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Wearing Butt Plugs During Pregnancy

Although many women would agree that being pregnant is an absolute joy, it’s sometimes quite difficult to get aroused while carrying a baby.

Hemorrhoids, constipation and general discomfort are the main reasons women decide not to have sex of any sort, which can sometimes lead to dissatisfaction and the overall worsening of a relationship.

After all, if the pregnancy is low-risk, there shouldn't be a reason not to enjoy yourself!

However, there are safety precautions doctors often mention, and any pregnant woman out there should listen to them.

When having sex without a baby in your uterus, you’re only responsible for yourself. In contrast, when you’re pregnant, you have to think about the baby.

You ought to consider how any sort of anal play, oral sex or even classic vanilla sex would influence the child.

That isn’t to say you cannot have any fun at all. In fact, one of the most popular pregnancy toys on the market right now are butt plugs.

These have many benefits to them in regard to pleasure and general comfort when used the right way.

Can You Use Butt Plugs During Pregnancy?

According to many users online and their personal experiences, it is perfectly safe to use a butt plug while pregnant.

However, something as safe as using a normal-sized plug can turn into a total disaster if you suffer from constipation or hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids will make it quite difficult to relax with a butt plug, not to mention that a rupture could lead to a lot of blood. That is, if some hemorrhoids burst, as they often tend to, they hurt a lot if they’re filled with blood.

You might not even be able to put the plug in, no matter how much lube you use!

Constipation, on the other hand, can lead to general discomfort and dissatisfaction. Additionally, since it means you cannot have a normal bowel movement, putting something in your anus seems a bit contradictory.

Nevertheless, some users say that butt plugs might even help with constipation; the sheer act of plugging the anus could very well trigger something long overdue.

Essentially, if you've had a normal pregnancy so far, using a butt plug is possible. In fact, it could be a fun way to spice up your love life until the little one arrives. However, it’s always better to be on the safe side; when a baby is involved, the rules that apply to butt plugs have to be abided at all costs.

Risks/Dangers When Using Butt Plugs While Pregnant

So, what can happen if a woman uses a butt plug even though the baby is still in her uterus?

If it’s a low-risk pregnancy and the woman hasn’t had any health scares, she and the baby should be just fine. Furthermore, if she is used to wearing a butt plug often and doesn’t feel any discomfort at all, the doctor will probably say that it’s perfectly safe.

Yet, when it comes to women who have experienced bleeding, hemorrhoids, constipation or any other health condition that can be deemed risky, butt plugs should be avoided.

Any sort of strain can further impede the woman from feeling pleasure, not to mention it could make her even more uncomfortable than she already is.

Placenta Previa

There is a certain level of danger that involves placenta previa and using butt plugs (among other anal toys) or having anal sex.

Placenta previa is a condition that occurs when the placenta lies quite low in the womb. What this means in layman’s terms is that it can either partially or completely cover the cervix.

Thus, when having anal sex or using toys that are too long and too big, the placenta can get damaged, and the woman might experience heavy bleeding.

As such, doctors generally advise women with placenta previa to refrain from having sex completely.


On another note, there are bacteria that can easily spread from the toy and lead to dire consequences.

Even when one is not pregnant, it’s essential to never share a butt plug and to clean it thoroughly after use. Otherwise, bacteria can easily spread and multiply, which could lead to a bacterial infection.

Some people actually recommend using a condom on a regular basis with the butt plug. That way, you will create a barrier between your body and the bacteria, and save yourself a lot of trouble.

But don’t forget to thoroughly wash the plug afterward either way, just in case something does get on it!

Tips For Using Butt Plugs During Pregnancy

    • If Your Doctor Says You Shouldn’t Use Plugs — Don’t!

      The first tip on this list doesn’t essentially have anything to do with butt plugs per se.

      However, it’s crucial that we mention it because every once in a while, doctors might warn women and say they shouldn't take part in either vaginal sex or anal play.

      Most often, they are worried that the orgasm might trigger premature labor, which can sometimes happen.

      As such, if you want to keep the baby inside until the due date, remember to ask your doctor what you can and cannot do. There’s a good chance they’ll say butt plugs are a safe bet, but you should ask either way.

    • Hygiene Is Key

      It might be obvious by now, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it one more time: when pregnant, you must wash your toys before and after use.

      Even though it’s possible not to transfer any sort of bacteria if you keep the plug in a nice and dry spot, you never know, and you can never be too careful.

      In general, that’s why most people would recommend using a condom with every toy (or the real thing) while pregnant.

      Of course, people in long-term relationships might not have to use a condom. However, the risks are too great to ignore, especially if we take STDs into account too.

  • If You Feel Discomfort, Stop Immediately

    It’s of the utmost importance not to let yourself push through the discomfort purely because you’re expecting some pleasure.

    The baby can feel when the future mother is in distress, so by allowing yourself to stress out, you will put unnecessary pressure on the baby too.

    This can easily lead to certain complications, not to mention premature labor. Therefore, if it doesn’t feel right, take the plug out and find another way to pleasure yourself.

  • Go Gently

    It’s crucial never to insert a butt plug by force, and the same rule applies even when you’re pregnant. If you’re not gentle, you could easily harm yourself and cause issues that may require going to the doctor.

    Also, take into account the fact that your whole body is pretty delicate while you’re pregnant. Every touch feels a bit stronger than usual during those nine months.

    Thus, if you and your partner are eager to play a bit, remember to use plenty of lube. More importantly, go as gently as possible, inch by inch if you have to.

  • Pick The Right Lube

    There’s no need to be fancy when it comes to lube at this point. If you’re pregnant, it’s even better to stick to classic, no-fuss types of lube that don’t have any artificial scents or added features to them.

    In fact, there’s a good chance using warming lube or one that smells or tastes like some fruit could lead to a yeast infection.

    As you might already know, pregnant women are at an already high enough risk of fighting a yeast infection, so there really is no need to get into more trouble.

    In the end, natural lubricants or those that have the safest possible ingredients in them are your best bet.

  • Pick The Right Butt Plug (And Mind The Quality)

    As said, your whole pregnant body is too sensitive for anything rough, so it’s crucial to pick the right plug too.

    Smaller ones might be ideal because they will be a bit more comfortable to wear. However, if the plug is too small, it could easily slip out, which is counterproductive.

    In essence, there are pros and cons to every butt plug out there, and if you’re just a beginner and, on top of that, pregnant, now is not the best time to start experimenting.

    Also, beware of low-quality plugs. Some cheaper brands may use materials that have phthalates to make their plugs, which can disrupt hormones and cause a real mess.

    There's something about them that can influence the endocrine system and lead to a number of complications. That’s also the main reason many companies have switched to making phthalate-free pacifiers and baby bottles.

Final Thoughts

As far as we can see, there’s nothing really wrong with wearing a butt plug while you’re pregnant. However, anal play can sometimes be quite dangerous and lead to unnecessary side effects.

As such, it’s essential to consult your doctor and determine if a butt plug is an option for you. If you have a low-risk pregnancy, there’s a good chance you can safely use a plug. Still, you’ll never know for certain until you ask.