Single Ball Stainless steel Hook plug

Single Ball Stainless steel Hook plug

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Trust is one of the many foundations of love. It's built right from the beginning and is a constant work in progress. Lovemaking in between sheets can solidify trust among couples. No wonder why there is a rise in the number of people who enjoy BDSM. Some say they benefit a lot from it, and fostering trust is one of them. Accompanied by a wide variety of rules, there is one thing that excites many—anal sex. Incorporating anal sex into BDSM really ups the game and this Single Ball Stainless Steel Hook Plug does its job very well.

Its stainless-steel look makes it very appealing to the eye and combines with the excitement that anal sex provides. The ball that goes in the sweet bum is 3 cm, and the total length of the hook measures 25 cm. Let its look speak to you and let it dictate your mind to be creative. Turn that picture in your head into a reality.

Do you need more inspiration? This Single Ball Stainless Steel Hook Plug compliments your interests for surprises. You can easily submerge this sweet ball of pleasure into warm or cold water and then remind your lover to trust you for what's coming. Don't forget the lube for easy penetration and let it glide until it pops in. Nothing can stop you now, do as you must and let both of you discover a new dimension of love and intimacy.

Cleaning is as easy as soaking it in warm water, some anti-bacterial soap, and air drying it will do the trick. Keep it in nice and clean storage for it will wait for the next trust-building adventure.

This Single Ball Stainless Steel Hook is indeed one of the best options for your BDSM and anal gameplay. It's the best gift you and your partner can ever have.

Color Silver
Type Anal Hook
Material Stainless-Steel

Handle: 25 cm (9.8 in.)


Plug: 3 cm (1.18 in.)

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