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Butt Plug Materials

Butt plugs come in many shapes and sizes. If you were to browse an adult online store, you’d be surprised by just how many there actually are!

But then again, the manufacturers more or less don’t change the basic bulb-stem-base formula, and the most popular ones look identical.

In other words, most people prefer the basic type, which is why the basic butt plugs sell the best.

Naturally, this has a lot to do with how it functions. Even the most experienced butt plug users will tell you not to experiment with shapes until you’ve ‘mastered’ the original.

After all, your safety, as well as your sexual pleasure, depend on how the butt plug looks. But that’s not all they depend on!

The shape is important, but you can’t ignore what the plug is made of. This notion, of course, applies to all other sex toys.

Sometimes the material the plug is made of can hurt you. But then again, sometimes it will be too soft, and you won’t feel anything — not even proper pleasure.

There’s a lot more to buying a plug than its look and shape. As such, let’s explore the different butt plug materials and why you should know about them before buying one.

Key Elements To Choosing A Butt Plug Based On Material

  • Maintaining Shape: When we talk about ‘maintaining shape,’ we’re talking about whether the plug will bend too much or break. Some low-quality rubber butt plugs don’t maintain their shape after repeated use, which definitely isn’t good news.

    It’s also not good if the plug is brittle. Once you break it, you can damage your insides and end up in the emergency room, or at the very least, lose a toy and be forced to buy a new one.

  • How It Feels: How a butt plug feels might as well be on the top of the list for a few reasons. Your butt plug might look good, be tested for safety, be easy to maintain and cost you next to nothing. But if you don’t get sexual pleasure from using it, it’s a wasted investment.

    For example, imagine buying a very soft butt plug. Then, after getting ready and putting it in, you feel nothing. Not a thing. A butt plug that can’t get you aroused is not worth your time.

    Of course, the same goes for butt plugs that just make you feel plain uncomfortable. Maybe it’s too rough, maybe it feels ‘metal-ish’ — maybe it just doesn’t go in even with lubricant. Whatever the case might be, if it feels off, don’t use it, and definitely don’t buy it.

  • Is It Safe? It goes without saying that you mustn’t use sex toys that will harm you. A butt plug that’s made of a rough material can damage your rectal cavity. Once it does, you won’t really enjoy any anal pleasure for weeks, maybe even months.

    It should also be firm enough not to break inside of you. Some low-quality glass butt plugs can break while you’re using one, and that can cause a whole lot more than mere scrapes and bruises.

  • How Easy It Is To Clean: While cleaning the butt plug isn’t the most fun activity out there, it’s definitely important. After all, you are using the toy inside of the opening where excrement comes out.

    Even if you don’t get any excrement on the toy itself, there are still bacteria swarming about its surface.

    With that in mind, you’ll have to give it a good scrub, a good rinse, even a good soak in boiling water. Naturally, you can’t clean butt plugs of different materials the same. Some will take more effort, others more time.

  • The Price: Yes, some materials are just more expensive. But we’re not talking about fancy materials (though we will cover them later as well) — we’re talking about everyday materials that nearly all butt plugs are made of.

    Naturally, this particular point won’t be an issue if you have a lot of money to spend on sex toys.

Now that we’ve more or less covered the basic elements of butt plug materials know-how, let’s focus on the materials themselves.

List Of Butt Plug Materials

Silicone Butt Plugs

Silicone is one of the most frequent materials used in making sex toys. Of course, there’s a reason for that.

Namely, silicone is the perfect balance between soft and hard. When you pick up a silicone dildo or a butt plug, it will bend the way you move while you use it. You won’t feel any chafing or scraping with it.

Why Choose Silicone?

Silicone is soft despite having a permanent shape. You can use silicone butt plugs and not have to worry about sitting the wrong way or having it poke your colon. Right there you have ‘safe’ and ‘feels good’ checked.

