What is a Prostate Massager, and How do You Use It?

Prostate health is of utmost importance to men the world over. Only in recent years has the taboo of a man inserting things into his anus begun to die down. Some men though aren’t quite comfortable enough with the idea of putting their fingers inside their butts.

As it is quite a common viewpoint for men to have, sex toy manufacturers have put the work into providing a solution. Prostate massagers are small tools, not unlike butt plugs, which a man can insert into his anus to directly and accurately stimulate the prostate gland. If you’ve been having any apprehensions about massaging your own prostate, these are the perfect tools for you!

What is the prostate?

I realise I’ve mentioned the prostate a lot, but due to the stigma attached to the area people don’t discuss it a huge amount, so you might not know exactly what it is and what it does.

The prostate is a small gland located between a man’s bladder and his penis. It is usually around the shape of size of a walnut, and is responsible for both controlling what comes out of the penis at a given time, and also in producing a lot of the chemicals and liquids that compose a man’s ejaculate. Due to the varied and frequent use of this gland it is especially susceptible to both bacterial infection and disease, and physical damage.

Prostate massage is a completely natural way to deal with some of these problems. By directly touching and stimulating the prostate by inserting something into the anus, a man can force the body to expel some of the fluids that become stored up in the prostate. This process not only cleanses the area, but increases blood flow, increasing the overall health of the prostate and organs around it.

For many man just using their finger and some lube is enough to regularly stimulate and maintain the health of their prostate. Some men aren’t comfortable with this though, be it due to cleanliness concerns, difficulty reaching the gland, or one of many other reasons. This is where prostate massagers come in.

What is a prostate massager?

A prostate massager is a tool that is part of the butt plug family. It is very similar in shape and size to some of the smaller butt plugs, but there is one key difference. A prostate massager will usually have a bend or curve in a very specific place.

This curve is designed so that once the massager is inserted, it will directly touch the prostate gland. This helps a man with reaching the gland itself, but can also be very helpful for the actual act of stimulating the prostate. Having the tool to use rather than a finger gives a man more control over the exact area you target, and the level of stimulation you apply.

Another great benefit of using a prostate massager is that you can pick up a vibrating one. These usually have variable speed or intensity settings. Using one of these lets you completely relax during your prostate massaging sessions, as the massager does all of the work for you. This alone can make getting a massager worth it, as often one of the main difficulties a man might find is actually relaxing enough to get past any initial feelings of discomfort or weirdness.

Choosing a good prostate massager

When deciding which prostate massager to buy it can be hard to choose a good one, but most of the usual butt plug shopping advice applies. You should be looking to buy a massager made of a high quality material, such as silicone or stainless steel, in order to avoid any risks of toxicity or damage to your rectum. You should also pay special attention to the base of the massager, ensuring it is either flared, or has a t-bar design. The rectum will swallow anything you put into it once it moves past the sphincters, so it is important to make sure your massager wont be stimulating the deeper parts of your body, but stays where you intend it to be.

How to use a prostate massager

Much like choosing your prostate massager, using it is very similar to. The first key point to cover is lube. The anus is not self lubricating, so in order to avoid pain, discomfort, and damage, it is important to use a good quality lube, in a generous quantity.

There are three main types of lube used in most sexual activity, water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based. If you are using a silicone prostate massager, you will want to avoid silicone-based lube as it can break down the surface of the massager and leave debris and bacteria inside your rectum. You should also be wary of any lube containing glycerine, as this can act as a laxative and be counter intuitive to putting things into your butt.

When choosing lube it can come down to personal preference a lot of the time. What works for one person might not necessarily work for another so feel free to experiment. A lot of men do seem to prefer oil-based lube for anal play though, so it may be worth starting with that kind of lube.

Once you have your lube, you need to apply it generously to both the inside and outside of your anus, as well as the toy. There can never be too much lube with anal activity so don’t be shy, and always feel free to reapply during your session.

Depending on the flexibility of your anus, putting the massager in could be quite easy, or could prove to be a bit of a challenge. If you’re worried about getting it in, it can help to start off with a well lubed finger to begin to open up the muscles. When you feel ready, you can start to insert the massager.

You should always take your time with this stage, as the anus and rectum contain thousands of sensitive nerves. Damaging these can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, and should be avoided as much as possible. Insert the massager as much as you feel comfortable, and feel free to take breaks to adjust and relax during the process.

Once the massager is all the way in, and you feel it touching the prostate gland, you can begin with your prostate massaging session. If you have a vibrating massager you can turn it on and then just sit back and relax. If yours doesn’t vibrate though, you’ll need to put in a little more effort to get the most from your massage.

Sometimes simple touches and pressure can be adequate stimulation for the prostate. In this case, holding onto the base of the massager and pushing at different angles can increase or decrease the amount of pressure you feel. Varying between high pressure and low pressure can gradually empty your prostate over the session.

A lot of men don’t find this the most enjoyable way to massage their prostates though, so rather than just pressure, different stroking movements are desired. You can again accomplish this by holding on to the base of the masssager and moving it around inside your rectum. Other options include partly removing and inserting it, so that it moves up and down the prostate and changes the sensations. You can also try sitting with the massager in and moving your hips in a kind of rocking motion.

Like a lot of prostate stimulation, finding what works for you is very personal, so try and experiment! As long as your massager is inserted and making contact with the prostate (and not causing any pain), then whatever movements you make with your body or the tool itself will be massaging your prostate. The main benefit though is trying these different positions and strokes becomes much easier with the added length and shape of a prostate massager.