Small Beginner Butt Plugs

Start your journey the right way with Loveplugs range of small beginner butt plugs. These fantastic toys are ideal for someone who’s just starting to explore the world of anal pleasure. Choose the one that catches your eye, or pick one of our enticing sets to give you plenty of options to experiment with.

We know that trying anal can be intimidating at first. There are all kinds of reasons that men and women might avoid it, but they’re missing out. Your butt is absolutely filled with sensitive nerve endings which when stimulated, offer vast amounts of pleasure.

When you do strike up the courage to start exploring though, it’s often difficult to know where to start. Going all in with a dildo or even a penis straight away might be less enjoyable than you’d hoped. Taking your time and gradually stretching out your butt makes things much easier and more pleasurable.

That’s where our small plugs come in. These are some of the simplest plugs in our range, and serve one very basic purpose: to start you off on your anal journey.

Many of these plugs adopt the simple teardrop design. They start thin, then gradually expand the further in you put them. These are some of the easiest designs to use, as they naturally fit the shape of your body, so we recommend them for beginners.

There are a few other designs to choose from if you’re not a complete novice, and using these may help if you’re looking to try a certain kind of anal activity. For example, if you’re planning on having anal sex with your partner then a longer, thinner butt plug can help you warm up as it’s a similar shape.

Just because these are beginner plugs, it doesn’t mean they need to be boring! There are plenty of fun and tempting toys up for grabs. Tails and jewels, different colors, and even hollow plugs or ones with vibrators.

Start your anal journey with a toy you’ll cherish. Choose from Loveplugs high quality selection of beginner butt plugs. You won’t regret it...