18" Grey Fox Tail Plug
18" Grey Fox Tail Plug
18" Grey Fox Tail Plug
18" Grey Fox Tail Plug

18" Grey Fox Tail Plug

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  • Easy to clean fox tail plug
  • Perfect for role play
  • Available in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Grey

Satisfy your wildest kinky desires with this short beautiful fox tail plug. It is a super comfy grey-colored fox tail with soft fluffy and luxurious fur. The nifty foxtail is all you need to bring out your widest anal stimulation experience. It is made of luxuriously fluffy materials that feel warm and soft to the skin. It gives you the distinct soft feel of real fox fur. Your partner will also love this short premium grey fox tail. 

The bold grey fox tail comes with a smooth stainless steel plug that slides in easily and stays put as you indulge in thrilling stimulations and powerful orgasms. The tail’s plug is designed to hold in place once inserted without falling off no matter how steamy your action becomes. Coat it with your favorite lube and it will slide easily. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, this fox tail will meet every need. The stainless steel plug is easy to use and extremely durable. Stainless steel doesn’t rust and will continue giving you pleasurable service for long.

The rest of the tail is well-built using high-quality materials. It has a short length of just 38-45cm and weighs 86.2g only. It’s a lightweight, soft, and extremely handy fox tail plug made to enhance your roleplay pleasure. It is also easy to clean. The plug can be cleaned with water while the furry end of the tail can be washed and blow dried easily.

This is a great anal stimulation toy for beginners, too. If you are an intermediate anal girl interested in exploring fox tail kinky sex, then this is the best option for you. Grab this short fox tail plug and start exploring your wildest fantasies today.

Product Details:

Tail Type: Tail Plugs
Colors: Grey
Plug Material: Metal
Length: 38-45cm / 18"
Weight: 86.2
Ships: Single Plug

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