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6 Pcs/Set Various Kinds of Silicone Plugs Set - 2 Color to choose from

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If you are looking for an introductory butt plug set, you have come to the right place. This six-piece set is great for figuring out what feels pleasurable to you. If you want to get into anal play with a partner, this could be a good option as well. Having a lot of options is great. You can also choose from three different color combinations.


Color/Type Purple, Black, Pink
Butt plug material Silicone
Butt plug dimensions

Small to large:

(A): 0.87in x 2.76in

(B): 0.47in x 3.15in

(C): 0.91in x 3.54in

(D): 0.91in x 3.74in

(E): 1.10in x 4.33in

(F): 1.50in x 4.92in

Handle Anchor-shaped Handle