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Mucus When Using Butt Plugs

Butt plugs have a lot of advantages when compared to regular dildos. They are usually smaller, lighter and smoother than other sex toys.

In most cases, that means they don’t damage the inside of your colon that often. However, ‘that often’ isn’t always.

Just like any sex toy, a butt plug is only enjoyable as long as you use it safely. That’s why so many people have so many different questions about using them.

One of the more common questions out there deals with a rather messy topic. Namely, there will be times when you notice mucus coming out of your anus.

It won’t look pretty — we can guarantee that. But is it dangerous?

Does your anal cavity need treatment once you notice mucus or not? And, most importantly, can butt plugs play any role in causing it to happen?

Before we can answer any of that, we have to look at what mucus is, at least the mucus that humans produce.

What Is Anal Mucus?

Mucus is a thick, sticky fluid that our body produces naturally.

To most people, any type of mucus looks and feels nasty, which is common. After all, most of the time, we expel mucus from our body through secretions or excretions. For example, our nose commonly produces mucus that changes color and thickness when we get sick.

The process of removing nose mucus is well-known to everyone, so we won’t get into it. What we need to focus on is anal mucus.

Our body produces mucus to lubricate some of its parts. When it comes to our anal opening, the mucus helps the stool pass safely. Without it, we would get tears and lots of damaged tissue.

Normally, you wouldn’t notice anal mucus because it’s transparent. However, sometimes it can be white or pale yellow, which is also nothing to worry about.

The mucus doesn’t just help with stool passing, however. It also protects your colon from different fungi, bacteria, and viruses. In short, some mucus in your stool is good for you.

Where Does Anal Mucus Come From?

If you look at the human body, you’ll see a spot where the anal canal meets the rectum. This spot is called the transitional area or transitional zone.

Within this zone, you have two types of cells, the glandular and the squamous cells. Both of them are responsible for creating anal mucus. The squamous cells actually come from the anal canal itself.

So, When Should Anal Mucus Worry Me?

In addition, thicker mucus or mucus of a different color can also be a sign of trouble. And it goes without saying that mucus mixed with blood isn’t a good sign.

An increase in mucus, as well as abnormal mucus, doesn’t normally ‘come alone.’ You will usually feel abdominal or rectal pain or notice obvious changes in your stool consistency. There are several issues that can cause this change, and we will quickly list them before we move onto the role butt plugs can play in anal mucus.

    • Fissures and Obstructions Whenever a person has difficulty passing the stool, they can tear the lining of the lower rectum. We call this tear an anal fissure or an ulcer, depending on how severe it is. When you have one, your stool usually has excess mucus and blood.

      Obstructions, on the other hand, prevent stool from passing. This issue can be caused by something minor like constipation, passing a non-food object, or something serious like a tumor.

    • Bacterial Infections Different types of bacteria such as Yersinia, Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Shigella can cause an increase in mucus production. You can treat a few of these at home, but some will require seeing a doctor and getting proper medication.
  • Different Diets In case you’re allergic or intolerant to certain food substances (gluten, lactose, etc.), you might begin to produce more mucus. If you see mucus more frequently after eating a particular type of food, see your doctor as soon as possible. They can determine if it’s just intolerance or a full-blown allergy.
  • Rectal or Colon Cancer By far the most serious condition that can cause excess mucus is cancer. Other symptoms include bleeding from the anal cavity and sudden weight loss.

Can Butt Plugs Cause Anal Mucus?

We’ve covered all of the potential health issues that cause anal mucus. But let’s not forget that mucus forms naturally to lubricate the rectal cavity for an easier release. This process also happens during regular anal sex.

If two partners are having anal intercourse, the receiving partner will sometimes leak a milky-white liquid. Usually, people confuse it with sperm, even when the penetrating partner didn’t ejaculate.

However, this mucus is different from sperm. You can easily distinguish the two based on consistency and smell.

During anal intercourse, the rectum is stimulated with a foreign object (a penis or a toy). When that happens, the glandular and squamous cells produce the lubricant to make the passage go more easily.

When this happens, it’s important not to panic or overreact. If the liquid is pure and there’s no pain, then both partners are safe. In fact, it might even increase sexual pleasure by lubricating the penis or the toy.

Nevertheless, you need to stop if you see blood or if the receiving partner feels pain. Using sex toys the wrong way can cause tears and fissures, which can lead to an increase in mucus production, among other things.

Of course, butt plugs are usually smaller than penises or dildos. Can they still cause mucus to leak from the anus?

The answer is: yes, of course they can. Once you insert the butt plug in your anal cavity, you can expect some mucus to come out after a long session.

How To Prevent Anal Mucus

Before we answer this question, we should clear up a few things. You only have to prevent anal mucus if it’s linked to a disease or a condition. As we stated earlier, some mucus is perfectly normal, and it can even benefit you during anal sex or butt plug play.

However, an increase in mucus is a problem. Medication or therapy can help, but if you want to reduce anal mucus yourself, you need to change up your diet a bit.

What Not To Eat

When you begin to produce more mucus because of a disease, you need to avoid food that has a high concentration of sugar, salt, and food additives. In addition, try to eat less meat, cabbage, and histamine-rich foods.

But most importantly, do not eat food that you’re allergic to. You might want to do a food allergy test just to make sure you don’t eat something that might harm you.

What To Eat

You can reduce anal mucus by eating different foods. Vegetables are a good first choice, and you can combine them with olive oil, hummus or lemon juice.

Onions, celery, and watercress are especially useful when it comes to this issue. Also, in case you feel like having a light snack, increase your intake of nuts and seeds.

You can increase the intake of different vitamins as well. Talk to your doctor about your condition and try to eat food that will give you the vitamins you need.

Of course, you don’t have to outright stop eating everything from the ‘what not to eat’ section above.

What you should do is eat less of those foods, and combine them with the ones in the ‘what to eat’ section. For example, a decent salad with bits of chicken and nuts covered in olive oil can be a nice snack.

Should I Stop Using Butt Plugs?

If your anal cavity hurts while the mucus is coming out, then yes, you should.

However, butt plugs won’t hurt you if the mucus is clear or transparent and if it isn’t coming out of you in enormous quantities.

Make sure you know what has caused the excess mucus and then act accordingly.