About Us

What is LovePlugs?

Loveplugs is the number one place for you to find any butt plug your heart desires. Whether it’s a simple, standard butt plug that everyone would know and recognise, or something completely different with a tail, curves, or even vibration, you’re sure to be able to find something that fits perfectly with your own sexual fantasies.

What LovePlugs Do...

Loveplugs primary goal it to find the best butt plugs, and bring them to you at the best prices possible!

Alongside this, we are passionate about bringing each and every customer all the information they need to not only use their butt plugs, but use them safely and pleasurably.

The Origins of LovePlugs

The LovePlugs story begins with Denise and Rory, who between them have over forty years of experience in the sex toy industry. The two met when they were staff in two competing sex toy stores.

Over several years, the pair became good friends, and both shared the same values when trying to both sell customers quality products, and educate them as well as possible. Unfortunately both stores eventually closed, and the two went down different paths, but still stayed in touch.

While they had done a great job educating their local areas on the do’s and don’ts of sex toys, the real spark was the internet. As more and more people became connected, the two saw an opportunity. They could bring their quality products, and the best information to people all over the world! It was with this realisation, that LovePlugs was born.