What is the Purpose of Anal Douching?

Anal douching is the relatively simple process of cleaning the rectum of any debris or bacteria left over from the body’s natural processes. It is done by using an anal douche, which is usually a bulb holding liquid, and a nozzle which is inserted into the anus and is how the liquid passes into the body. The liquids can be varied, aiming to stimulate the body in specific ways.

A more complex thought though, is the reason behind it all. After all, our body does a fine job of self-cleaning and removing faeces, so why does it need any extra help? These reasons can be as individual as the people who take part, but they can be loosely grouped into two categories: Recreational douching, and medical douching.

Recreational Douching

Recreational douching is the most common form of douching. It isn’t done for any standard reasons or recommended by doctors. Instead it is related to each individual and what they wish to achieve from the process.

The most common reason is the simple fact that people do not wish to encounter leftover faecal matter when engaging in anal intercourse or anal play. This is where the simple part ends though. While the physical part of rectal cleaning has mostly the same results, the motives for it can vary drastically between people.

For gay men, there is a lot of pressure to regularly take part in anal douching. It is expected of any bottom (the man receiving anal) to ensure that he is clean and prepared to receive a penis. Failure to do so can bring great shame to the individual, and greatly inhibit his further ability to attract more men.

For others, douching is done less out of social pressure, and more to feel confident when engaging in anal play. This is especially prevalent in the early parts of a relationship. For some there is nothing worse than an embarrassing incident following a date with a new partner.

Medical Douching

Medical douching is done at the recommendation of a doctor or health professional. Usually it will be done to help treat a specific illness or ailment, most of which will be intestinal. If your doctor recommends that you take up douching for a medical purpose be sure to follow their instructions properly. Douching too often or incorrectly can lead to more trouble than not doing it at all.

Whether or not you decide to douche is entirely up to you. If you never do it, then most of the time your anal activity should still be faeces free. If you do choose to douche though, ensure you are doing it safely and not too often, and your butt will feel nice and fresh for whatever you have planned for it.