Anal Hooks

Strap in for some hardcore anal action with the help of one of our fantastic range of anal hooks. These specialist plugs might look simple, but they’re the key to a whole new kind of anal pleasure. Start your journey into the world of bondage today.

There’s not much to tell when it comes to anal hooks. Most are a simple rod of metal with a ball on one end, and a ring on the other. A few models will do something different, like including multiple balls or changing the thickness or texture of the rod, but most of them are quite plain and simple.

So what’s the big deal then? Why are anal hooks so good? Well it all comes down to how you use them.

You can of course use them like any other plug. Put one in and enjoy sex, masturbation, or anything else you have in mind. But the real magic starts when you use your hook to explore bondage.

Bondage is the act of using ropes and restraints to restrict a person’s movement during sex. It’s often referred to as a fetish, and falls under the BDSM umbrella of sexual practises.

If you’ve never really explored bondage or any of the other darker sexual practises, then your first question is probably: why? There are a few different reasons, but one of the biggest is that bondage can heighten the sexual pleasure you feel. Being unable to control your body, and being completely at the mercy of your partner makes you concentrate much more closely on the feelings you experience, and the stimulation you receive.

Bondage also requires a lot of trust. You need to feel comfortable and safe with your partner, and trust that they won’t take advantage of you or do things you’re uncomfortable with while you’re tied up. Many couples incorporate a safe word into their play as a clear sign of when to stop. But even so, bondage is a very intimate and personal practice and can greatly improve your relationship.

While you don’t need an anal hook to try out bondage, using one can make things even more enjoyable. By tying your ropes through the anal hook, the restriction will be even stronger. Try to move too far in a certain direction, and the hook will press against the inside of your body and stop you in your tracks. This kind of bondage is often called predicament bondage.

You can also tie the ropes in such a way that the hook provides intense pressure and stimulation to the inside of your butt. With this kind of bondage, the extra stimulation makes any other sexual activity that much more intense and enjoyable.

As with any of the more extreme sexual practises, we recommend caution when performing bondage, and only tie someone up if you know what you’re doing. When you’re ready though, look no further than Loveplugs range of quality stainless-steel anal hooks to enhance your restriction.