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The Many Types Of Butt Plugs

We know that butt plugs are all the rage right now and that more and more people are indulging in their fantasies without worrying what everyone else would think. However, there is a lot to know when it comes to all the options available.

Picking the right butt plug is a tricky task, let alone if we don’t know there are even USB butt plugs!

Therefore, let’s see what kinds exist, which features we may love and how to use each plug we buy.

Classic Butt Plugs

Some of you have probably already seen a classic butt plug, as that’s what most people usually go for.

The classic models are often quite simple and don’t have any extra features, like animal tails. In most cases, they are made from either porous materials, like rubber or non-porous, like different metals. In addition, they are mostly smooth and come in various colors and designs, as well as dimensions.

A classic butt plug is everyone’s first stop on this wild journey of reaching the most amazing orgasms. Because of that, it’s crucial to know how to properly use the simplest types first.

That way, we can later try plugs that may be a bit out of our comfort zone without hurting ourselves.

We highly recommend beginners to start with plugs that are a bit bendy. This will allow them to safely figure out whether or not they even like the sensation and if they need a bigger or a smaller one.

For most, smaller butt plugs are a sure thing. However, if for some reason the anus has been severely stretched, these might be a safety hazard.

After all, we can easily “lose” them if there’s nothing to support them but our muscles!

Also, if the base isn’t big enough to prevent them from slipping inside, the whole experience will be pretty bad.

Using a classic butt plug is not that difficult, though, as long as we are patient. For most plugs, the same instructions apply:

Warm Up First

Beginners ought to warm up and “get in the right mood” for a butt plug. Forcing a foreign object into any cavity found on the body can easily spell disaster.

Therefore, they should start by squirting some lube onto one of their index fingers and stroking the anus. This will allow the anus to loosen up a bit and prepare for the plug.

Get In A Good Position

This can either be in a doggy, on the back or in a squat. The important thing here is not to have any obstacles around the anus and to be as comfortable as possible.

Drench The Butt Plug In Lube

Butt plugs can be painful if we don’t apply enough lube, so drenching your chosen plug in some is imperative. The point is to try new things, but that shouldn’t mean we should suffer through the pain!

Insert It Slowly

It may be tempting to just hold the base of the plug. However, it’s necessary to hold the shaft as well, so as to position the plug correctly.

Once we have a firm grip on it, we can place it at the opening of the anus and gently push it in an upright angle, i.e., to our stomach. Then, we should let the tip go in and stop.

We need to pace ourselves, as we don’t want to get hurt.

After a while, we can push it a bit more inside, but never let the base go in too. That part should never end up in our anus!


Experienced users have no problem wearing their butt plugs while shopping, running errands, etc. But that’s not a good idea for beginners, as the anus needs some time to adjust to the plug.

So we ought to practice whenever we can and make sure we’re not rushing into it. If we take all the time we need, hot orgasms will surely follow.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

First, there we dildos — toys that opened everyone’s eyes to a whole new world of pleasure. But then, there were vibrators, an upgraded version of the former that enhanced every sensation.

Now, we also have vibrating butt plugs. These are mostly the same as the classic ones in terms of shape and size.

Still, they have one key feature that makes them quite desirable — batteries!

It’s easy to see why vibrating butt plugs are on most people’s to-buy lists. They have all the classic features, yet they can also vibrate.

In fact, sometimes, they may do so faster, slower, with some pulse action, etc.

What’s more, they are kinky tools for couples that may be far away from each other. Some newer versions of these butt plugs are USB rechargeable and can be controlled via an app even if two people are miles away from each other.

Now, it’s evident that vibrating butt plugs needs some sort of power in order to work. Thus, they may or may not come with batteries, so we can use them as regular plugs too.

However, that would spoil the fun, as there’s something incredible about those vibrations inside our body. There’s a good chance of an orgasm in just a few minutes or even seconds!

So how do we use these plugs?

Well, the previously mentioned safety precautions still stand, as we have to ease into it. We can use them the same way we use regular ones.

Nevertheless, what’s impressive about the remote-controlled ones is that we can “give up the control” to our partner.

These plugs are not just a solo play option. Our partner can actively participate, even from a distance, and make us go down to our knees with pleasure.

Anal Beads

Although we cannot exactly say that anal beads are butt plugs, they are toys that go up in our behind and provide pleasure!

However, instead of having just one bulbous part, anal beads comprise more than three or four beads on a piece of nylon string, a thin piece of silicone or silicone that’s been molded into a base.

The main difference between these and a butt plug is actually in the way we use them.

