Butt Plugs

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Your butt is one of the most densely packed regions of nerve endings in your entire body! Why let all that potential pleasure go to waste? Start exploring the full potential of your booty now with Loveplugs full range of butt plugs.

Never tried anal play? You don’t know what you're missing! As you insert your butt plug, all the sensitive nerve endings are stimulated intensely, and thanks to the tapered shape of butt plugs, they will stay inside & continue to provide pleasurable pressure on your G spot or prostate. Once you’re wearing your toy, you’ll feel the unique fullness only anal can provide. This not only feel great for your butt, but can give you enhanced pleasure from penetrative sex, stronger erections, and much more powerful orgasms.

The full range offers a variety of choices for you to find your ideal toy. Choose from different materials for different feels, sizes and shapes to stimulate different parts of your butt, and different styles and colors for the perfect look. Use ample lube when trying anal and remember to stay relaxed and enjoy!