Horse and Pony Tail Butt Plugs

Petplay is for the serious BDSM enthusiasts. It involves the classic dom and sub, where the dominator is the master or the owner and the submissive is the loyal companion or the pet. Planning is key to make sure that no problems arise while you're having fun and your animal transformation is going to be a success. There are lots of animals in the petplay world that you can use to roleplay and transform into. The most commonly used pets being dogs and cats. But there are also non-domestic pets that are qualified to use as animal roles due to their unique personalities and that they can also be tamed but might require more work and effort.

Horses fall in between. There are naturally born wild horses that cannot be tamed because of their usual instinct to run wild and free, they're not stubborn like others might think rather they don't answer to anyone. Tamed horses are more obedient and well-behaved. Horses having different personalities make them very flexible and can be used as a role in petplay for all. As with any petplay commitment, you need to gather some supplies that are fit for your horse to use: a saddle, blinkers, and combs and brushes (because taking care of their mane and tail is a top priority), and your very own tail using our horse tail butt plugs.

Our horse tail butt plugs are for those who are either tamed and well-behaved or wild and bold. The plugs are made from high-quality medical grade black silicone with a tapered shape. The material is phthalate-free, BPA-free, latex-free, and rubber-free to ensure that your health and safety are never compromised when you want to prance, hop around, and frolic in your bedroom. Using silicone as our main material for our plugs also mean that the toy would be easier to clean and the shape ensures that it will be easy to insert and will stay inside you without slipping and falling off.

Now, let's talk about the tails. All of them are made from the finest horsehair that is--of course, you guessed it--high-quality so you can really feel and act like a real horse. There are a few lengths available for you to choose from but their difference in the span is not that far off. So if you decide to go for a regular 16-inch tail or a longer 20-inch butt ornament, then you can have that. Whichever you choose, they are still long enough to whip and dance around with any movement. Choose from blonde, black, or grey. They're so soft and delicate that you'll feel like you've transformed into a real animal yourself. Just complete the look with a few more items and you're ready to be shown off!

No minute or second of your life is wasted when you're on a saddle. In this case, no minute or second of your life is wasted when you play with our horse tail butt plugs! You'll feel like a real creature of the wind once you take your hands on these elegant and graceful tails. Perfect for a horse show or a bedroom performance!

Some people like to add a little bit of elegance to every part of their lives. Whether it’s their clothing, their houses, or even their holidays, everything can be made more enjoyable with a touch of elegance. Roleplay is no different! And the best way to accomplish this during roleplay is by playing the part of a horse.

As animals in the wild horses are both elegant and powerful, which are both properties which you can bring into the bedroom in large amounts. The best way to roleplay as a horse is with one of our expertly curated horse tail butt plugs.

These come with varying length of tail so you can always find something to fit your animal age as well as something perfect for your height. We don’t want you to trip on your fancy new tail now do we?

Horsing Around: A Quick Look at Pony play

Undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of petplay, pony play lets people indulge in the many aspects of equine life. Pony play can actually be one of the most interesting variants of petplay. This is due to the delicacy of the animals, needing extra care, and the show nature of horses, frequently engaging in dressage displays and competitions.

Traits of pony play

Equine animals are a different beast when it comes to roleplay. Obviously, horses are too large to be kept in a house, so are usually stabled. Their riders don’t see them every day, sometimes having stable staff to look after them and feed them. Grooming is also an important aspect of a horse’s life, with long sessions to keep their mane and tail intact. Horses also need a large amount of exercise, be it running around fields or training for races.

It’s up to the individual pairing to what extent they want to take this. Some might like to have a smaller version of a stable in their house, allowing the pony player to continue to roleplay all the aspects of a horse’s life but remaining in a comfortable and safe environment. Others will take it much further, fully immersing themselves in the life of a horse and spending extended time in an actual stable.

It’s important to know how far you plan to take the roleplay before you begin. If you do choose to dive into the deep end, you need to still be aware that you are a human, so spending long periods of time outdoors in stables, possibly naked, can be quite dangerous. No matter how much you enjoy a type of roleplay, it isn’t worth risking your health.

Pony play accessories

Pony players can choose from a huge range of accessories for their roleplay. You can mix and match, getting your perfect set of gear to suit your expectations of the roleplay. Examples include:

  • Saddles and Tack: Riding gear is a common choice for pony players. While the human back isn’t strong enough to carry another human, players will simulate riding while the rider holds their weight on their own legs. To accompany this, pony players are often fitted with riding saddles, harnesses, and other fittings. These are usually adapted to fit a human properly.
  • Blinkers: Blinkers help keep a horse’s vision focused in front of them by blocking out peripheral vision. Some players like to wear them to make the experience more realistic. They also provide some sensory deprivation, which can make other feelings more enjoyable.
  • Combs and Brushes: Haircare is an important part of owning a horse, and many pony players will enjoy having their “manes” brushed and cared for.
  • Tail Butt Plugs: For an authentic looking animal tail, butt plugs provide a great option.
  • Saddlebags: Saddlebags can be adapted to fit a human, and the owner can use them to transport things while taking their horse out.

There are many, many more examples out there. If it’s a piece of an equipment that a horse can use, then someone has probably adapted it for pony play. Don’t be afraid to ask around if there’s a certain piece of equipment you’d like to use!

Pony play events

Pony play events share some similarities to other petplay events. They are still a great place to meet fellow pony players, and share ideas on the practise. Often though, pony play events will double up as shows. In these shows, the horses will be paraded around, often taking part in dressage shows. There may even be awards, just like in real horse shows.

Pony play enthusiasts can be found the world over, and for good reason. Roleplaying as an equine animal can be equal parts graceful and interesting. So, if you’ve ever been fascinated by horses, how about trying to live as one?

Horse Tail Butt Plugs - Quality, Comfort & Satisfaction! Soft and realistic looking tails for your pony play pleasure!

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