Loveplugs: Trees for the Future

Deforestation is a huge problem for all of us. Not only does it devastate the environment, contributing to climate change, but it also can completely destroy the local area. Once fertile land which provided crops and shade turns arid, dry and unusable without trees to support it.

“We lose trees at a rate of 50 soccer fields per minute as our food systems destroy our ecosystems.”

Recovering from this kind of destruction is not easy, and many in impoverished areas lack the resources and skills to rebuild their land and help it to recover. That’s where trees for the future comes in.

Trees for the future have been helping the planet for the last 30 years by planting trees all over the world. So far, they've planted over 115 million trees in a variety of countries, and show no sign of slowing down!

These trees aren't just being planted to help the environment or deal with climate change though. Trees for the future has designed a much more wholistic approach to their work called the Forest Garden. Each garden provides real people with new, sustainable livelihoods which help lift them out of poverty, give them food security, and a regular income to continue rebuilding their lives.

“Only 13% of our project participants were food secure when they joined the program, and after just 12 months of planting Forest Gardens, 86% of our farmers are food secure.”

When we first discovered trees for the future, we ran the maths and discovered just how many trees we could be planting. Even just a few trees can make a difference, so when we realised how much of a difference we could make we were shocked!

“Loveplugs has now pledged to plant ten trees for every single order placed in our store.”

We’d love it if you can help us with our mission, and all you have to do is make a purchase! We’ll take care of the rest. You can sit back and enjoy your butt plugs, knowing that somewhere in the world, your pleasure is being shared with someone who really needs the help!

Forest Gardens are Trees for the future’s unique approach to rebuilding the land across sub-saharan Africa. Once farmers are selected for the project, TFTF works with them over the course of four years to gradually build their garden. Along the way, the farmers learn how to plant, care for, and maximise their garden, which rejuvenates the soil, provides for their animals and families, and gives them products to sell at market.

The Forest Garden approach has been meticulously planned and refined over the last thirty years, with experts from many different fields contributing to create the perfect environment. It’s not just about planting trees though. The farmers chosen for the project do all the planting and building in return for all the training, equipment, and most importantly seeds that they need.

Each forest garden starts with a simple “green wall” of trees planted around the border of the land. Once this has been established, it starts to revitalise the soil, and other trees are planted within the border. By the end of the project, a variety of different species of trees are mixed with conventional crops and animals, all protected by the green wall.