Restore Your Sexual Energy With the Perfect Plug!

Our lives are all influenced by many factors, and how we feel and act can vary greatly depending on our feelings and spiritual health. To maintain this balance, people the world over have turned to the stars for guidance for thousands of years. We are of course talking of the Zodiac!

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Get in the Easter Spirit With Loveplugs!

Easter is one of our favourite times of year here at Loveplugs, with plenty of fun and games around our office to get everyone in the spirit. This year though, we thought we’d share our celebrations with our fantastic community! (That would be you!)

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Staying Safe With Anal Douches

Anal douching is becoming much more commonplace in recent years. Not only gay men, but heterosexual and even lesbian couples have begun to indulge in the practise, some cleaning their rectum daily to prevent the build-up of faeces and bacteria. While the practise is perfectly safe for the most part, there are some dangers to regular or excessive douching that you should be aware of if you plan to take up the practise.

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Guide to Using Enemas Safely

How to safely use an enema

When planning to put anything inside your anus, one of the most common worries is that of hygiene. While a lot of people like to just use the bathroom a little while in advance of their anal activities, and make sure they have a bit of a wash down there, some like to take it even further.

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Anal Orgasm: Yes, It Really Does Exist

Orgasms are usually what people’s main goal is when they’re having sex, but men and women orgasm differently, and it’s good to know a little bit about them because this can actually improve your orgasms in the long run.

Although many people are unaware of this, both men and women can experience an orgasm from anal sex, and it is a lot easier than you think. Whether you consider orgasms to be a physical or psychological release, the information below can teach you a lot.

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