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3 Different Shape Options Silicone Muscle Trainer plug

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The unique features of this product make it a perfect addition to any anal arsenal! Though it may look like a regular plug, this silicone butt plug features a special system which adds to the stimulation of the anal walls. It works by having a bouncy metal ball hit the inside of the plug in order to generate more force for stimulation when moved. The other features are standard high-quality fare: a high quality matte silicone plug with a matte finish, in two different shapes that cater to different tastes.


Color/Type Black
Butt plug material Silicone
Butt plug dimensions

(Shape 1) - D 32mm * 84mm (1.26in * 3.31in)

(Shape 2) - D 26mm * 104mm (1.02in * 4.1in)

(Shape 3) - D 33mm * 125mm (1.3in * 4.92in)

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