What is an Anal Douche

Many guides to anal play and anal sexual activity mention that a short session of anal douching before you start is advised. While not everyone does this, it can help allay any fears of encountering bits of faeces while you enjoy yourself. Douches aren’t for everyone, but in case you were wondering about whether they’d be useful for you we have prepared a short guide for you.

What is an anal douche?

An anal douche is a simple device, usually consisting of a bulb or balloon type part which holds liquid, and a nozzle which takes the form of a short hollow tube and is how the water is passed out of the device. They can come in a wide variety of colours and styles, but the basic function is always the same. They serve as a simple way to clean out the rectum.

 The rectum is an important point, as it differentiates anal douches from enemas. While a douche will only clean out the rectum and anus, an enema will travel much further into your body, cleansing the entire colon. In most cases for anal sex, a douche will be more than sufficient as you will only be making use of the rectum in most cases.

Using an anal douche serves a rather simple purpose. By injecting liquid into the rectum through the nozzle, you can irrigate the rectum, flushing out any leftover faeces or bacteria. This means that when you get down to it in the bedroom, there’s little to no chance of having any nasty surprises.

When should you douche?

Anal douching isn’t something that needs to be done all the time. Doing it too frequently can dry out the walls of your rectum, and damage the sensitive muscles that surround it. While you might always be having clean and hygienic sexual intercourse by douching every single time, the dryness makes it much more likely that your insides can be cut or torn by anal penetration.

For a regularly sexually active person, douching once or twice a month would be plenty. This gives your insides time to rehydrate, and any good bacteria that is washed out during the process would have time to repopulate. When you choose to do it though is entirely up to you, so you can save it for the special occasions when you plan for anal sex, or just do it at a certain time of the month.

Whichever method you choose to go for, and how often you do it, you should always be listening to your own body. While reading guides and stories from others is great for preparation, the first true sign that something isn’t doing you good will be given by your own body. If you feel any discomfort or pain during the process, be sure to stop immediately, let the pain subside, then continue later or on another day.

How to anal douche

If you’ve decided douching is for you, then great! The first thing you’re probably wondering is how to actually do it. This is quite a simple process, and involves filling the bulb part of your douche with whatever liquid you choose to use (and it doesn’t just have to be water). The nozzle is then inserted just inside the anus, and the liquid gently squeezed inside.

You need to make sure the liquid you use isn’t too hot or too cold, as you don’t want to burn your rectum, and if it’s too cold then you can become a lot tenser. Around body temperature is perfect. Hold the liquids for as long as is comfortable, then expel them, along with any waste, into your toilet.

If you have any difficulty inserting the nozzle, feel free to use some lubricant to make it a little easier to insert. Relaxing is key to the entire process too. When tense, it isn’t just the sphincter that closes up. The internal muscles of the rectum will also tense and spasm too (called peristalsis), pushing things towards the exit and making it more difficult to actually get the liquid up there as well as hard to get the nozzle in.

Benefits to douching

Aside from the obvious reduction to the risk you encounter faeces during your anal sex adventures, douches do actually have a few other benefits. Not having to worry about any accidents can make both partners feel much more comfortable exploring anal activities. Being more comfortable can make the process much more enjoyable, as each partner will be able to relax and fully focus on the feelings and sensations of the experience.

A good anal douche can just generally be good for you too! Even outside the bedroom, having a douching session can make you feel light, clean, and just generally happier. So even if you aren’t planning on anal intercourse, it might be worth just trying out douching to see what you think!