Ebony Diamond Princess Plug 3-Piece Set

Ebony Diamond Princess Plug 3-Piece Set

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Don't they look gorgeous? Our Ebony Diamond Princess Plug 3-Piece Set boasts our prettiest design. If you're a sissy or a sub, this should definitely be on your wish list! Your partner wouldn't be able to resist when he sees these up in your butt.

No, it's not a dream. Although if it were, this is a dream that came true. Anal sex toys have been on the hype lately, so it's only fair that we bring you new flavors on the table. This set features two of your favorite features all in three sex toys.

Each butt plug is a classic teardrop shape that we all know too well. They're made from high-quality metal that's flawless and free from any nicks or imperfections that could cause irritation and even cuts. Aside from that, they are also non-toxic and non-porous, which makes them waterproof, and you can even use them in the shower!

The beautiful jewels delicately placed on the base handle are made from acrylic crystal. Like the metal, it's also as high quality and resembles the authentic gemstones themselves. Different sizes and colors are strategically arranged to form a flower. Didn't know sex toys could look classy, too, did you?

As a set should be, it includes three different sizes of identical butt plugs: small (1.06 in.), medium (1.34 in.), and large (1.57 in.). No more purchasing additional ones when you're ready to move on to the next level. With this batch on hand, the journey to anal pleasure is just inches away!

Want to introduce a little temperature play? Just submerge the plug into hot or cold water. Both the temperature and the weight from the solid metal will turn you on even more. For some, it's the key to a fulfilling orgasm!

Let your sexual side come alive with our Ebony Diamond Princess Plug 3-Piece Set.
Color Jewel: Black, White
Plug: Silver
Type Butt Plug
Material Jewel: Acrylic Crystals
Plug: Metal


Small - 2.78 in.
Medium - 3.19 in.
Large - 3.66 in.


Small - 1.06 in.
Medium - 1.34 in.
Large - 1.57 in.


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