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Men and Butt Plugs

The Forbidden Fruit Or The New Trend — Men And Butt Plugs

Thanks to the social movements of sexual liberation, things that we only whispered and spoke about in tight, close-knit circles are now, thankfully, out in the open. One of those things is the pleasure that butt plugs can bring to men!

However, if we're completely honest, even in the modern era of sexual fluidity, men’s sexual pleasure and especially anal play is still something that’s somewhat of a stigma in heterosexual circles.

While it’s a well-known fact that gay men often enjoy a sex toy or a few in the bedroom, straight men still keep such things to themselves!

What’s more, men are often ashamed of trying out sex toys, even when they’d really like to, out of the fear of being called “gay,” as if that’s a bad thing.

So, today, we are jumping straight into the deep end of the pool, starting with the question that most straight men have on their minds.

Is It Gay For Men To Use Butt Plugs?

In a word — no. Sexual pleasure is just one part of sexuality. Using sex toys of any variety, including butt plugs, doesn’t make a person gay.

In fact, it takes an open mind to delve into sex toy play. Therefore, some would say that men who use sex toys and embrace anal play as a form of pleasure are more in touch with their sexuality.

Thus, it’s logical to assume that they aren’t confused or misguided. They know what they like, and aren’t afraid of going for it.

If we turn the tables a bit, the answer to the question becomes even more evident. Some gay men don’t like to have anal intercourse. They don’t like the penetration.

However, that doesn’t make them any less gay. You’ll never find a man wondering “maybe I’m straight after all” just because he doesn’t like butt plugs and/or other forms of penetration.

Therefore, loving anal play has little to do with sexual orientation.

Social Stigma And Vulnerability

Another critical point we have to make is that men who voice their desires to wear butt plugs put themselves in a highly vulnerable position. Voicing desires that aren’t perceived as socially acceptable is a daunting thing to do. So we applaud all men who do so!

Rest assured — you are in good company. Maybe the society hasn’t caught on yet, but butt plugs and anal play, in general, are slowly but surely beating the social stigma on all fronts around the world.

The Joys Of Manhood — Anal Play

Anal play is exciting, and there’s nothing shameful about it. The only reason why more men aren’t embracing it is the fact that anal intercourse is socially regarded as “gay intercourse.”

However, as mentioned before, the type of intercourse doesn’t define your sexuality. Neither does the sex of your partner, for that matter.

Some heterosexual men often try out having intercourse with same-sex partners for various reasons — curiosity, excitement, adventurism. However, that doesn’t make them gay.

Sexual orientation is defined by how you feel and who you are attracted too. What’s more, sexuality is fluid and should be embraced. That’s precisely why we are advocating the topic of butt plug use.

Submission? Only To Pleasure!

Butt plugs are not gender-defined. Both men and women can use all types. There’s no shame in using them — just pleasure!

When used properly, butt plugs can significantly improve both intercourse and masturbation for men (but we’ll talk more about that later).

Men usually struggle with embracing their sexuality. Some men have issues with accepting that they deserve pleasure that’s given and not just taken.

Thanks to the mostly patriarchal society we have been living in, most men are programmed to think that their sexual role should be dominant and almost aggressive when it comes to pleasure taking.

Furthermore, the social norm is that penetration is “reserved” for women. All these false beliefs stop some men from embracing the joys of anal play, which is a real shame, considering how much pleasure anal play can bring.

To sum It Up:

  • Penetration can go both ways in both straight and gay relationships.
  • Liking anal play and butt plugs doesn’t make a person gay or bisexual.
  • Using butt plugs does not make men submissive.
  • Embracing your sexuality and taking pleasure without prejudice is hot.

Be Curious, Not Judgemental — The Enjoyable Aspects Of Butt Plugs And Anal Play

Here’s the thing — those who have experienced prostate-induced orgasms know just how high the endorphins can take you. Anal orgasms will be the best orgasms you ever experience. And there’s a good reason for that.

Regular intercourse (or masturbation) can’t achieve what butt plugs can — prostate stimulation.

Let’s be honest — who hasn’t slipped a finger in there a time or two, just to see how it feels? If you did, and you knew what you were doing (or you explored), you probably found the P-spot when you curled your finger inwards.

