Can I re-use my anal douche

A relatively simple question you might have when starting to anal douche is whether or not you can reuse your kit. Most kits consist of a simple bulb and nozzle design. Being able to reuse them will depend on which kind of douche you buy.

Re-usable douches

Re-usable douches are your standard anal douche. They usually have a detachable nozzle which can be removed between uses in order to properly clean the equipment. The bulbs on these are often also of varying sizes, so you can get one to hold exactly the amount of water you feel comfortable taking into your rectum.

Single use douches

Single use douches are usually much smaller than re-usable douches. They function in a similar way, with a removable nozzle to fill the bulb. As they are designed to be thrown away after use, they will usually be made of lower quality materials.

Which should I choose?

Whether you go for a single use, or re-suable douche will largely depend on your own personal preferences.

  • Price wise, there isn’t a huge difference. Obviously if you go the disposable route the you will need to continue buying them, so over time this will work out more expensive.
  • For hygiene, disposables will be the clear favourite here. Using a fresh one for each session means there will be minimal chance of [cross contamination or infections to your rectum.
  • The materials in re-usable douches will generally be much higher quality than a disposable. Disposables are often made of plastic.
  • Size wise, you can get much more of your chosen liquid into a re-usable douche. This can make them much easier to use as you only need one refill for a full clean.
  • If travelling, single use douches will generally be much smaller and easier to pack.

The short answer is yes, you can reuse your douche. But if this is your intention, you need to ensure you pick up a high-quality douche that is going to last a while. There’s no point avoiding disposables if you end up having to replace your douche every couple of weeks anyway!