A Gaping Asshole: How and Why?

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Anal gaping is a term you probably won’t hear much outside of porn websites. It’s probably the most extreme form of anal stretching possible, and takes hours for your anus to recover from. While you have a gaped anus, you can even see some of the internal rectal muscles.

What Exactly Is a Gape?

A gape is essentially an opening in the anus. This is usually caused by an extended period of anal sex, giving the muscles enough time to get used to being open, and remain open when the penis or sex toy is removed. It isn’t necessarily done in a violent or nasty way, although it might look like that in some porn movies. Gaping is simply another aspect of sex that some enjoy, and others will find quite strange.

Why Do People Gape?

Most of you who aren’t familiar with gaping will be wondering why. Why would you want to do that to yourself? The answers are quite varied, and like most things in sex, it comes down to personal taste.

For some, the act of gaping is simply the furthest point they can possibly push an aspect of sex they enjoy. It lets them easily insert some of the biggest toys, or feel the highest possible level of stretching or fullness that is possible.

Others, particularly men, enjoy gaping as a kind of power play. Engaging in a long period of anal sex and being able to see the result can be quite empowering. In a time when a lot of men have insecurities about the size of their penis, it can be quite refreshing to see exactly how much space in someone’s anus it takes up.

A final, but somewhat less common reason is simply to please another. It could be in a standard relationship and just be something that your partner enjoys, or be something ordered by the dominant partner of a BDSM styled relationship. Either way, when this is the reason to gape, the person receiving tends to enjoy it a little less.

How Do You Do It?

Any session of anal sex where you intend to perform some gaping should begin with an enema. As you’ll be exposing deeper parts of your rectum, you want to be absolutely sure that it’s as clean as it can be. While you can never be completely sure that you won’t encounter any faecal matter, reducing the chances is always a good thing.

The next step is to be relaxed and aroused. You can accomplish this any way you wish, and you might even want to have one or more orgasms along the way. Being relaxed loosens the tension of all the muscles in the area, making it much easier to achieve your goal.

Lubricate everywhere. You’re going to be engaging in some quite extreme anal activity, and without adequate lube it’s probably going to hurt. A lot. Even if you think you’ve used enough lube, it’s better to use more. Keep the bottle in an easy to reach place so you can reapply during your session.

With all the preparation done, it’s a simple matter of doing the deed. Start with smaller objects and gradually work your way to larger ones. It can also help to make circular motions and in and out movements with the penis or object, to help open the sphincters. These motions over time help to fool the sphincters into thinking that the bowel is full, causing them to open up and producing your gape.

Dangers of Gaping

The most obvious risk is of tearing or damage to your anus. This is usually caused by moving onto larger objects a little too quickly, or being a little too rough with your anus. Not only will it be a little painful, but damaging your delicate anal muscles can make it much easier for you to get infections, so if anything like this does happen to you, stop and rest until your anus recovers.

Other dangers are even worse. Due to the delicate and thin nature of the anal muscles, it’s much more likely that STIs and STDs can be transmitted anally than vaginally.

Even worse, the same weaknesses of the anal muscles mean there are some links between anal activity and cancer, most commonly among men. This tends to only be transmitted with people who have HPV though, so as long as you’re practising safe sex, it should be fine.

The final danger is a prolapsed anus. While this is also quite unpleasant, there is no concrete evidence that a prolapsed anus is caused by anal gaping. You are also just as likely to get a prolapsed uterus through childbirth or natural causes, so it’s probably not something you should consciously think about.

So that’s gaping. Probably something you’ve never thought about before, potentially something you don’t want to think about anymore, and maybe something you’ll never actually do. But on the off chance you do decide to do it, now you know a little more.

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