About Us

Hey there! We’re Loveplugs, and guess what? We love butt plugs!

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise really. We’re a ragtag group of guys and girls who have been enjoying using butt plugs for over ten years now. There’s such a wide range of plugs available and we love exploring all of the new options available to buy.

Who exactly are we?

The Loveplugs core team is made up of three guys and two girls. We all come from the USA and met in our local sex shop nearly a decade ago. After the first few times we saw each other at the store, we began to chat, and eventually realized that we were all enjoying the same products: butt plugs. Over the years we kept in touch, discussing any new trends or particular butt plugs we enjoyed using. Then one weekend, we had an idea. We could pass this knowledge onto anyone in the world. That was the weekend we decided to sell butt plugs.

Since then we’ve spent a long time building up our contacts with suppliers, and other people in the know, so that we can try to bring you the most up to date information, and a large selection of high quality butt plugs.

Meet the team

Denise is the brains behind the whole operation. She set up the entire operation and oversees all aspects of the website. Her day to day involves keeping up with any new trends or new types of butt plugs that appear, and figuring out how to bring them right to you.

Rory is the guy you might have talked to if you’ve ever contacted us. He handles all of our customer service and ordering, and tries to get our products to you as fast as possible, while helping with any queries you might have.

Jeremy deals directly with our stock, and suppliers, making sure that any new products we want you to enjoy can be found and supplied consistently to you at a reasonable price.

Jemma and Dave are our content writers. They spend their days scouring the internet and libraries looking for relevant information that will help you learn more about butt plugs. They also handle a lot of the aspects of our site design, and try to fix things as soon as possible if they go wrong.

All of us here at Loveplugs aim to bring you the best shopping experience possible, and armed with all the relevant knowledge, we hope you can love our plugs as much as we do.