Rainbow Colored Cat Ears

Rainbow Colored Cat Ears

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Are you someone who loves to cat around with your partner in bed? If so, you need to look the part by wearing a pair of our Rainbow Colored Cat Ears! This accessory is purr-fect for those extra wild nights with your lover.
Petplay shouldn’t be too intimidating. Once you start to look the part, the rest will follow. Sometimes, your physical appearance is all you need to excite your partner. Besides the lace and lingerie, different accessories help as well.
This cat ears accessory is made from sturdy metal rust-resistant frame with cushions on the ends to provide comfort whilst wearing. The ears are formed with high quality, soft and plush fur. Its rainbow colored because why not?
The overall vibe of this accessory beams with pride as the vibrant hues blend in perfectly with each other. It’s ideal for fun and casual nights without getting too serious. Just make sure to take extra care of it to keep it in shape for the rest of your sexual life.
Wear our Rainbow Colored Cat Ears along with our cat’s tail plug and you’ll be a frisky feline ready for some action!

Product Details:

Type: Love Plug Accessories
Color: Rainbow Colored
Material: Genuine Fur and Metallic Headband
Size: 4 inches tall
Weight: 135g


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