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A Short Guide to Metal and Steel Butt Plugs

People who went shopping for butt plugs at some point in their life know the struggle of choosing the right one. The main reason is the sheer variety of butt plugs concerning the materials, sizes, and shapes.

Of all the choices out there, metal and steel seem to be among the most favored. Mainly because both of them are durable, body-safe, waterproof, and hygienic.

What’s more, they’re not porous, which means that there’s no way that bacteria will penetrate the material itself!

Even though steel and metal are among the favorite choices, they still manage to confuse potential buyers in terms of their differences. People often wonder whether there are any differences at all.

We’ll touch upon that subject in the article down below. Moreover, we’ll talk about the specific benefits and risks of using steel and metal butt plugs. So keep on reading to find out more!

Benefits Of Using A Metal Butt Plug

People who are beginner butt plug users or are considering using one may find the whole idea a tad bit intimidating.

Butt plugs are foreign objects, and as such, they often cause uncertainty among those who wish to use them. The idea that they might be uncomfortable and painful simply leaves people second-guessing their decision.

Well, they are neither of those things. In fact, they come with their own set of benefits which makes them extremely pleasant and satisfying to use!

Of course, the users would have to use the appropriate amount of lubricant, but that rule applies for every other butt plug.

The main benefit of a metal butt plug is obviously its design, which allows the user to experience a sensual and intense anal stimulation.

Another advantage is that it has a firm shape that won’t deform during use (like silicone ones do). Metal butt plug shapes can differ one from another, which means that they usually have multiple purposes.

For example, anal stimulation enthusiasts who wish to massage their prostate can get a butt plug with a specific shape for it. Alternatively, if they wish to target another sensitive spot, there’s probably a metal butt plug with the shape for it as well. That’s called targeted simulation.

Metal butt plugs are also extremely smooth and body-friendly. That’s pretty handy for beginners who wish to try everything slowly for the first time.

Moreover, this smoothness is also useful to the experienced users who don’t want to part with the plug but wear it instead. In addition, the ones that are made from surgical steel are absolutely safe to use.

Additional Benefits

    • It’s Easy to Clean Them: Sterilizing metal butt plugs after use literally couldn’t be any simpler. The users can choose whether they want to boil the plugs, wipe them with alcohol, or wash them with an antibacterial soap.
  • They’re Aesthetically Pleasing: It’s really hard not to notice the sparkliness of a shiny metal butt plug once it’s displayed somewhere. There are many colors, designs, patterns, and textures to choose from, and they’re all amazing. Some enthusiasts even consider them a work of art.
  • They Are Good for Temperature Play: People who are into ‘temperature play’ can easily manipulate the temperature of their butt plugs, being that they’re metal. Depending on the desired sensation, the users can either cool them down or heat them up.

Differences Between Steel And Metal Plugs

So now that we know what the benefits of using metal and steel butt plugs are, let’s cover the differences.

To be honest, ‘metal’ and ‘steel’ are almost interchangeable as terms when it comes to butt plugs. However, we managed to single out one notable difference.

Metal butt plugs are generally a lot sturdier than the stainless steel ones. They also provide a more intense experience, which is why only the experienced users get them.

In addition, it’s important to consider the fact that there are all sorts of metals out there. Some of them might be a bit safer to use than others.

On the other hand, stainless steel (or surgical steel, as they like to call it) is probably the best in terms of quality and safety. It’s so much easier to sterilize and clean, and the risk of getting injured is minimal.

Specific Risks/Dangers Of Steel/Metal Plugs

    • Potential injuries: There’s a small chance that people who use metal/steel butt plugs might experience bleeding, discomfort, and pain. There are several reasons as to why that might happen. Some of them include wearing the plug for too long, the inappropriate size of the plug, or forcing the plug in.
    • Using a lubricant is absolutely necessary: Metal butt plugs are generally sturdier and heavier, and people use them for more intense stimulations. As such, they require using a lubricant at all times. Otherwise, there’s a risk of causing one of the injuries from the previous paragraph.
  • They’re heavy: Steel and metal butt plugs are probably not a good idea for someone who’s a beginner. They’re likely to be too much noticeable due to their weight. That will only lead to discomfort and potential pain, which defeats the whole purpose of the plug. Furthermore, dropping them in the sink, on tiles, or even on toes might cause some serious damage.
  • Some have a problematic base: Some metal/steel butt plugs tend to have a round base, which could complicate performing regular activities (sitting, walking, etc). The main reason for this are the sharp edges that might dig into the user’s butt. However, not all metal/steel butt plugs have such bases, so people can easily avoid this issue.

Wrap Up

So there you have it. That’s basically all you need to know about using metal and steel butt plugs.

Their usage is nothing out of the ordinary, meaning that they pretty much work like any other butt plug. However, there are several benefits to using them, which make them stand out from the rest.

Those include their smoothness, visual appeal, the ease of maintenance, and their ability to stimulate specific spots.

All in all, metal and steel butt plugs are very safe to use if used properly, and it’s no wonder why so many people favor them. However, it’s important to consider the properties of each product before purchase and get the one that’s suitable for your body.

Once you find the perfect fit, you’ll never go back to using a different one. That’s for sure!