9 Butt plugs that will up your role playing game

We’ve all been there. After a while, the same-old regular sex starts to get boring, and you find yourself wanting to change things up a bit, to try something new. If you want to spice up your dull sex life, why not do a bit of role playing? Release your inner wild animal with our wide selection of animal tail butt plugs! Here is a list of 9 butt plugs that will up your role-playing game and make sex fun again:

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Cat tail plugs – Whether you’re a kitty who likes to purr and cuddle, or a wild cat always ready to get her claws out, our selection of cat tail plugs is perfect for you.

These plugs come in three different colors and stripes, black, white, and brown-grey, and in three different sizes.

The tails are made of real fur and feature a stainless steel plug for authenticity and reliability. Simply su-purrb!


Pony tail butt plugs – This plug will really send you off to the races! Enjoy the long, smooth and silky hairs of this top quality plug made of real horse hair with a comfortable silicone plug.

You can trot around like the majestic beast you are, and hope that your partner will be enticed to ride you into the fields of pleasure.





Wolf tail butt plugs – Winter is coming, so why not keep yourself and your partner warm with one of these genuine wolf tail butt plugs?

They come in three varieties, with different levels of tail fluffiness, and either a silicone or stainless steel plug. Each plug has a unique pattern to it, for an added authenticity.

The luxurious feel of the fur, as well as the majestic 45 cm length of the tail will leave you howling at the moon begging for more.



Bunny tail butt plugs - If you are feeling cute and fluffy, and are just aching to go down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, why not go with an adorable soft bunny tail butt plug! 

These small plugs come in a wide assortment of colors to fit all your bunny needs, and are available with both pink silicone and stainless steel plugs.


Dog tail butt plugs – You’re loyal to your master, obey their every command and whim, but have no way to show your mood?

How about wagging your tail to show affection! With our silicone dog tail butt plugs, you can wag your tail realistically and reliably.

These come in two different varieties, and four different sizes, so there is something for everyone. With our plugs, you will never be barking up the wrong tree!


Fox tail butt plugs – Nothing beats a classic! The original fox tail butt plug now comes in many varieties, lengths, colors, levels of furriness, as well as types of plug.

There really is something for everyone. We even offer extra-long tails, 80 cm in length, for the most discerning foxes out there.


Princess butt plugs – The most regal of plugs, this jewel can only adorn the ass of the most dazzling of princesses (or princes, why not!).

There are many varieties to choose from, a wide array of colors, textures, materials, and shapes. The jewels attached to the stem of the plug also come in many shapes and sizes, from the classic diamond shape, to a cute heart shape that will instantly make your play more classy.

For those with more refined tastes, there are even gold plugs for that extra feeling of decadence and luxury.


Anal Hooks – For those interested in kink/ BDSM, this device, which looks like an instrument of torture, is the perfect tool to explore your wild side.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are all made durable of stainless steel for a limitless amount of fun. Most importantly, these are perfectly safe, as all surfaces are rounded, so they contain no sharp edges that you could cut yourself on.

After all, kink is only fun when it’s safe!


Extra-large butt plugs – If you are a professional at anal play, and you are looking for more of a challenge, these extra-large plugs are perfect for you.

Our large plugs come in three varieties. Firstly, an enormous glass plug with a 7.5 cm width at its widest part, 16 cm long.

Our silicone plugs that come in three sizes, L, XL, and XXL allow our customers to fine-tune their experience to perfection.

Finally, our long but slender plugs will add more depth to any anal encounter.


This list should help you find the butt plug that is right for your kinky role-playing experience.

Remember, use this guide as a starting point for your explorations, but do not be frightened to delve deeper into the world of butt plugs, as there is only so much we can teach you in a short article such as this! For more information - take a look at our butt plug guide