Raccoon Tail Butt Plugs

Petplay is an art in itself. Before indulging into it, thorough research and full preparation should be done. This is to make sure that everything has been well thought of and you can also be able to address problems immediately should they arise. But fear not, as petplay is not as intimidating as it sounds. It just means more effort to put into and more work to be done before you get into it. Notice that we didn't say "hard work", just "more work" because petplay shouldn't be hard. It should be fun, exciting, and creative since you're going to deal with roleplay and costumes here.

Would you dare to be different and choose an animal that is not even widely considered as a domestic pet? We included this particular animal in our animal tail butt plugs and also made a separate special collection for it because of how unique it is. Although not as cunning as the fox and not as wild as the horse, raccoons are incredibly extraordinary in their own way. Those who want to petplay as a raccoon should be playful with pranks, catastrophic with some misbehavior at the same time. Raccoons are full of mischief, which is one of the reasons why it makes it so hard for them to be kept as pets. If you or your partner would like a challenge, transforming into a raccoon can be one of them.

Don't get discouraged with the quantity that we have available. These raccoon tail butt plugs are some of the best out there. Even with their number, they are some of the few butt plugs which can be made by any material. Choose from medical grade silicone, glass, and stainless steel. All are high quality and guaranteed to make sure that your nights (and days) safe, worry-free, and enjoyable. The tails are made from faux fur which is also high quality. They look and feel like the real thing that you won't even notice the difference! Pick your choice from the different styles, patterns, and fluffiness of the tails. Tail lengths can vary, too; our shortest is at eight inches and the longest one that we have as of the moment is sixteen inches.

We won't stop there. Our raccoon tail butt plugs are also available in different plug shapes. We have the classic teardrop shaped plug, the tapered plug, and an anal beads plug, making it perfect for all levels of anal enthusiasts. The plugs can be purchased individually and we have a product that can be bought both individually and as a set if you would like to get all its available colors.

Raccoon tail butt plugs are not very common as expected. With this collection, we are hoping to shed some light on those who are too anxious and suspicious to try. Despite the few numbers of them in here, we made sure that they will be some of the best that you've ever had. Give them a try and you might not want to go back to the basics.

Raccoon Tail Butt Plugs - Quality, Comfort & Satisfaction! Striped and fluffy raccoon tails at prices you'll adore!

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