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What To Do When Your Butt Plug Is Stuck

From Your Bed To The ER — What To Do When Your Butt Plug Is Stuck

Using sex toys in the bedroom is a fantastic way to spice up your sex life. What’s more, you don’t even need a partner, as you can enjoy most sex toys on your own.

However, while sex toys like butt plugs can bring immense pleasure, they can also cause significant inconvenience as well as medical issues. For example, butt plugs can get stuck and leave you in quite a predicament.

Sex isn’t all fun and games. Just like in partnered play, injuries are a real concern with butt plugs. Therefore, it’s crucial that we approach anal play with caution and safety in mind.

Can Butt Plugs Get Stuck?

Sex toys, especially butt plugs, can definitely get stuck inside of you. However, the more important question that concerns most is “how often does that actually happen?”

Luckily, with proper use, butt plugs don’t get stuck that often. Still, when they do, they make for an extraordinary horror sex tale for the future.

Have you ever met someone who experienced having something stuck inside of them? If so, then you’ve probably heard that safety and caution are the most crucial factors when it comes to anal play.

Even though you’re probably eager to try out that shiny new butt plug you bought, you can’t bypass the safety measures. There are ways to make sure that a sex toy doesn’t get stuck.

However, if it does, don’t worry — there are ways out of this predicament. You can take specific measures to “detach” the butt plug.

Of course, if all else fails, you should seek medical help!

But first, let’s look into the mechanism that might be your downfall when it comes to anal play.

How Do Butt Plugs Get Stuck?

As with anything else, butt plug use has certain guidelines. If you don’t stick to them, you might end up regretting it.

One of the most crucial guidelines is to properly lubricate the sex toy. If you don’t, the butt plug can create a vacuum in the anal canal. The vacuum will make it difficult for you to pull the toy out.

However, the bigger problem is if the vacuum sucks the toy in and moves it further down the anal canal, thus making it impossible for you to reach it.

The Base Is Crucial

Another guideline of using butt plugs is to always make sure they have a flared base. This lowers the chance of the butt plug ending up stuck quite significantly.

Since the base is wider than your opening (no matter how loose your anal entryway might be or how much time you devoted to prep), the chances of the toy ending up stuck are minuscule.

One of the main reasons some people have weird and uncomfortable scary stories about sex toys is that they don’t follow these simple steps.

Safety First

For example, if you’re into anal play, but don’t have a butt plug, you have to be extra careful about playing with your dildo.

Unless it has a flared base, one slip of the fingers is all it takes for it to take permanent residence so far up your anal canal that you can no longer reach it!

Also, this goes without saying, but don’t use objects that aren’t explicitly made with anal play in mind to stimulate your anal canal. This can be extremely dangerous.

Just because something looks like a butt plug that doesn’t mean it can double as one. You might end up hurting yourself in more ways than one.

What To Do When Butt Plugs Get Stuck

Don’t Panic

The first thing to do is to stop panicking. Yes, that sounds obvious, but your first reaction will be to get anxious and imagine the worst case scenario.

When you go into the state of panic, your body clenches. It’s an entirely natural response.

However, it’s counterproductive when it comes to taking the toy out. Any clenching will only push the toy further up and make it more difficult to take it out.

Walk Around

If you’re afraid to sit down and relax, try walking around for a bit.

If possible, focus on another activity and try to forget that you have an object lodged where the sun doesn’t shine. Yes, it’s hard, but it will prove useful.

As long as your muscles are tense, the butt plug will remain where it is.

Relaxed Muscles Are Crucial

Given that clenched muscles won’t release the toy, you have to relax them.

You can try taking a hot shower or, even better, a bath to relax the surrounding muscles even more. The warm water should help with the clenching, and it will relax your mind as well.

Squats And Kegels

Once you’ve relaxed the anal muscles, try squatting down and pushing. This should help dislodge the toy.

However, if you notice that the toy isn’t moving even when you push as hard as you can, don’t try harder.

That might be counterproductive as added pressure can lead to injuries like tearing or even hemorrhoids. What’s more, it can also push the butt plug further up.

Fishing It Out

Instead of pushing harder, lubricate your fingers and try reaching in for the toy. If the butt plug is within reach, you might be able to guide it out.

However, as with pushing, it’s not the best idea to try too hard to fish the toy out.

Don’t dig with your fingers if you can’t get a firm grip on the toy. That will just push it further up.

Seek Out Professional Help

If all else fails — go to the emergency room.

Yes, it will be embarrassing, and you’ll probably be as red as a beet while explaining what happened. However, the embarrassment should be the least of your concerns.

The most important thing is to get the toy out and prevent permanent damage.

How To Avoid Butt Plugs Getting Stuck

Of course, the ideal scenario would be not to get a butt plug stuck up your anal canal in the first place. Luckily, there are ways to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Firstly, pick your butt plugs carefully and with safety in mind. We already spoke about the importance of the flared base.

With a flared base, you don’t have to worry about it travelling too far inside you, as it’s not that likely that the base will get swallowed up at all.

If you’re more into other types of toys (such as bullet butt plugs), you should always get the ones that have the cord attached to them.

Think of them like tampons — getting them out is just as important as getting them in. The cord will facilitate the extraction.

Finally, good prep is also vital. Lubricate both the toy and the anal canal properly — that will lower the risk of an accident!

What’s more, proper prep is essential in more than one way, as it decreases the pain and discomfort as well.

A Few Parting Words

There is nothing more important than health. Therefore, if you do find yourself in a predicament and have a sex toy stuck inside of you, try following the logical steps to dislodge it.

However, if that doesn’t work, please seek immediate medical attention.

Butt plugs are genuinely incredible when used with caution. However, even a small mishap might quickly turn into an actual disaster if you aren’t careful.

So keep an open mind and put your safety first!