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Loveplugs anal adventures

Learn how to make the most of butt plugs and anal toys with Loveplugs!

Anal sex can be an exciting new way to bring something new to your sex life. Whether you’re planning on using sex toys, fingers, or your God given gifts, it’s important not to get too excited and forget that it’s supposed to be enjoyable for both of you.

We’re looking at you guys! Just because someone has agreed to let you try putting stuff in their butt, you’re still going to need to work hard and make the experience fun for them or they might not let you do it again.

So, let’s start your adventure the right way. We’ll walk you through each step to make sure that you have an anal experience to remember.

1 - Talk to Your Adventuring Partner

Some of you may have faced more than a little resistance when you first suggested anal. Or maybe, some of you still haven’t plucked up the courage to even bring it up! Either way, back door pleasure always starts the same way – good communication.

This doesn’t just mean hassling your other half till they give in and let you do it. You should have a real conversation about what you want to try, and anything that’s off limits. Be open minded and accept that not everyone will find the same things attractive as you.

You also need to keep that communication going on the big day! Anal play can be painful, so make sure you’re talking to each other, and actually listen to what the other person is saying. If they want you to stop, STOP!

2 - Get Your Equipment in Order

Make sure before you start that you’re going to have everything you need. Nothing ruins the mood more than having to stop and going and grabbing something.

One of the biggest issues some people have with anal is that it’s just so much more effort. Make things easy and collect all the toys, tissues, sheets and anything else you think you might need before you start.

3 - Don’t Forget Your Potions

Every adventurer should have a potion or two in their pack, and anal adventurers are no different!

You only need one magic potion for good anal play though – Lube!

Make sure you use plenty, reapply regularly, and never go without.

Looking for top quality lube at an affordable price? Check out Lovelube, our very own anal lube specially formulated to enhance your pleasure.

4 - Stick to the Strategy

It’s easy to get carried away in the moment and rush headlong into things. But when it comes to anal play, going rogue is one of the worst things you could possibly do.

Every session should start off slow and gentle, and only going as far as the receiving partner is comfortable. Once they’re happy that everything is going smoothly and isn’t causing them any pain, then you can start getting into it more and maybe speeding up or using larger toys.

You also definitely shouldn’t start improvising on your own! Suddenly deciding to do something that your partner isn’t expecting can not only ruin their experience but might also hurt them. Just imagine it’s your butt and how you might feel.

Choose Your Adventuring Class

The warrior

The Warrior
The starting point for any adventure.
No frills, just action.
Loveplugs recommends: Black Silicone Plug Set

Like any party of adventurers, everyone needs a solid starting point. For your anal adventures, we recommend our 4 piece set of black silicone plugs.

This set contains four different sized plugs, perfect for any new adventurers. Their tapered design also makes insertion a breeze. Simple and effective, just like the classic Warrior.

Once you’ve used them a few times, you’ll be more than prepared for any other fun you want to have with anal toys.

The beastmaster

The Beastmaster
Bringing something exotic to the party.
Animal companions.
Loveplugs recommends: 18” Brown Fox Tail

Beastmasters, hunters, shapeshifters. Those adventurers with a connection to the animal kingdom are known by many names but linked by the creatures they bring on their adventures.

Bring this fantasy into your bedroom by turning your partner into your animal companion. To get you started, try out our lusciously long brown fox tail.

You can enjoy all the normal pleasures of a butt plug, with additional stimulation all around your lower body. Tease and please with the tail or complete the look with a set of our luxurious ears!

The rogue

The Rogue
Unique tools and equipment.
Prepared for any situation.
Loveplugs recommends: 10 Inch Stainless Steel Anal Hook

A rogue is always a useful addition to any adventuring party. With many different tools at their disposal, they will always be prepared for any scenario you throw them into.

For the rogues in the bedroom, we recommend our 10 Inch Stainless Steel Anal Hook. This toy can be used in almost any situation to give you a new source of pleasure. Even if you're not into bondage, the ball and unique shape can provide all kinds of sensations.

Whatever you’ve got planned in the bedroom, make sure you’ve got the tools you need for pleasure.

The cleric

The Cleric
Always put others before themselves.
Ready to provide sexual healing.
Loveplugs recommends: Jeweled Gold Princess Plug Set

If you’re the kind of lover that always puts your partner first, then we recommend the Cleric’s favourite Jeweled Gold Princess Plugs. Each plug in this set features a sparkling jewel set into the base of the plug.

With a variety of sizes and a unique gold look, these plugs are perfect for making your partner feel like royalty.

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