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Best Butt Plug Designs for Extra Pleasure

Wearing a butt plug is not as easy as buying it at random and inserting it into yourself. You have to know what suits your needs best. And butt plugs, like all sex toys, come in many different shapes and sizes.

Some are pointy, some are wide, others come with jewelry or extra bits that make them easier to slide in or pull out. And truth be told, a lot of them will look attractive to someone who hasn’t used a butt plug before!

So where’s the harm in buying a butt plug on a whim?

Well, there can be actual, physical harm involved. If you get a butt plug that doesn’t fit properly or that chafes, you can damage your anal cavity or the skin around it.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. This text will tell you everything you need to know about butt plug designs.

You’ll learn what’s the best thickness, the best shape, how to optimally use different plugs and how you can get maximum pleasure out of them.

What To Look For In Butt Plug Designs

Stem Length

There are butt plugs that come with either short or long stems. For the newbies, this can be a tricky question.

Would using a short stem be better?

Or maybe the long stem plug will pleasure me better?

What are some of the setbacks?

It all depends on how large your butt is, to put it bluntly. The bigger it is, the more difficult it would be for the plug to reach inside you. That’s why we recommend long stem plugs for anyone with some weight in the back.

If you’re a slim individual and don’t have a big butt, short necks are safer than long ones. Using a long neck plug would just feel weird to you.

Not to mention that there are individuals out there who want to wear their butt plug during their day-to-day activities for extra pleasure. Having a plug with a long stem can actually hurt you if you have a small rear end and want to do this.

Butt Plug Tips

No, this isn’t a section on ‘best advice regarding butt plugs.’ The tips from this subheading are the actual tips of the plugs, the ‘pointy ends’ that go inside of you first. It’s the ‘pointy’ bit that we have to address here.

If you want to use a butt plug, make sure the tip is tapered. However, you don’t want it to be too pointy. A tapered butt plug will slowly spread your anus open, allowing it to receive the plug.

It will feel amazing, not to mention that you won’t feel any discomfort while walking around doing things.

However, sitting down becomes an issue. Once you sit down with a long, tapered butt plug, it can damage your rectal cavity from the inside, like a blunt rubber knife. That is as far from pleasure as it goes with these toys.

On the other hand, you don’t want your butt plug to be wide. After all, you want it to be inside of you. If the tip is too wide, it won’t enter. So a small tapering works just fine.

Of course, your butt plug should also have tapering between the stem and the bulb. If it doesn’t, putting it in might be difficult, but pulling it out will be a nightmare.

A gradual taper will allow your anus to slowly spread while you pull the plug out. That way, you won’t get hurt, and you might even enjoy a second session after an hour or so.

Picking The Right Base

Most butt plugs come with two types of bases.

Round bases are just that—round. They look good when you see your rear end in the mirror, and they don’t obstruct the plug.

Then, there are T-bar bases. Again, the clue is in the name. Your butt plug essentially looks like the capital letter T with a base like this. An awesome thing about these plugs is that you can maneuver them easily.

So which base should you choose?

Well, if you plan on doing nothing but masturbating with a plug inside of you, it doesn’t really matter! However, there are two major factors you need to take into account.

First of all, you might want to walk and do other stuff while your butt plug is still inside you. This is where the round base becomes a problem.

The more you move with it, the more it will chafe your butt cheeks. Of course, we don’t have to tell you that scraping your skin off isn’t a sexual turn-on.

So if you’re someone who likes to take a stroll with a plug inside of you or if you want to do some exercises or go to sleep with one, get the T-bar base.

On the other hand, the ladies might prefer the round base during straight sex. If you like having a plug in you while being penetrated by a penis, your partner won’t like how the handles of a T-bar base scrapes against his crotch. With a round base, there’s really no issue when it comes to sex.

Ultimately, the biggest setback is that you’ll need to have at least two toys if you want to try different things. Luckily, you can find both T-bar and round-based plugs at reasonable right here in our store!


Soft butt plugs will feel like heaven. You will love the feeling of inserting a plushy, rubbery toy inside of your rectum and allowing it to sit there.

It won’t damage your insides, nor will it hurt. You’ll feel like you’ve been missing out on this toy your whole life.

Of course, it all comes down to preference. There are users out there who prefer hard, firm plugs that ache a bit. That way, they can get that extra pleasure with those slight jolts of pain.

But pain isn’t for everyone. It can work on you for a while, but then you get used to it, and it starts feeling dull. With a soft, squishy toy, you’ll enter a whole new unexplored realm of pleasure.

There aren’t many of these plugs on the market. So if you’re interested, there are a few options that mostly involve silicone plugs.

Silicone is softer than plastic or rubber, and it’s non-porous. You’ll have a solid toy to put inside of you, but one that’s soft enough to make you enjoy it to the fullest.

Bulb-To-Stem Ratio

Stems of butt plugs can be long and short, but they can also vary in girth. The best way to understand what works for you is if you compare the stem to the bulb. You need to know their bulb-to-stem ratio, to put it differently.

If the stem is thin, you’ll have no trouble using the plug. Thin stems make it easier for your sphincter to retain the plug inside of you.

That makes it perfect if you want to walk around with the plug inside of you. Thin stems also allow your plug to stay inside longer, without your anus wanting to remove it.

In other words, you won’t feel you have a plug in there for a long time. Expect hours of sensual fun with them.

Thick stems, however, also have their advantages.

Let’s say you want to give your butt a challenge. There is nothing better than inserting a butt plug in you with a stem as thick as the bulb. Your sphincter will struggle to keep it in, making you fully aware that you have a butt plug inside.

This can bring you intense sexual pleasure, and it will also allow you to stretch your anus even more than you already can. And once you’ve stretched it enough, you’ll be ready for bigger, harder toys.

However, there is one situation when we do not recommend wearing a thick plug, and that’s while walking outside. For any outdoor play with lots of walking, we suggest plugs with thin stems.

If you can, get yourself both and use them one after another. Take a walk with the thin stem butt plug first, and after you come back, pleasure yourself with the thick one.


A butt plug has to be safe and solid, but it also needs to fit what you want to do with it. In case you want to walk around, make sure the plug you’ve got has a thin stem, a tapered tip, and a T-bar base.

For masturbation, we recommend thick-stemmed, round-based toys, and if you like it soft, get a silicone plug. Finally, make sure that the butt plug you get fits the shape and size of your butt. So stay safe and have tons of fun with your new toy!