Enemas & Douches

As you already know, Loveplugs is your one-stop shop for all things anal. From simple butt plugs to tail plugs and even anal beads, we have everything that will keep your rear end satisfied and "ful-filled". But other than that, we have other products that can be used inside your anus for reasons other than pleasure. This collection includes all the accessories that are proven to be useful in the hygiene department. Whether you're getting ready for anal penetration or you want a deep, thorough cleansing, it's a treasure trove of trinkets in here!

Both the anal douche and shower enema serve only one purpose: to clean the inside of your rectum. In comparison, an anal douche is used for a quick rinse (mainly in preparation for anal sex), while the shower enema is more suitable for a thorough cleaning (which is handy after the show is over). Both accessories involve the use of a water source either connected via your bathroom's shower, or they have their own supply container through a bag or pouch.

The bottom line is that cleansing your rectal area with the use of these are not really necessary since your insides have their own natural way of cleaning up for you. However, that doesn't mean that it's time to rule them out. You can still use either of the two in certain situations where you feel the need to clean your anus in a jiffy before you stick something in there. It's essential to take note that excessive use can disrupt your body's natural process and to only use them when absolutely necessary.

We've put together a collection of all the enemas and douches you could think of. These anal cleansing kits feature different styles and designs to fit your taste. As diverse as the products may seem, they all have the same purpose. But we have a lot of options for you to choose from because who doesn't like having a lot of options?

Our enemas and douches are made from high quality, medical grade, and body safe materials like the rest of our products here. Our shower enemas are made from metal or stainless steel, which are non-toxic and rust resistant. All of our enemas can be connected to your shower, replacing your shower head. Most of them also have kits which include all the parts you need whilst some also have interchangeable nozzle heads to modify the flow of the water.

Meanwhile, our anal douches are made from the same high quality and non-toxic plastic or silicone. The douches have their own water reservoir for ease of use and if you don't have any access to a shower nozzle. We also have one-time disposable douches which are perfect when you're traveling and can't fit an entire kit in your suitcase.

With so many choices laid right in front of you, we can't blame you if you have the urge to grab more than one. Prove the rumors wrong and have a safe and clean lovemaking session with your partner with our anal cleansing kits!

About Anal Douches

Staying Safe With Anal Douches

Anal douching is becoming much more commonplace in recent years. Not only gay men, but heterosexual and even lesbian couples have begun to indulge in the practise, some cleaning their rectum daily to prevent the build-up of faeces and bacteria. While the practise is perfectly safe for the most part, there are some dangers to regular or excessive douching that you should be aware of if you plan to take up the practise.

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Guide to Using Enemas Safely

How to safely use an enema When planning to put anything inside your anus, one of the most common worries is that of hygiene. While a lot of people like to just use the bathroom a little while in advance of their anal activities, and make sure they have a bit of a wash down there, some like to take it even further.

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Guide to the Types of Anal Douche

Anal douching is a practise adopted by many people to keep the rectum clean and debris free in preparation for anal sex. It is done by feeding liquid into the rectum and then allowing it to pass back out carrying any leftover faeces or bacteria out of the body. This liquid is inserted through an anal douche. Douches can come in a variety of styles and sizes, so it’s important to know what kind you should buy.

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Can You Make Your Own Anal Douche?

Anal douches can be great tools to help you feel extra clean before anal sex. Sometimes though, you get caught a little off guard. You might have suddenly arranged a meet, but not left enough time to pop to the store and pick up an anal douche. In this situation, you’ll probably be looking for other options to get your rectum squeaky clean.

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Liquids for Anal Douching

You’ll find an absolute ton of articles out there, talking about many different aspects of anal douching. One thing that tends to be slightly glossed over a lot though, is the actual liquid used in the douche. While many people will stick to good old-fashioned water, there is a huge range of different fluids you could use, each with their own benefits and risks. You should always have a good knowledge of substances you put into your body, so it’s a sensible idea to do some research first.

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Rectal Rinsing: What Are Anal Douches?

Many guides to anal play and anal sexual activity mention that a short session of anal douching before you start is advised. While not everyone does this, it can help allay any fears of encountering bits of faeces while you enjoy yourself. Douches aren’t for everyone, but in case you were wondering about whether they’d be useful for you we have prepared a short guide for you.

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