guide to Anal Beads

If you’ve been shopping around for sex toys before, you might have stumbled across anal beads. These strange looking objects are actually one of the more popular types of sex toy available. If you’ve ended up here though, then you probably don’t know that much about them. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your introduction to the world of anal beads.


What are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are a sex toy belonging to the butt plug family. They usually take the form of a series of balls molded together, or joined by a piece of string. The balls will grow in size as you move down the toy, so as you insert it further into your anus they become larger and larger.


Why do People use Anal Beads?

So, they aren’t much different from butt plugs in design, but why would people use anal beads instead? Unlike butt plugs, you aren’t going to experience fullness or huge amounts of stretching by keeping anal beads inside you for extended periods of time. The appeal instead comes from the action of inserting and removing them.

Due to the changing size of the balls, when you insert or remove anal beads your sphincter muscles will be constantly stretching open and closing back up. This action stimulates the sensitive nerve endings found all around the opening of the anus (and trust me, there’s loads). By stimulating these nerve endings during sex, and particularly as you approach orgasm, you can take your sexual pleasure to the next level.

There’s more to the story though. Simply having anal beads inside your body can give you a bit of an internal massage, releasing some of the stress and tension stored up in the area. All of this tension isn’t just uncomfortable, but can actually cause you some problems in and around your pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is responsible for the opening and closing of the anus and urethra at the appropriate times, so keeping it in good condition is always a good idea, and anal beads can play a bit of a role in this.


What Can You Feel When You Use Anal Beads?

Okay, so they have their place in a sex toolbox, but what exactly do they feel like? Well, the key feelings of stimulation is entirely centered around this insertion and removal action. This isn’t meant to be the same as traditional penile or dildo penetration, as that tends to be much more vigorous.

Anal bead insertion tends to much more deliberate, slowly opening and closing the anal sphincters to stimulate your nerve endings again and again. As long as you are relaxed and comfortable with the idea and feeling of something entering your anus, you can build yourself up to some quite intense feelings. These tend to grow over time, before fully pulling them out during orgasm to reach an even greater height of sexual pleasure.

Other feelings can also be amplified by the insertion of anal beads. It largely depends on the design and material of your anal beads, but you can have very different experiences from one set of anal beads to the next. Of particular note is the use of heat or cooling with anal beads. A cooled set of anal beads can produce entirely different sensations inside you compared to a room temperature set. Different shapes of balls will also apply pressure in completely different ways, leading to new and interesting sensation.

Vibrating anal beads are also available, bringing all the usual shaky goodness to your insides. Rather than just leaving them in though to vibrate away though, with vibrating anal beads you can leave them on while you pull them out and insert them back in, further stimulating those sensitive nerve endings. Just as an extra bonus, you can also use them in a woman’s vagina for some interesting feelings with a different shape to a traditional dildo or penis.


Types of Anal Beads

While the most basic of anal beads are the traditional growing line of rounded balls, there are actually a wide variety of beads available. As with any sex toy, you have your usual choice of different materials to go for, such as silicone, glass, metal, rubber, and many others. Just like other sex toys, we’d always recommend a non-porous material like silicone over a porous material like jelly. Although a little more expensive, non-porous toys are much safer, easier to clean, and more long lasting than their porous counterparts.

You also have a number of options with the shapes and sizes of the balls, as well as the number of balls on the beads. Different styles will illicit different feelings from your sensitive anal nerve endings so even if you’re happy with one set of beads, sometimes it might be worth trying something new. For anal bead novices, it’s usually good to look for something on the smaller and simpler end of the spectrum to get used to the feelings before moving up to more elaborate designs.

When you get truly experienced, there’s literally tons of options. These include: textured, tapered, smooth, vibrating, dual penetrating, bendy, rigid, handheld, anal bead/butt plug hybrids, and even strap on bead sets. The limit is just what you’re in the mood to try!


How Long Can You Wear Anal Beads?

Like butt plugs, there isn’t really any hard and fast rule on how long you can wear a set of anal beads for. The main limiting factor will be lube drying out, so be sure you’re using some high quality lube, and if you decide to head out and about while wearing them keep a bottle handy for reapplications. Oil or silicone lubes will generally last longer than water based lubes, and you should reapply whenever things start to dry out down there or begin to feel uncomfortable.

One definite rule is that it’s not recommended that you sleep while wearing anal beads, or any other kind of anal toy. While you are unconscious there’s greater risk of your anus swallowing the whole thing without you even noticing, which would definitely mean a trip to the emergency room. Other than that, you’re free to experiment as you wish, but personally I’d go for at least a short break after two to three hours.


Anal Bead Safety

While there was a bit of a mention of your anus eating up an entire set of anal beads there, it isn’t really as much of a problem as you might think if you use your beads safely. The main consideration on this front is the base of the beads. If you’re planning to let go of them completely and let them sit there for a long period of time, then you’ll want a flared base to stop them getting gobbled up. Otherwise you’ll be fine with a set that has a pull ring on the bottom to get them back out, just don’t let the pull ring get inside you.

Never insert loose anal beads into your body, as they’re sure to travel up and into your colon and probably need surgery to remove.

Other dangers you should look out for when using your anal beads are general signs of wear and tear. If the surface of the beads is beginning to degrade then there’s always a risk of parts of it being left behind in your body. Likewise any sharp edges that might have appeared from things like improper storage carries a risk of internal cuts and bleeding. Be sure to give your beads a good looking over before you begin to use them, and check every time.