The P-spot or the prostate gland is located 3 to 4 inches into the anal canal and can be easily found when the person is aroused because it swells up. Prostate-induced orgasms are often fuller, longer, and more intense.

Now, fingering yourself or your partner is a fantastic feeling. However, but plugs can do so much more.

The Benefits Of Using A Butt Plug

The orgasms are amazing: Yes, we mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. Prostate-induced orgasms feel so much better than regular climaxes.

Sure, each orgasm already feels like a slice of heaven, but reaching climax while your prostate is stimulated will make your legs shake.

The prostate has a lot of nerve endings that will flood your pleasure centers with endorphins, inducing a high you’ve never felt before.

It allows you to explore your sexuality: Yes, this is another thing we already mentioned, but once isn’t enough — using a butt plug doesn’t make you gay.

However, it does offer you a chance to explore your sexuality. And there’s nothing gay about it. Embracing your body and all the pleasures it can provide can only make you happier.

It makes you better in bed: Penetration isn’t as straightforward as some might think. Vaginal intercourse that demands penetration is so much more than “in-and-out.”

However, that might be a hard thing for some men to grasp, especially since they’ve never experienced anything similar. And that’s where butt plugs come into play.

They allow you to experience something that’s a vital part of sexual intercourse for your partner. This, in turn, might make you realize some things, like the fact that proper lubrication is crucial for pleasurable sex, or that a steady rhythm is necessary for the orgasm build-up.

More importantly, it can offer you a glimpse into how important it is to go at the pace, speed, and intensity that your partner enjoys (instead of just shoving yourself back and forth).

Anal play gives you perspective: Most guys love nothing more than asking their girlfriends or wives to try anal. But, when the tables are turned, they aren’t as keen on trying out new stuff.

So, if you’re really interested in trying out anal intercourse with your partner, butt plugs are an ideal way to show them that trust goes both ways.

It might be pleasurable for your partner: While sex should be about the give and take, pleasure still comes in many forms. Your partner might enjoy bringing you to the brink of orgasm with nothing more than a butt plug.

It might not be an "every night” type of activity, but it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

Butt plugs and masturbation for men: Wearing a butt plug during intercourse or masturbation can provide constant prostate stimulation.

That means you’ll be getting pleasure on both ends, by stimulating both your penis and the prostate.

Butt Plugs — More Than Just An Appetizer

There’s a common misconception out there that butt plugs are only beneficial as a prelude to anal intercourse. While that is indeed a possibility, as they do prepare the person for more powerful penetration, butt plugs have more than one purpose.

Masturbating with a butt plug allows for prostate stimulation and even prostate massage. Now, if you don’t know what prostate massage is, it’s a sexual technique also known as “milking.”

Milking has two benefits — it’s exceptionally pleasurable while also being medically beneficial. Milking the prostate (providing constant stimulation to the prostate) increases semen production and maintains prostate health.

Granted, it’s an advanced technique. So if you’re a novice, it’s best to start with simple anal stimulation and find the methods that work best for you.

When it comes to prostate stimulation, it’s better to go slow and on your own (or with a very attentive partner). That way, you can get comfortable with the new sensations.

Safety First

Butt plugs require some preparation. You can’t just shove them in there and expect a mind-blowing orgasm. Well, you can, but you'll regret it.

Before you consider placing a butt plug, you have to prep yourself.

This requires lubricating the area and slowly stretching the anal canal with your finger(s), so it can receive the butt plug without too much pain and discomfort.

Lubricate your fingers and rectum and slowly insert one finger. Once you adjust to the feeling, you can start pumping the finger in and out.

After that, add a second finger and repeat the process. Once you feel loose enough, you can insert the lubricated butt plug.

You’ll notice that proper lubrication is critical, as a dry butt plug will lead to pain, irritation and even tearing.

Now comes the fun part! While some discomfort is normal, you’ll quickly feel nothing but pleasure, after a quick adjustment period.

You can start your masturbation session by massaging the perineum, thus adjusting the butt plug, so it hits your prostate. Pairing this feeling with penile stimulation will make your first butt plug masturbation an experience you’ll never forget.

Don’t be embarrassed if you finish early! As we mentioned — the pleasure is quite intense.

