Tail Plugs

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Are you ready to try something that will take you to the jungle and make you run wild?

Tail butt plugs are our speciality. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and materials, but we let the tails take center stage. Where most plugs are hidden away while worn, tail plugs let you wear it loud and proud. Strut your stuff as you sway not just your hips, but your new fluffy tail!

While your focus may fall to the tails, it's important to choose the perfect plug. Available in smooth, soft silicone, or hard, cold steel, we offer a range of shapes and designs to ensure a comfortable fit and to maximize your pleasure. Choose a smaller plug if you're new to anal play, or ramp things up with a larger plug - all of our tails offer a variety of plug shapes and sizes.

With animal tails for every beast in the pet play department, most choose our flirtatious fox, cute kitty or beastly wolf tail plugs. But if you prefer playing as a bunny, puppy, pony or even a raccoon, we can provide the right tail to dangle between your legs.

Most of our faux-fur tail butt plugs are made from high quality acrylic, though some are formed from nylon or polyester which offer a thick, durable and fluffy feel while ensuring none of our fluffy friends are hurt.

Once you've chosen the perfect woodland critter you'd like to roleplay prowling, howling, prancing or frolicking as, find the right length and color and add another level of pleasure to your sessions.

Animal tail plugs are heaven-sent when it comes to pet play or if you consider yourself a furry. Nothing says wild and ready to be dominated better than an animal tail. Your dreams of having a master and being their pet can be reality with a tail plug. Complete the ensemble by finishing off the look with a collar and a pair of animal ears. Get ready to pounce and purr!