Opal Butt Plug
Opal Butt Plug
Opal Butt Plug
Opal Butt Plug
Opal Butt Plug
Opal Butt Plug
Opal Butt Plug
Opal Butt Plug
Opal Butt Plug
Opal Butt Plug

Opal Butt Plug

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Bedazzle your way to orgasm with this dazzling jeweled plug. This adorable plug looks irresistible and tempting. Aesthetically pleasing, it's a stainless steel plug that men and women must have in their arsenal of sex toys. Prepare your butt for steamy anal sex, and try our Dazzling Jewel Stainless steel plug for the best night of your life.

This stainless steel plug features a tapered design for easier insertion. The middle part is wider than the rest of the plug to give you a feeling of intense fullness. Also, it has a slender neck and a flared base for added security. A plug without a wide base often gets lost deep inside, so it is always better to choose plugs with a flared base like ours.

The plug is a great choice to prepare your sphincter muscles for bigger things to come. Wearing a plug before anal intercourse will decrease pain and discomfort. It will loosen things up so you can enjoy anal sex better. Raunchy and steamy foreplay is always good to get the motor running. The anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina, so you'd always need a bit of a boost from a lube.

Any type of lube can be applied to this stainless steel plug. What you should never forget is to apply a lavish amount on the device and in your anus before inserting the plug inside. You can also try to stretch the anus as much as you can using your fingers. This should be done with the utmost care, too.

Stainless steel is shiny and smooth, but don't expect it to be pliable. It is also non-porous which is why it is easy to clean. Run warm water over the device and use anti-bacterial soap. If you are a bit meticulous with your hygiene, soak the device in boiling water to fully disinfect the device.

This jeweled steel plug is lightweight and portable. You can bring it anywhere you want. Go ahead and add this to your shopping cart now!


Jewel: Multi-color

Plug: Silver

Type plug
Material Stainless Steel

Small- 7.3 cm (2.87 in.)

Medium- 8.5 cm (3.35 in.)

Large- 10.2 cm (4.02 in.)


Small- 2.8 cm (1.10 in.)

Medium- 3.5 cm (1.38 in.)

Large- 4.3 cm (1.69 in.)

Ships Single plug

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