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Does Using a Butt Plug Make You Gay?

It comes for all of us guys at some point in our lives. A simple fleeting thought.

What if I play with my butt? Will it feel good? It must, right?

What should be passing thought that you don’t give too much time to can turn into a existential crisis for some men though.

I can’t put things in my butt! That’s what gay guys do! I’m straight so I have to avoid things like that!

Now let’s get this out of the way right at the beginning.

Doing anything related to sex and your butt as a straight man DOES NOT make you gay.

In fact, most stores find that men are more interested in butt plugs than women, and here at Loveplugs things are no different!

Now I know that hasn’t convinced all of you, so let’s phrase it in a different way.

You aren’t a vegetarian. Tonight you decide to have a salad. Does this make you a vegetarian?

All of you, understandably, should have answered no, eating salad doesn’t make you a vegetarian. So why the massive difficulty in accepting straight men doing butt stuff?

Well, here’s the interesting thing. The vast majority of people I can find online are pretty clearly aligned with me, meaning anyone can do whatever they want with their butts.

So I’m telling you that doing butt stuff doesn’t make you gay, the internet is telling you that doing butt stuff doesn’t make you gay, yet there’s still this deeply embedded notion that this isn’t quite normal. What gives?

Answering this simple question has taken me on an interesting journey down avenues that you might not expect.

This notion of what a straight man should and shouldn’t be doing sexually turns out to be embedded much deeper into our psychology.

Now don’t worry too much. We’re not about to take a massive leap deep into the minds of some super edgy psychologists. It all boils down to gender roles.

What Are Gender Roles?

A gender role is quite simply a role assigned to you by your culture or society based on whether you are male or female.

Now there’s a lot of discussion to be had about gender, sex and gender identities, but for now all we need to bear in mind is that a straight man will most often be fulfilling the gender role of a masculine man.

What is the role of a masculine man?

Well many scientific studies have covered the cultural perception of a masculine role and it varies from country to country.

For example, in America wearing a dress is generally viewed as quite a feminine act, but in Scotland, a man wearing a kilt is doing something quintessentially masculine.

There are a few terms we can associate with masculinity though which are prevalent throughout nearly all western societies.

Strong, unemotional, independent, aggressive. There are many more but you get the idea.

When it comes to sex, there’s one particular term that becomes incredibly relevant: Dominant.

The traditional western role of a masculine partner in the relationship is to be the dominant partner.

This can include being the breadwinner, decision maker, disciplinarian. During sex it tends to mean the one in control.

And what does being in control go hand in hand with?


It’s fairly obvious that the partner doing the penetration has much more control of the situation than the one being penetrated. How fast, how deep, etc.

Given that in a traditional relationship the man will be the one penetrating the woman (as this is how we reproduce), it’s almost embedded into our brains that men should not be penetrated.

No matter how many people say otherwise, or how enlightened you are about LGBT preferences, different sexual practises, or anything else, there’s still this little voice in the back of your mind saying this is wrong.

As I mentioned, this is a highly cultural thing. Many cultures are gradually shifting towards being more accepting, as witnessed by the myriad of equal rights groups around the world advocating for people of all kinds of gender roles and sexual preferences.

But it’s pretty obvious that we’re not quite there yet.

Let me ask you all a question. If you were a man who was regularly using butt plugs, who would you tell about it?

Chances are the answer was either nobody, or very few people.

Perhaps this explains why online, people seem perfectly accepting of straight men having anal fun, but out in the real world it tends to be a different story.

We’re all just too scared to admit what we enjoy!

Being Gay Is More Than Just Butt Stuff…

“Our sexual preferences are a completely separate thing to our sexual orientation”

Now let’s shift the discussion a bit. Let’s assume that the second a straight guy puts something in his butt he instantly becomes gay.

Well it turns out (unsurprisingly), being gay isn’t just about anal sex!

They do a bunch of other stuff in the bedroom. Some gay men like receiving blowjobs, handjobs, even massages.

Now those of you quick to defend will be thinking “yeah, but that’s getting a blowjob from a guy”.

Well next time your wife or girlfriend is giving you a blowjob, close your eyes. Now without prior knowledge, how could you possibly know that it’s a man or a woman who’s currently sucking your cock?

You can’t! So does getting a blowjob make you gay? Of course not!

You can surely see by now where this argument is starting to fall apart.

Another key point to make is that not all gay men like anal sex. Our sexual preferences are a completely separate thing to our sexual orientation.

Returning to our earlier vegetarian argument, I can choose to eat vegetables because I like the taste of them. This is completely different to being a vegetarian.

I use a butt plug because I like it, that’s simply it!

What’s So Good About Anal?

So if gay guys don’t even all like anal sex, why on earth do people even bother putting things in their butts in the first place?

Well, it feels good! That’s genuinely all there is to it. It’s not something every single person will enjoy, but the majority of people will actually find anal play quite pleasurable.

Why is this? Well our butts are literally jam packed with sensitive nerve endings that feel great to stimulate.

Not only that but nearly any time you start stimulating your butt, you indirectly stimulate your genitals and other sensitive areas too.

As we’re mainly talking about guys in this piece, things wouldn’t be complete without an honorary nod towards the prostate gland.

This is a small gland found between your bladder and penis, and it feels amazing to stimulate.

Here’s the kicker, this gland is only found in men. With the right technique and patience, a guy can have an orgasm without even touching his penis. Incredible right!

So if you’ve been browsing butt plugs online and have been worried that using one is going to turn you into a horny homosexual, then fear not!

All that’ll happen is you’ll open your sexual doors further than before, and might experience some of the most mind-blowing orgasms you’ve ever felt!