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Temperature Play With Butt Plugs

Temperature play is one of the most common types of foreplay that is neither too vanilla nor too extreme.

It usually includes the use of toys, gadgets, and tools to stimulate the body with either heat or cold.

Of course, the most common way to do this is to use ice cubes for the cold and wax candles for heat. The former can be used to stimulate the skin, especially the nipples. The latter, on the other hand, can be dripped onto the partner for a rougher touch of heat.

But then, there are sex toys like dildos and butt plugs. How can you heat or cool a butt plug to achieve sexual pleasure?

In this article, you will read about different ways to make the most of butt plug temperature play.

However, you can more or less use any of these steps on other sex toys such as dildos, massagers or onaholes.

You’ll also learn about the risks of temperature play, as well as how to stay safe while doing it.

If you perform temperature play properly, you can enjoy your butt plug on a whole new level. In fact, you can even spice up your sex life and get your partner involved!

Why Would I Try Temperature Play?

Our skin is the largest organ by far. It’s also the heaviest. But more importantly, nearly every inch of it is covered in nerve endings!

Each of our nerves receives outside stimuli that warn our brain of either danger or pleasure. That’s why we jolt and cringe when we burn our hand or grab something very cold.

However, that’s also why we moan and shiver when we’re touched during sexual intercourse. The right kind of stimuli can bring us immense sensations!

Of course, you’d like to know what temperature play has to do with any of it.

Well, hot and cold objects that touch our body make us react in different ways. An extremely hot piece of food can burn our tongue or throat. However, a well-heated piece will make us ask for seconds.

The same goes for sex toys. We’ll cover safety later in the text, but in short, an overheated or a freezing cold butt plug can do serious damage to your rectal cavity.

If it’s heated or chilled “just right,” you’ll begin to do it more often, and might even convince others to try it!

Let’s break down some potential reasons for trying temperature play.

    • It’s New and Risky, but Not That Risky: Yes, this might sound strange, but it’s true. Heating up your butt plug is not quite the same as taking a spiked whip and thwacking at yourself. Yes, there is a risk of burning your rectum, but it will be minimal.

      Temperature play offers the bare minimum of risks if done right. You get to enjoy a chilly plug or a warm piece neatly placed in your anus. You’re effectively getting three different sex toys in one!

  • Expansion and Contraction: If you happen to have a solid metal toy, the sensations of heat and cold become amplified. You’ll effectively have more than three sex toys, even. For example, if you heat the metal long enough, it will expand. In other words, you’re getting a bigger butt plug with minimal effort. The opposite goes for cooling it down.

    Metal butt plugs have one major advantage over plastic or glass ones. Namely, they are very difficult to break. Overheating or freezing a glass dildo will shatter it. If you overheat plastic, it melts.

    But not metal. Once you try cooling or heating it, it’ll retain its shape, but merely expand. Or rather, in the case of former, it will contract. You’re now getting a smaller sex toy in case you want to take it easy. Well, as easy as you can, considering it will be cold!

  • It’s Easy to Do: Most sex play acts can get complicated. For example, a dungeon requires lots of tools which cost money. Rope play requires you to learn how to tie and untie different knots. But with temperature play, all you have to do is fiddle around with a sex toy and change its temperature. No extra work is required.

How To Warm Up A Butt Plug

The Dos Of Warming

When it comes to warming the butt plug, you should know that different people mean different things by that expression. When it comes to warming the butt plug, you should know that different people mean different things by that expression.

For example, when you first buy a butt plug, it will feel cold to the touch. That’s probably because it had to be shipped from somewhere, so the package it was in had certainly spent some time in non-room temperatures.

If you do research on “warming the butt plug,” you’ll come across forums and online posts talking about warming newly-bought plugs.

Of course, if that’s what you’re interested in, we suggest using it slowly, to begin with, until it picks up the room temperature. It might feel a bit chilly at first, but the more you work it inside of you, the warmer it will get.

But let’s focus on the other type of warming, one we might call “heating.”

There are two very common ways of heating a sex toy, however, we will only talk about the first in this section. That first method involves warm water.

What you need to do is grab a pot and fill it with water. Next, you warm it up on a stove until it’s lukewarm to the touch. Finally, you leave the butt plug inside for about half an hour.