Do Butt Plugs Improve Men’s Orgasms?

YES doesn’t even begin to cover it. Some men describe their experiences as “super orgasms” because wearing a butt plug significantly heightens the pleasure. Here’s why.

Contrary to popular belief, men are actually “programmed’ to like penetration. The location of the prostate is a clear sign that penetration is something that should happen (at one point or another).

Sure, penetration doesn’t have reproductive purposes, but when it comes to pleasure, there’s nothing better than it!

Butt plugs improve everything — foreplay, masturbation, sex (in various positions), as well as blow jobs and hand jobs.

That’s because the stimulation takes place in two spots — the nerve endings in the prostate and on the surface of the penis. Double the stimulus — double the fun!

What’s more, stimulating the prostate makes your pelvic floor muscles contract, which, in turn, causes the orgasm and the pleasure to be more intense.

The contractions of the anal canal will squeeze the butt plug and prolong the sensation as well as strengthen the pressure on the prostate. That makes the climax longer and more powerful.

You’ll practically feel it with your whole body. It’s not uncommon that your legs and arms start to shake and you lose the sense of balance. But, don’t worry — you’ll enjoy every second!

Best Butt Plugs For Men

Thanks to the booming sex toy industry, men have a plethora of butt plugs at their disposal to choose from. Everyone can find something that fits their needs.

You can start small, with a tiny butt plug if you’re a novice, or you can go a bit wild and choose the curved prostate massagers.

While you can choose whatever you like, it’s crucial that the butt plug has a flared base. As we mentioned before — safety first! The flared base will make sure that the butt plug doesn’t slip in to far and get lost or stuck.

Best Butt Plugs For Novices

If you’ve never tried playing with butt plugs, and your anal canal isn’t used to the stretching sensation, the obvious choice is to start small. Pick small, silicone butt plugs that are flexible and have a tapered tip.

The tapered tip is the crucial feature here. Due to the small size, the insertion will go smoothly and with as little discomfort as possible.

Choosing a silicone butt plug also allows for fast and efficient clean up. That isn’t something we like to think about while in the throws of passion, but maintaining proper hygiene of all sex toys is paramount for sexual health.

When it comes to anal play “go big or go home” is not the proper motto to go by. Start small — you can always adjust the size later on.

Best Butt Plugs For Experienced Users

Experienced users don’t have to pay as much attention to the size as novices do. Novices can even get kits that have three or four different sizes of butt plugs and work their way up.

Men who have more experience with butt plugs will often go for those that have features that slightly or significantly deviate from the standard. Curved butt plugs that provide constant prostate stimulation are a great choice, for example.

Experienced users also like to experiment with the material. While silicone is the most comfortable and easiest when it comes to clean up, metal butt plugs and even glass butt plugs offer different sensations.

If you’re a fan of anal play, you’ll quickly discover that different butt plugs bring different types of pleasure. You can go for the butt plugs that are ribbed and that widen at the base, for example.

It’s all a matter of preference — as long as you’re careful and don’t ignore the safety hazards, you’ll enjoy every butt plug out there!

Best Butt Plugs For Adventurous Couples

If you want to try out a butt plug with your partner, we suggest going for the ones that have the option of remote control. That way, your partner can surprise you with vibrations when you aren’t expecting them.

What’s more, it adds on a layer of fun, as you put complete control of your pleasure in your partner's hands.

The remote control also offers a chance for prolonged foreplay. There are some butt plugs that you can wear throughout the day and that have long-range receivers.

That means you can get kinky and wear a butt plug all day, while your partner operates it from a remote location. The anticipation and excitement are almost indescribable!

Standard vibrating butt plugs are also an excellent choice for couples. If you wear them while having intercourse, your partner will also feel the vibrations. That means that one toy can enhance the experience for both parties.

A Few Parting Words

If this article still hasn’t warmed you up to the idea of trying out butt plugs — we won’t push. Sexual pleasure is a fantastic thing, but only when all parties consent to it.

However, if it sounds intriguing and you're willing to try it, we say — go for it!

On your own or with a partner, anal play can broaden your horizons, get you in touch with your sexuality, and give you mind-blowing orgasms!