Can I Use My Anal Douche in the Shower?

Most guides to anal douching you find will probably tell you to be near your toilet, so that when everything comes back out you have somewhere easy to drop it all off. It is perfectly acceptable though to douche while in the shower! Not only does it have a drain for things to flow away, but it means you can adopt douching as part of your showering regime. You were probably going to have a shower afterwards anyway, so why not do both at the same time?

Ensure that you have everything you need before you jump in the shower, or you’ll have to be getting in and out. You can douche at the start of the shower, or the end, it’s entirely up to you. Perform the douche as normal, being careful not to slip over, the let everything out as normal. You can continue until the water ends up running clear from your butt, then finish your shower as usual.

Shower shots

If you find that you particularly enjoy having your douches during a shower, you can go an extra step. A shower shot is a small nozzle which attaches to either your shower hose, or directly to the shower fitting itself. Which you choose will depend on if you plan to use it all the time. With a shower shot douching nozzle, completing your anal douches while in the shower requires no extra set up or equipment, and can really speed the process along.

If you’ve ever considered anal douching, but been a bit worried about the mess, then why not try doing it in the shower? Then when you step out, you’ll feel squeaky clean inside and out.