With a butt plug, we put it inside us, and that gives us pleasure. In contrast, although the placement of anal beads is enjoyable too, the real fun comes when we start removing them and popping them back in.

Using them is similar to using butt plugs, in that we should warm up beforehand and apply lots of lube.

Furthermore, it would be better to start with a smaller string of anal beads. That will help us get used to the feeling of fullness and prepare to go in and out with them.

Couples, in particular, love anal beads, as they add a bit of fun to the bedroom extravaganza.

Still, do know that, just like with any other sex toy, we’ll need a condom if we’re planning to share the beads with someone else. Also, it’s not advisable to leave the beads in for too long.

In any case, it just isn’t as pleasurable as pulling them out and in to reach a climax!

Cock Rings With Butt Plugs

Now, some men have moved beyond traditional butt plugs and are looking for something else. For them, one of the best choices is a cock ring that’s attached to a plug.

Why? It’s purely because it allows them to last longer AND get stimulated in ways they could have never imagined!

Every cock ring has a simple purpose: it should stop the man from ejaculating too fast.

It does this by restricting the blood flow only so much that it does what it’s supposed to do without hurting the penis or the testicles.

In addition, some cock rings, with or without the butt plugs, come with small clitoral vibrators. These can make the whole experience for the woman that much better as well!

Using these tools is pretty simple, although it does require a bit of know-how.

First, we cannot put a cock ring on when the penis is already hard, as it just won’t fit. Likewise, once it’s up, we cannot remove it until it softens.

Additionally, the ring doesn’t have to go over the penis only. It can go over the testicles too, which are quite sensitive. Because of that, the ring has to be flexible enough to accommodate them.

So beginners should start with silicone, PVC or TPR (thermoplastic rubber) cock ring and butt plug toys. Leaving one’s manhood to a metal contraption could easily lead to a total disaster for the inexperienced!

Also, they need to get used to the feeling and see if they even like it or not, which is what the stretchy adjustable cock rings allow them to do.

Types Of Cock Rings

There are many types of cock rings on the market, and the most popular ones are the adjustable single and double ones.

The double cock ring goes around the penis and the scrotum, while the single one goes just around the penis.

There are also triple, teardrop, vibrating and spreader rings, all of which have a specific purpose.

For example, the spreader will keep the balls apart, and the teardrop comes with a special attachment that lets the partner in on all the fun.

Meanwhile, the triple has three rings. One ring is for the penis, one for its base and one for the balls, adding to the pleasure that comes with the classic design.

How To Use

So what’s the best way to use a cock ring with a butt plug attachment?

The process is similar to using regular butt plugs. But this time, we have to first add the cock ring while the penis is semi-hard and then lube up the plug for insertion.

When taking the toy out, we ought to go in the reverse order and always wait until the penis is completely soft. After all, yanking the cock ring off can easily hurt the penis!

Finally, remember that cock rings shouldn’t stay on for too long — only 30 minutes. Furthermore, if one has a blood clot disorder, these are a definite no-go!

Animal Tail Butt Plugs

Shaped like classic butt plugs (usually) but enhanced with an animal tail, these plugs are a must-have for those who have a certain fetish and are willing to try new things.

We can find them in various designs, from wolf tail to bunny tail, but one of the most popular ones is the foxtail.

They function the same way as most plugs do; they can give us the most intense orgasm while using them during sex, for example.

However, just like their name says, these come with tails that can either be real or faux fur. So in order to stay on the safe side, we’d have to pay attention to keeping them in mint condition.

This means regularly cleaning them before and after use, as well as maintaining the fur.

We can insert them the same way as we do the regular plugs.

Still, when it comes to pulling them out, we should never grab them by the tail. That may cause the tail to rip off, so we would be left with a very sad-looking plug in the end.

Also, some people say that some of these plugs, like those that don’t come with fur and are just rubber, can be washed in the dishwasher. Nevertheless, we would advise against this, as you never know what may happen.

Lukewarm water and some soap are enough to clean both the shaft and the tail. We can even use a mild shampoo and a conditioner from time to time to keep the tail from losing hair.

After that, the plug should air-dry and be kept in a ziplock bag so that no one touches it until we decide to play again.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Inflatable toys are fan-favorites for many, but right now, inflatable butt plugs are getting more exposure.

These are supposed to look like and do the same thing as regular butt plugs. However, instead of trying to place a plug that’s too big for the anus, these get inflated once they’re inside.

Now, some might be wondering why using such a plug would be enjoyable.

For one, large butt plugs can strain the sensitive sphincter muscles. Thus, it’s far easier to use a medium plug that will only grow bigger once it’s safe inside. No tissue will be torn nor will the person using it feel uncomfortable.

