How to Reduce the Size of Your Prostate

Prostate disorders affect more and more men, especially as they get older. A lot of these disorders result in, or are caused by an enlarged prostate. To try and combat this, many men are constantly looking for ways to reduce the size of their prostate glands, turning to milking and massage, kegel exercises, and in the worst cases treatment and surgery by doctors.

While all of these measures are effective when dealing with your prostate, there are some simple and easy steps you can take in your everyday life to reduce both the size of your gland, and the chances of developing diseases later in life. None of these steps are too drastic, so you shouldn’t feel too hard-pressed to incorporate them into your life.

It is worth noting that while an enlarged prostate can cause health problems, it’s not always a bad thing. Some men with a larger prostate will continue to function completely normally. Likewise some men with a “regular” sized prostate could have many problems with theirs. It’s really just down to your own body, and adopting these steps aim to improve prostate health overall, not just shrink it.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Keeping your body weight and fat at healthy levels is important for almost all parts of your body, and your prostate is no different. When you carry around a lot of extra weight you put a lot of unneeded strain and stress on the various parts of your body. The extra fat has to go somewhere, and it usually finds its way between all of your important muscles and organs, squashing everything. With the prostate this can be even more disastrous, as most prostate problems come from things getting squashed down there as your prostate grows.

Regular Exercise

As discussed in our article on Exercise and the Prostate, regularly taking part in aerobic physical activity can have massive benefits on your prostate. Many studies have shown that people who are regularly active have much lower chances of contracting prostate related illnesses. Moving more can also help with symptoms if you already suffer from any illnesses. While not specifically studied, it is likely that the increased blood flow around an active body help the gland to grow less, and become less inflamed.

Healthy Diet

Another general lifestyle tip, but one that is again important in maintaining a healthy prostate. Certain types of food carry a much greater benefit of prostate health. These foods not only maintain the health, but can actually slow the growth of the prostate entirely. The best kind of diet for this is one high in fresh fruits and vegetables, oily fish, nuts, eggs, and red meat (in moderation).

Plant Proteins are the Best Proteins

Studies have been done on the effects of both dairy and meat products which have shown high consumption in both can increase your risk of prostate cancer. Plant based proteins on the other hand are generally considered the best way to get your protein intake and remain healthy. Foods such as lentils, quinoa, beans and grains give you a lot of options while maintaining your protein levels in a more healthy way.

Avoiding Caffeine or Alcohol

If you’ve ever had a heavy night out, you’ll know that once you break the seal, you just keep going to the bathroom over and over again. Both alcohol and caffeine are diuretics, which increase the amount of urine your body needs to expel. If you already suffer from some of the urinary symptoms of prostate disorders, cutting back on both types of fluid can help you need the bathroom a lot less. Similarly avoiding fluids in the evening can stop you needing to get up in the night. While cutting down on liquids won’t necessarily reduce the size of your prostate, it can really help alleviate some of your symptoms.

Keep Your Hormone Levels Healthy


As men age, the amount of testosterone the body naturally produces will drop. Most of the time this will result in a higher level of dihydrotestosterone and estrogen, both of which usually stimulate prostate growth. In order to balance hormone levels later in life, men need to take extra care with their diet and exercise levels, and if they need more help to maintain balance, some supplements are available to help.

Choose the Right Supplements

There are tons of supplements out there, many of them advertising to be miracle cures for things you didn’t even know existed. While a lot of them will be largely bogus, some supplements have been thoroughly researched and proven to be beneficial to maintaining a healthy prostate. In order to make sure you aren’t taking anything that can make things worse, it’s always recommended to discuss things with your doctor. In some cases, a supplement may not only be no help to your situation, but also unbalance other parts of your system, making the overall picture much worse.

Keep Stress Levels Low

Another piece of sage life advice, but keeping your stress down is incredibly difficult in the modern world. It’s important not to underestimate it though, as healthy stress levels can give you massive improvements in almost all parts of your life. This is equally true for your prostate, as high stress can reduce the amount of zinc your body produces, and zinc is very important for a healthy prostate. Stressed men are also at risk of pelvic tension, and lowered immune systems, both of which can worsen any poor prostate health symptoms you might experience.

Talk to Your Doctor or Pharmacist

As always, one of the best places to start when looking at increasing your health is with a visit to the doctor. A frank and honest conversation about your lifestyle and diet can let the doctors give you some great advice on how you can improve both your prostate and overall health. There’s nothing to be shy about, doctors will have had these conversations a million times over, and shouldn’t have any problems running you through anything you aren’t sure of.