As far as price is concerned, you can buy silicone butt plugs at any price. They’re so common that literally anyone can enjoy them, or rather, anyone who likes anal play. For these reasons, most people recommend silicone plugs to beginners.

Why Avoid Silicone?

While silicone butt plugs are soft and nice to use, they aren’t perfect.

For example, they aren’t as smooth as other plugs on the market. If you don’t want any bumpiness, you might want to pick a plug made from something other than silicone.

Then there’s the question of lubrication. People who plan to lube up their silicone butt plug should only use water-based products. Silicone lubricants will not work with silicone plugs, though they generally don’t work too well with most materials either.

Finally, there’s sterilization. It’s far more difficult to sterilize a silicone butt plug than a plug made from harder materials. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but if you’re someone who likes to share their toys, making sure they are 100% bacteria-free is a must.

Metal And Stainless Steel Butt Plugs

It might seem like a leap to go from one of the softest materials to one of the hardest. However, don’t let the hardness of the metal or surgical steel fool you.

Some of the best anal toys are metal, and butt plugs are no different. So let’s focus on what a good, hard toy can bring you.

Why Choose Metal Or Steel?

‘Metal’ is a bit of a generic term. More often than not, these plugs are made of stainless or surgical steel. Whatever you call them, you can tell just from their name that these plugs are tough.

Durability is something you will never have to worry about with a metal butt plug. After all, you’d need some serious strength to bend or break it.

But it’s not all about durability. Nearly all of these plugs are shaped in such a way that they can smoothly enter your anal cavity.

Once they do, they press all the right spots with the perfect amount of pressure. You’re more likely to have an explosive orgasm from these plugs than you are from silicone ones.

However, there is one other feature that works perfectly with these toys. Namely, they are almost tailor-made for temperature play.

Heat them or freeze them, you’ll get hours of new sensations from a single metal plug. This feature also makes them perfect for cleaning with boiling water. But then again, they are easy to clean no matter how you go about it.

Finally, they look really neat. There’s something beautiful about a solid metal tool shining in front of you. And with so many designs out there, you can’t help but own a couple of these toys yourself.

Why Avoid Metal Or Steel?

Hard and firm might work for some, but not for others. While it’s true that beginners can enjoy a metal butt plug (you can even buy smaller plugs, specially designed for novices), most want something soft first.

The best thing to do here is to delay buying a metal butt plug until you ‘train’ your anus to receive softer ones first.

Another quite major flaw is that you can’t really use metal butt plugs for outdoor under-clothes activities. In other words, metal plugs are not something you want in you for hours as you go about your day.

They don’t bend or twist, so you can actually damage your colon if you’re not careful. They’re also not good for people who enjoy sleeping with their plugs inside of them.

Glass Butt Plugs

The glass is the odd one here. Normally, people don’t associate glass with sex toys, especially sex toys that go inside the rectum. After all, glass shatters, right?

Well, yes and no. It all comes down to the type of glass. We will remind you that you have skyscrapers where entire floors (floors that you walk on, not floors-stories) are made of thick, transparent glass. It all comes down to thickness and materials.

We will even go one step further and distance ourselves from butt plugs for a second. If you were to go to your kitchen right now and pick up two different drinking glasses, you’d see how different they are, not just because of their shape, mind you, but also because of their thickness. The lighter one will probably shatter more easily upon impact than the thicker one.

But enough about kitchenware. Sex ware is where it’s at, so let’s see what makes glass butt plugs great

Why Choose Glass?

Glass is somehow the best of both worlds, in a way. It’s nowhere near as hard as metal or steel, but it’s definitely harder than silicone. That makes it the perfect material for beginners who want to try something hard but are afraid of a metal plug.

However, a glass plug also offers something not many others do. Namely, you can order a colored glass plug, and it will look stunning, but not too different from other plugs with custom designs.

Also, glass can be transparent. As such, a transparent toy is perfect for couples.

Just imagine the idea of actually seeing the inside of your partner’s anal cavity while it’s being penetrated. To many out there, that is a dream come true.