Another point we ought to make here is that, since these plugs are not solid, they sort of feel like balloons inside us.

As such, they can touch and adjust to every crevice found in the anus, allowing us to feel utmost pleasure while wearing them.

Also, since they are soft, there won’t be any discomfort during sex. In fact, they might as well be the best of both worlds.

They’re big enough to enhance every thrust yet not too big “on their way in”!

Using them, however, is a bit different to regular butt plugs. These come with a hand bulb that we should squeeze once the plug is inside. Once we’re done, there’s a nifty small valve that we can turn to release the pressure.

After that, the same hygiene precautions apply, as well as storage suggestions such as a ziplock bag.

Rimming Butt Plugs

Although some would say it’s disgusting, rimming is actually a pretty underrated sex act!

It calls for the use of the tongue to pleasure the partner, i.e., it’s sort of like doing to the anus what we would do to the vagina.

In any case, it’s not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean all of us shouldn’t feel that sensation. That’s why we now have rimming butt plugs that can, according to some users, compensate for the lack of real tongue back there!

On the outside, these butt plugs usually look like the regular ones. However, they have one added component: beads that are there to mimic the natural texture of the tongue.

In addition, these beads can rotate, and we can control the rotations with a remote control — or we can give it to our partner.

The point is to reach a climax, and it helps if the rimming butt plug has a small vibrator at the top too, which it usually does.

As far as the usage goes, the process is the same as with regular butt plugs. Safety comes first, so it’s crucial to start slow, and if possible, not to use the fastest rotating setting immediately.

Also, we need to pay extra attention to the beads if they are not hidden under the silicone. Bacteria can gather in those crevices, so it’s of the utmost importance to ensure the butt plug is clean as a whistle after each use.

The imagination and pleasure don’t end here though, there are some even more outrageous butt plugs out there waiting for you!

Character Butt Plugs

If any of us have ever gotten goosebumps when we saw C-3PO of Star Wars fame and wondered how it would be like to get it inside us — now we can. Due to the rise in popularity of butt plugs, there are now even those inspired by our favorite movie and cartoon characters!

Granted, these may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in the end, it’s all plain old fun with them. And if anyone’s interested in butt plugs in particular, now they can even become Pikachu or have C-3PO’s face sticking out between their cheeks.

We can use these in the same way as the others, but we ought to be careful about the materials.

We don’t want to ruin them, especially if they are limited edition toys. So proper care is necessary according to the type of material, and we shouldn’t pull on them too hard either, to avoid any damage.

After all, these just might be considered collectibles, so they are, in a way, an investment only real fans would make!

Fidget Spinner Butt Plugs

We’ve really gone over to the other side of the rainbow now, and rather than a pot of gold, we can buy fidget spinner butt plugs instead!

The first one was made available on Etsy in 2017, and although it probably confused people at first, there are some good things to say about it.

First of all, a fidget spinner butt plug is the same thing as a regular one, but it has a fidget spinner at the other end.

This is pretty much obvious right off the bat, but what’s great is that these are two separate parts. So in order to clean it, we can remove the fidget spinner from the shaft and go through our regular cleaning routine.

Some may be wondering why anyone would want this toy.

Well, it all comes down to combining the benefits of both parts. With a butt plug, we can give way to our sexual pleasure. However, with the spinner, we can also entertain ourselves when bored or let our partner have a bit of fun teasing us.

It may not be for everyone, but it sure is a fun design that could satisfy all those involved in bedroom romps.

Still, do know that people with enviable glutes may not be able to spin the upper part, making this toy the first one where it would be much better if we have a flat butt.

USB Butt Plugs

Finally, in order to improve our data-saving techniques and avoid losing our USB, we can also opt for a butt plug that comes with one.

Of course, this might be where most people would draw the line. However, the creator thought of the design while joking around with a few strippers who were usually asking for custom-made butt plugs.

One thing led to another, and they all figured that it would be fantastic if we could have sex toys that would have some other useful features as well.

These plugs come with a cap-protected USB drive at the base, and we can plug them into a computer whenever we want.

However, in terms of hygiene, this may be a bad idea; we would need to touch the plug at least twice to get the USB to work.

Also, the bulbous design makes it somewhat difficult to position the plug on the table and still get it to the USB port.

Either way, if someone needs to keep their data private and secure, there probably isn’t a better way than by gliding it into their anus!

Final Thoughts

We’re always looking for a new way to reach an orgasm, feel incredible and add some kink to our intercourses.

Luckily, one of these butt plugs will do the job just fine, if not enhance every single thrust and make the user shed tears of pure joy. All it takes is to branch out a bit and try new things!