What does a butt plug feel like?

Many prospective first-time butt plug users (this applies to all of our tail plugs & fox tail plugs too!) wonder whether the experience is uncomfortable or painful, and as a result may be hesitant to try them. If you use your plug properly, it should not be painful nor uncomfortable – precisely the opposite!

There are three distinct phases you go through when using a butt plug: insertion, fullness, and extraction.

To accurately describe the feeling of a butt plug in detail, in this short guide we will go through each of these phases one at a time.

The insertion

The insertion phase is just as the name implies, the initial stage in which you insert the plug up your rectum. The first sensation you feel should be the coldness of the lubricant you apply to your anus, as well as your plug.

Then as you slowly push the plug inside, the tip of the plug will pass through several regions of your rectum, each with a different feel. First, it will pass through the outermost layer of your anus, which is very sensitive and contains many nerve cells.

This may feel a bit like tickling and not unlike what you would experience when having a bowel movement.

A little later...

As you push deeper and the tip of the plug progresses further up your rectum, it will encounter a second narrowing surrounded by strong muscles. This is called the sphincter, and this is the area that can cause the most pain or discomfort if the plug is inserted too fast.

You should take your time at this stage, and you should feel your sphincter slowly stretch out to allow the tip to pass. Meanwhile, the outermost part of your rectum will have encountered the wider part of the plug and will start to stretch out too.

If it gets painful and you feel as though it might tear or bleed, stop immediately.

We made it!

Once the plug is all the way in, you will feel a sense of fullness, and if you focus, you will be able to feel the plug touching the entire surface of the walls of your rectum.

People with prostates may feel the plug pushing on the prostate in a very pleasurable way.

You can try to increase this sensation by moving in a way that puts even more pressure on the prostate!

Many people who have put a plug in start to panic and clench up the muscles of the sphincter, but this is precisely the opposite of what you should do to relieve discomfort. You should keep your sphincter relaxed, and try not to clench it whenever you move.

Pulling out

Finally, when you want to pull the plug out, you will go through two stages. First, you must get the widest part of the plug out, which may feel impossible because the sphincter is clenched around the narrow part beneath it.

When you pull on the stem, try to release the sphincter muscles at the same time to get the widest part out. Then, the rest of the plug will be easier to get out, and this will feel a lot like having a bowel movement.

You may get the feeling that the plug is just about to come out fully, but this can be deceptive, as the plug can be longer than it feels. Just keep at it and within seconds the plug will be all the way out.

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