In addition to being strong and beautiful, glass butt plugs can also be used for temperature play. However, not all of them can handle big temperature oscillations.

Make sure you know what your plug is made of before you decide to heat it up with boiling water or cool it in your freezer.

Finally, a glass plug is really easy to clean. You only need to rinse it and soap it up before everything is gone. Not to mention that it’s even easier to clean a transparent glass toy since you can more or less tell where every speck of dirt is.

Why Avoid Glass?

While most glass toys won’t shatter, there are those that will. And if a glass butt plug shatters while inside of you, you’ll need to go to the ER as soon as possible.

Your anus is already very sensitive, so it won’t ‘play’ well with glass shards.

But it’s more than just shattering while it’s in. There is also a possibility that you can shatter it while it’s out, i.e., while you’re not using it.

Glass plugs require a lot of care, and one wrong move can turn your sex toy into an afternoon with your vacuum cleaner and a new $25 sex toy investment.

Of course, all dildos and butt plugs need to be taken care of, but a glass toy is by far the most brittle, and arguably, the most dangerous when damaged.

Rubber And Jelly Butt Plugs

Most of the materials we’ve listed can be safe for you and generally have benefits to them. Silicone is soft, metal is hard and durable, glass is transparent and smooth, etc.

But when it comes to jelly and rubber plugs, you’re much more likely to have a bad time.

The only two benefits of having a rubber or jelly butt plug are the price and the softness. These plugs are normally the cheapest on the market, which makes them perfect for beginners who don’t know much about plug shopping.

They are also soft, so they can bend and move with your body, though not as well as silicone.

Now that we have the minor positives out of the way, let’s focus on the negatives.

Why Avoid Rubber And Jelly?

There’s a reason rubber and jelly butt plugs are as cheap as they are. They can break, tear, rend, bend or even melt after a short while, so you’ll need to replace them regularly. You’d just be throwing money away, really.

Another major issue with these plugs is that the material contains chemicals called phthalates. Manufacturers originally used phthalates for plastic sex toys because they made them softer and flexible.

However, when scientists tested them on rats, they found a whole range of negative side effects. The rats would either get cancer, damaged reproductive organs, stillborn pups or would outright die. Based on this, doctors recommend avoiding phthalates as much as possible.

But even if we ignore phthalates and poor craftsmanship, there’s always the question of how these plugs feel. The answer? Not too good.

People that have used rubber and jelly butt plugs always recommend others to switch to silicone or metal. And when the majority of butt plug enthusiasts tells you something in unison, you might want to pay attention.

Other Regular Materials

Two more materials that we haven’t yet touched upon here are plastic and wood.

Their existence is a bit silly, you might think, but rich folk who like a bit of anal fun don’t spare any expense.

Making custom gold or silver dildos and butt plugs is a lucrative business. There are even so-called ‘master craftsmen’ who specialize in nothing else but handcrafted butt plugs and sex toys for the rich.

Obviously, the biggest flaw of these toys is that they will cost you an arm and a leg. Unless you have a Bentley parked in your backyard, and your backyard is the size of Liechtenstein, it would be best to avoid even looking up these butt plugs.

After all, you really don’t want to give $2000 for a prostate massager!

Which Material Is The Best?

As stated, butt plugs come in many shapes and sizes, and as we have just seen, many materials. It’s really hard to pin down the best one since the major three (silicone, metal, glass) offer different things to different people.

What we CAN say for certain is that you should avoid anything with phthalates, whether it’s plastic, jelly or rubber. Also, avoid looking up luxury butt plugs unless you’re loaded like Jeff Bezos and daring like Milo Yiannopoulos.

In terms of the top three, metal would be your best bet if you want action and rough stimulation. If you prefer a slower build-up, however, a silicone butt plug might do the job. Finally, a glass plug combines strength and smoothness with beautiful designs.

Just make sure to take care of your butt plugs after use, whatever they are made of.