Don’t go over this time limit, even with warm water!

If the sensation isn’t enough for you, next time try upping the temperature by a few degrees.

You can work your way up to somewhat hot water. Or, to be precise, up to the point where you’ll feel pleasure from your butt plug.

The Don’ts Of Warming

Remember, warm water is just one of the two methods most people suggest for warming up sex toys.

However, even that method can be dangerous, since some users suggest going with boiling water from the start. That is definitely not something you’d want to do!

Not only can it damage your anal cavity (or any other body part), but it will also damage the toy if it isn’t metal or Pyrex glass.

As mentioned earlier, plastic can melt at high temperatures, and low-quality glass can shatter. Rubber won’t suffer that much damage, but the smell will be awful.

Naturally, we didn’t even mention the second method yet. That method, which we do not recommend at all, is microwaving the toy.

Microwave ovens can reach high temperatures very quickly. Even at a lower setting, your butt plug can heat up so much that it can harm you, break within the microwave oven, AND damage the oven itself.

Of course, putting a metal butt plug inside of a microwave is out of the question. In case you’re not that good with basic chemistry, simply go on YouTube and type “metal in a microwave oven,” and you’ll see what happens firsthand.

A couple of users also recommended warming the plug by placing it under a mattress or a cushion and then sitting on them for several hours.

We also wouldn’t recommend this, but not because of safety reasons. We simply think it won’t give you any decent temperature play. After all, it won’t heat up the butt plug the same way hot water can.

How To Cool Down A Butt Plug

The Dos Of Cooling

Cooling the toy properly actually offers more options. You have two different safe ways of doing this method.

The first is using a bowl of cool water. As you can see, this doesn’t take a lot of effort to do. Simply fill a bowl with cool water and leave your butt plug in it for half an hour.

If you see that the temperature level isn’t low enough, try colder water. If even that isn’t enough for you, you can add ice cubes to the bowl and let them chill the water even more.

Interestingly, some of you might even have access to liquid nitrogen. However, we shouldn’t have to explain why using that on a sex toy is a bad idea!

But sometimes, even cold water with ice cubes isn’t enough.

Luckily, you have the perfect tool in your house for colder temperature play. The second safe method of cooling your butt plug involves the refrigerator.

Just open it and place the plug inside. After roughly twenty minutes, take it out and see how well it works for you.

Of course, where you place the plug in your refrigerator is important. When it comes to this topic, we recommend two things.

First, place it as low as possible in the fridge. It is colder on the bottom shelves, so it will cool quicker.

The second thing we recommend is that you try and hide your plug somehow when it’s in the fridge. You don’t want people in your house going to get a drink and finding a cold little butt plug waiting for them instead!

The Don’ts Of Cooling

Just like with microwaves and heating, people recommend another extreme method for cooling butt plugs.

When you browse sites that talk about this subject, you’ll see people mentioning putting your sex toy in the freezer. Of course, you can absolutely do that, but there is a major catch with this.

Once you put it in, you have to constantly monitor it. If you don’t take it out in time, it will literally freeze over.

You might take it out, but you will not be able to use it until it warms up to a reasonable temperature. Freezer burns are just as bad as heat burns, if not worse in certain cases.

Another important thing to note is that you shouldn’t put glass butt plugs in extremely cold areas. They can shatter quickly, and you’ll lose the sex toy.

But more importantly, you’ll have shards of glass all over your frozen food. That will take hours to clean up thoroughly.

Risks Of Temperature Play

Using a hot or cold butt plug comes with its own set of risks.

If you overheat a butt plug and insert it in your rectum, you can seriously burn the inner walls. That will cause you problems with defecation, walking, and sexual activity.

On the other hand, frozen (or even freezing) butt plugs can give you freezer burns. They will require urgent medical attention, and it’s safe to say you won’t be using anything for anal pleasure for a while after the procedure.

As with anything sexual in nature, do this with caution!

Another risk is damaging the butt plug. Glass plugs can crack in hot water or the fridge, but they can also appear whole and then crack inside of you. We don’t have to point out what that would mean for your health and well-being.

Having said all that, temperature play can indeed be quite a pleasurable activity for all you kink enthusiasts out there.

However, always remember to make safety your top priority. So have fun, and stay safe!