Sharing of anal toys is another topic that comes up often. In terms of safety, the anus carries a lot more bacteria and germs than other parts of the body. Using a set of beads in one butt, then moving straight to another carries a huge risk of moving some of these bacteria into the second person which could cause some serious problems.

If you absolutely must share with a partner, treat it just like you would regular penetrative sex. If you think there’s any risk of infection, cover the beads in a condom and change the condom between users. If you have beads made of a non-porous material then it is relatively safe to share a set with someone else, as long as you are properly cleaning between users. Despite this we’d always recommend having separate anal toys for each person.

A final note on safety is the use of numbing creams. While these might seem like a good idea to get over any initial roadblocks with anal play, it’s usually a recipe for disaster. Any pain you feel while inserting or wearing something anally is usually a sign that something isn’t going how it should be and you should stop. By numbing the area you’re likely to miss these signs, and much more likely to cause real damage like tearing or bleeds.


Cleaning Anal Beads

The cleaning of anal beads is identical to many other sex toys, but we still think it’s worth a mention here as improper cleaning is the cause of all kinds of problems people experience with sex toys. Firstly you’ll need to know whether your beads are made of a non-porous material (usually silicone, glass, or metal) or a porous material (usually pretty much anything else). This is important, as porous materials are able to harbor bacteria inside the surface of the beads, so you can never truly get them clean.

With non-porous toys, you have the relatively simple task of either boiling them (if they can withstand the heat), or wiping them with warm soapy water. They should then be patted dry with paper towels and then left out until totally dry.

Porous toys however are much trickier. Most of them will simply melt if you boil them, so lukewarm water is usually best. You need to give them a good proper scrub to get as much of the bacteria out of the pores as possible, then dry and store them in a place where they aren’t going to be able to gather more bacteria before uses.

Strings also need some consideration with cleaning. If your beads are joined by silicone or some kind of frame, then the regular cleaning advice should suffice. If you have beads joined by string though, you’re a little bit out of luck. Almost any kind of string you have will be extremely porous, so the chances of getting it clean and clear of bacteria is slim to none. If at all possible, replacing the string between uses is the best option.

Due to these difficulties in keeping bacteria out of your toys, we’d always recommend that you pick up a good quality, non-porous set of anal beads, with string nowhere near them!

As you can see, there’s more to these little balls than you might have first thought. But try not to be discouraged! There was a lot of information there, but it’s worth pushing through and giving anal beads a try, as they can be really fantastic when you get the hang of them.

What do Anal Beads Feel Like?

Anal beads can open all kinds of new sexual pleasure for you. But if you aren’t yet convinced, maybe knowing a little more about the feelings you encounter might convince you to pick up and try a set.



Insertion is the first part of using anal beads where you’ll begin to feel something new. Much of the pleasure will come from this part of the process as your anal sphincters will open and close as the balls enter creating a kind of popping sensation. This sensation will usually feel a lot better than using a penis or finger as they only open the sphincter and then keep it open.

Once they are in, anal beads don’t provide a constant stream of pleasure, but instead can be combined with other sexual activities to amplify them. You’ll be able to feel the beads inside you, but shouldn’t be actively noticing them. Having them in can make a woman’s vagina feel a bit tighter during sex, much like a butt plug, so you might enjoy wearing them during regular sex.



Removal is the second major part of the anal bead experience. Similarly to insertion, taking the beads out one at a time can give you a kind of popping sensation as your sphincter opens and closes again. A lot of people like to try and time their removal so that just as they are pulling the beads out they reach climax. This can give you some truly explosive feelings which are different from anything else you might experience sexually.

Some lucky people are able to reach orgasm entirely from anal stimulation. To accomplish this with anal beads, you’ll need to continue to both insert and remove the beads, moving up and down the chain to bring yourself closer and closer to the orgasm. Those who have experienced anal orgasms say they are completely different to regular orgasms and feel amazing.



While it might seam a little odd, varying the temperature of your anal beads can have some interesting effects. Some people like to cool them down, while others like to heat them up. It’s entirely down to personal preference, so feel free to experiment! Just be careful you aren’t going too far in either direction or you might find it a little painful.


Negative Feelings

As long as you are careful, take your time, and use plenty of lubricant, there aren’t really any bad feelings that anal beads can cause. They might feel a little uncomfortable when you first begin to use them, but this will pass naturally over time as you get used to them. The only other negative feelings you might feel would be down to your own thoughts about the process.

Men potentially have it worse in this case, as there is still some level of taboo surrounding anal play for men. Rest assured, making use of anal beads doesn’t make you gay. Your sexuality is down to your own personal preferences and all humans have the same anatomical parts to their butts, so everyone can enjoy it without worrying about anything.

Mess is the other thing that people sometimes worry about with anal play. As long as you’ve recently emptied your bowels, there’s very little chance that anything bad will happen. Most people go for a bowel movement around an hour before they start anal activity to make sure everything is nice and empty.


Different Materials

Materials can make a small amount of difference to the feelings you might experience. If you’re using a set of fully spherical balls, you’ll want to make sure that they remain fully rounded, and that any rough seams from the manufacturing process are properly sanded down so they don’t catch on your internal muscles. Some beads though, are not fully spherical, and can have patterns or ridges on the surfaces to give you different sensations. You might also come across hollow anal beads, which will have a smaller ball inside that can rattle and move around inside stimulating vibrations. Or you can go the whole way with vibrating anal beads and see what it feels like to bull a moving object out of your anus.

While that was just a short overview of what you might feel while using anal beads, the best way is to try it yourself! Almost all parts of anal play are highly personal, and what one person likes might be completely different to another. So grab a set of anal beads today, and get experimenting!