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How to stretch your anus with anal toys

Anal training is a term you might come across often while shopping around for different kinds of anal sex toys. It is basically the process of slowly stretching your sphincters to accommodate larger and larger objects. As your training objects increase in size, the smaller objects will become easier, and much less painful to insert.

For most people, the goal with anal training will be to have anal intercourse without any pain ruining the experience. A lot of people are outright put off anal sex at all because of the chance of pain, or a previous painful experience. By slowly training your anus over time, you should be able to have completely pain free intercourse.

Other people though want something more. They aim to train their anus to accommodate increasingly large objects. Reasons for this can vary. Some simply like the feeling of fullness you get from holding objects in the rectum, and larger objects give a greater sense of fullness. Some see it as a challenge. Whatever your reason or goal, approaching it slowly and over time is the safest and least painful way to achieve it.

How far can you go?

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The tissue and muscles that make up the rectum is incredible stretchy and flexible. Much like the vagina, it adapts as needed to hold larger objects. In the rectums case this means being able to store larger amounts of faeces. Scientists have tried to study the rectum to determine exactly how flexible it can be, to little avail. Their results were just too varied to come to any consensus on the average size.

What we do know as a reference point though, are the kinds of things that have been removed from people in surgery. These objects can be surprisingly large, including things like door knobs, bottles, and in one case even a living eel.

So, while we can’t say exactly how far you can take your anus, we do know that it’s far. If you’re planning on accommodating a penis or any good quality sex toy, you will be more than safe stretching to that level. As long as you take it slow….

Can it cause problems?

For the most part, any level of anal stretching will not actually make much of a difference to your everyday life. Even in some of the most extreme stretching situations, the anus normally returns to its previous size and shape within about six hours. If you regularly perform extreme levels of anal stretching though, there is a risk of permanent damage and incontinence. You need to give your body a few days to recover between these sessions to prevent this.

Pushing yourself too far is also a risk. Going too big, too fast can tear the tissue that lines the rectum, needing surgery to fix. If you go slowly though, use plenty of lube, and gradually increase size over time then pain or damage will be the last of your worries.

How to stretch your anus

The most basic method of anal stretching involves simply using your fingers. Starting with one finger (lubricated of course), insert it into the anus, and begin to move it in a circular motion. During these circles you should be gently applying pressure to the muscles, pushing outwards from the centre of your anus.

Not only will this begin to gradually open the sphincter muscles, it also massages the area and can feel very nice. Even when you’re more advanced and using larger toys, this can still be a good warm up activity to prepare your anus.

Once you feel comfortable with one finger and the muscles have loosened a bit, feel free to move on to two. You can either use two from the same hand, and continue in one circular motion, or use both index fingers and perform half semicircles with them. Either way you can continue to gradually build this up until you feel ready to start using a toy.

There are two main types of sex toy that will help in this endeavour: Butt plugs, and anal dilators.

Butt plugs are usually available in an “anal training kit” which is actually a collection of three or four different plugs. These will all be different sizes, usually starting with something fairly modest and small, and building up to ones that are actually quite large. You begin by using the smallest and holding it as long as you feel comfortable with. Once you can insert and hold that one without any pain or discomfort, you move onto the next. You essentially repeat the process with whatever plugs or toys you want to until you reach your desired size.

This doesn’t all have to be done in one session, and it would probably be best to space the journey out over a few months. You also don’t have to move on at all. If you feel like your anus has reached its limit, stick with the size you currently use and make the most of the pleasure it gives you. Bigger isn’t always better!

While less of a sex toy and more of a tool, an anal dilator can also be a massive help to your anal stretching. These are exactly the same as vaginal dilators and are essentially a kind of reverse clamp. You insert the device closed, then open it up and hold the anus in the open position for as long as you are comfortable with.

Numbing creams

In place of lubrication, some people like to use numbing creams in their anus to help reduce the pain they feel. I would NEVER recommend this. Pain is your body's first response to tell you something is wrong. By numbing this, you can accidentally push yourself further than you intended to, and further than is safe. It’s better to avoid these entirely and with responsible, careful stretching over time, you won’t feel any pain anyway.

Whichever method you choose, you should ALWAYS use lubrication when inserting things into your anus. Without lube, it doesn’t matter how much stretching and training you’ve done, it’ll probably still be painful. Get everything nice and slippery, and take your time.