3.7" Large Purple Silicone Butt Plug

3.7" Large Purple Silicone Butt Plug

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When you want to enter the world of buttplugs, you always have to start small. The 3.7" Large Purple Silicone Butt Plug is the perfect buy for all you beginners out there! The Silicone material is very adaptive to your needs and will surely make it easier for you and your partner in insertion and foreplay. It is totally safe to use and very easy to clean. It has the perfect size of 9.45cm by 5.14cm, small enough but will totally fulfill your carnal desires and will give you the sensation of fullness in a very good way! It also features a lovely purple color that will truly give that extra spice to your sex life.

These are excellent ‘warming up’ toys for those couples who are dreaming of anal intercourse but just could not get it right. You may use these plugs in your domination kinky play to wake up those primal desires or you can use it in the traditional foreplay, the choice is really up to you. Place them in your behind and go on your everyday tasks, these plugs are sure to give you that amazing sensation that you have not explored before! After a day inside, these plugs will definitely pave the way for you and your partner to enjoy that backdoor fun you have been dreaming of. You can also use this when you are enjoying masturbation, anal sex or even vaginal intercourse!

These plugs will put the right pressure in the sensitive spots in your ass that will give you multiple fun and will leave you wanting for more! Then when you feel like moving up a notch and livening up your anal fantasies, you can browse for more options in our wide range of butt plugs. What are you waiting for? Wake those spirits up and discover a whole new sensation you never thought you have, starting with this amazing butt plug now!

Color Purple
Type Butt Plug


Length plug: 9.45cm/3.72in
Width plug: 5.14cm/2.02